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  1. Mr Wilders will one day be recognized as a hero of all freedom loving people throughout the world.I just pray that that day will come sooner rather than later.

  2. “I make the distinction…between the ideology and the people. It is ridiculous to suggest that all Muslims are criminals…There are many Muslims that are moderate and nice normal people like you and me…even though not all Muslims are terrorists…two-thirds of them support the people who go fight as terrorists.”

    Those words from Mr. Wilders ring with much cognitive dissonance. Maybe one can make a distinction between ideology and people. But should one make a distinction between an ideology and the adherents to that ideology? They seem to go together. If there are those who believe an ideology, how do you separate them from the ideology? I cannot, in all honesty, make a distinction between Nazism and Nazis, just as I cannot make a distinction between Muslims and Islam. Is it defensible for a Nazi to support Nazism, except for killing Jews? Yet remain a Nazi? Would it be acceptable to separate him from Nazism and not hold him responsible for being a member or supporter of such an ideology? But I surely can make a distinction between an ideology and people if the ideology only exists as an idea or written on paper and not in the hearts of believers who are willing to live it.

    • Well, the example of Otto Schindler comes to mind: a member of the German Nazi party who became famous for sheltering Jews and ultimately coming to oppose the war efforts of World War II Germany.

      This is not to invalidate the thesis that Muslims should not be permitted any further immigration into the US. It’s not our responsibility to separate people who will become sharia advocates from people who will come to accept a secular, liberal government. If a Muslim wants to immigrate to the US, the first requirement should be a public apostasy, with a stipulation that any reversion by him or his family will be grounds for summary deportation.

    • Fighting nazism includes fighting nazis.

      However, nazis, as people, they can have other aspects that are not negative at all. Hitler was vegetarian, should vegetarianism be banned?. That doesn´t make sense. It´s good to focus in what you´re fighting, where the evil is. Otherwise it´s easy to hate the person and to lose track of what really matters.

    • “The phrases “Nazi tyranny” and “Prussian militarism” are used by us as targets rather than as any implacable general condemnation of the German peoples. We agree with the Russian Government in hoping to split the Germans and to isolate the criminal Nazi régime.”

      Churchill, Winston (2010-06-30). The Grand Alliance: The Second World War, Volume 3 (Winston Churchill World War II Collection) (Kindle Locations 13809-13811). RosettaBooks. Kindle Edition.

      Mr. Wilders is making this point, partly because it is quite possible to criticize an ideology without saying anything about anyone who believes that ideology. And partly because he’s had enough legal troubles already – and there’s no point in giving his enemies any ammunition to fire at him.

  3. Cameron deserves an entry in a 21st century “15 Guilty Men”.


    Him and his ilk are not stupid. They are deliberately mendacious. In 2005 Cameron was saying “islamic extremists are Nazis”. Last year he had the leaders of the Nazi-inspired Muslim Brotherhood to tea.

  4. By the way, I disagree strongly with the thesis that jihad risks should be permitted to travel to ISIS to wage jihad.

    I agree that if someone participates in the activity of ISIS, he should be denied a passport or reentry. However, keep in mind that someone who goes to participate in the Islamic State will be engaged in killing Christians, non-Christians, or even other Muslims. I don’t think the welfare of Muslim countries is our responsibility, but neither do I think our Western countries should be sanguine about exporting killers.

    If a Muslim in Syria kills a Muslim in Syria, all other considerations being equal, we have no stake in the affair, and certainly should not devote any resources to preventing such actions. But, if a potential killer is found to be planning a trip, from a Western country, for the purpose of killing (and joining a jihad war is ipso facto evidence of killing), that should be a crime for which they are locked up for a long time. In fact, I believe the US does carry out such actions: people stopped who are planning to join ISIS are often charged with abetting terrorism and given long prison terms. I recognize the undesirability of having these people among the general prison population. Perhaps Islamic proselytizing should be grounds for the isolation of the supermax prisons.

    In sum, I do not believe in assuming the responsibility for other people, but neither do I believe it is moral to encourage or allow murderers from our country to murder Muslims or anyone else in other countries when we have the knowledge and the means to stop them and incarcerate them.

    • I’m glad you made this point. It’s been rumbling around in my mind the past few days (having watched a couple of Wilders interviews).

      We need to intern these people without trial – to be released at the point at which the interning country as conclusive proof the threat from islam is over.

  5. Islam – the very gangster doctrine

    mementoil said…
    I disagree with the notion that Islam is a tribe. If it were truly a tribe, it wouldn’t be attracting (and accepting) so many converts. It’s the fantasy life of a violent man, who wants to rape for fun and pillage for a living. It’s the divine legitimacy for it’s followers to commit every crime they ever dreamed of. It’s a sanctified gang mentality. It’s Socialism with an extra dose of Testosterone.
    – – – – – – – –
    Daniel Greenfield, auther of the most interesting blog-post:
    You Can’t Reform Islam Without Reforming Muslims
    No, Islam is an idea. The converts Islam attracts are disposable. They’re cannon fodder, like the ones in Canada. Or women for Muslim use. Islam is a gang religion. The gang is a tribe.


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