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  1. Sad, so very sad to see a culture self destruct like the Swedish are doing to themselves. Wasn’t there a warning of this self destruction some decades ago when the phrase, ‘The Stockholm Syndrome’ came into vogue for those who came to feel more empathy for their captors than the police trying to rescue them.

    A warning that was ignored by the self-loathers in positions of authority who pushed their agenda onto their far too trusting and far too compliant population.

    That trust and compliance is now reflected in the 87% who recently voted for more Islamic ‘enrichment’ to enhance their own cultural destruction! Says much for the indoctrination of their populace via the political/education system that so many could still remain so ‘willing’ to accept the fate that awaits them while the goal for their own culture extinction remains on full steam ahead!

    So frustratingly sad!

    • Just the opposite.

      UKIP is rising in UK, Marine Le Pen in France. The most islamized countries in Europe are striking back.

      The problem with multiculturalism is that liberlism repete again and again that “Islam is a peaceful religion and only a few ones are radicals”. And it will keep repeating this until a whole country is fully destroyed.

      Europe needs to see a whole country and a whole cultural heritage fully destroyed to change its mind. And I´m sorry for the swedish, but I´m happy they´re willing to sacrifice themselves.

      Some moment it will be needed to close the borders with Sweden, of course. Indeed it seems that Danmark is already starting to think about.

      • Multiculturalism is the Collective Left’s [most fervently desired outcome] of Utopia in that all cultures are equal and aspire to the same ideals, and as a result of that unproven thinking, will therefore fulfil their fantasy world with coffee colored people by the millions while the White Caucasians, Negroes and Asians will disappear completely as identifiable ethnicities/races.

        But the wet dream would be unattainable if MC was not backed up by some pretty fascist legislation in the way of Human Rights and PC to enforce the MC doctrine.

        The Human Rights Laws undermines ALL Western constitutions while the PC ‘corrects’ any words deemed to be detrimental to the main MC goal which in turn is used to silence the dissenters.

        ‘The religion of peace’ mantra came about to reduce the impact of 9/11 retaliation, a natural inalienable human trait, against the purveyors of the evil that is Islam and all that Islam represents as the enemy of the West and the World in general, while continuing to import the most divisive and dangerous culture – Islam. In that case, the mantra should be deemed as ‘political’ and not cultural as in MC. The damage that MC does is to divide all sovereign nations into cultural tribes under ‘diversity’ that in effect divides and eventually alienates the population into cultural tribes and apart from one another to the point that the sovereign nation ceases to exist and then eventually fails as a country while descending into social disorder and eventual civil war.

        That is the real danger of Multiculturalism.

  2. Pat Condell is amazing, as always. It’s hard to believe that the Swedes have so little sense of their own heritage, so little pride in their forebears, so little by way of intestinal fortitude to withstand the hordes battering at the gates. As Pat Condell says, they deserve everything that will soon descend on their country.

    • Actually, it is far ahead. The Swedish problem is largely confined to Malmoe and a few other places. And of course its leadership comprises idiots and traitors. But the people are not so stupid. Overall, Sweden is preserving its identity better than Britons–if you travel anywhere outside the hotspots you will find this. The extremist government has a created an impression of a nation in meltdown, but it is not so outside Skaane and certain Stockholm suburbs. Britain, the Netherlands, France and Belgium–the old maritime colonial powers–are deepest in the brown stuff.

      • One of the major concerns for Patriots in combatting the political effect that a central government is able to implement over any country is the central governments ability to brainwash the larger population areas, such as cities, that hold the greater numbers of population concentrations into the government’s agenda. The small towns outside those cities are not so easy to control politically as many who live outside cities and the larger towns are able to behave more as individuals than just as another part of the Collective ruled over by a totalitarian state.

        And guess where the greater number of voters live.

        As we are now seeing in Sweden and other places where centralized government rules, democracy eventually fails in that the majority get to vote in the government they have been brainwashed to choose, and as we are now seeing with Sweden, the fate of the country is now in the hands of the brain dead majority.

  3. The left hates white Europeans – themselves. Rather than doing the proper thing: shooting themselves, they import people to trash their countries and behead them instead.

    A history book from 2500 AD will be interesting to read. If you read Arabic.

    • In it unfolds according to that scenario, I doubt there will be any history book written in the first place :/

    • If Arabs take over it will be the end of history – Fukuyama’s (sp?) timing was out, as was his logic, but maybe his conclusion is more accurate.

  4. I can hear it now as the last, white Swede is about to have his/her head sawed off: “I watched my fellow Swedes murdered, our children raped, our churches burned to the ground. But I’m not a racist!”

  5. Unbelievable.

    Sweden are a disgrace.

    The brainwashing of whites is [obscene intensifier] astounding.

  6. The Swedes try to be too clever, they have always run with the fox and jumped with the hounds; it’s why they remained neutral in WW I and II.
    I don’t think it can go on forever though, once there is no more money to pay the benefits all these immigrants are vacuuming up, what then?

  7. Yann: According to J. Halla-aho, the right-wing parties in EU have not even tried to form a common political agenda, never mind their domestic agendas. Most effort have been directed to “sharing the burden”, ie. transporting immigrants to some other EU country. Him nowadays being a mep should give him some insight to it. Maybe I should translate one of his essays again, to keep people up to date.

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