Geert Wilders to the Dutch Government: Wake Up!

Below is the English translation of a speech given today in the Dutch parliament by Geert Wilders, the leader of the PVV. The speech was part of a parliamentary debate about the military mission to fight ISIS in Iraq.

The original Dutch text is here.

Madam Speaker,

The Islamic State is an Islamic cancer. It is a poisonous snake based on the Quran and the life of Muhammad, a criminal who 14 centuries ago went, murdering and decapitating, from Medina to Mecca. His self-appointed successor Caliph Baghdadi is now at the gates of Baghdad and Damascus. He has followers all over the world, including in our country, our cities and streets. Again, people are beheaded according to the Koranic commands such as Sura 47 verse 4: “When ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks and when ye have caused a bloodbath among them bind a bond firmly on them.” Even moderate Muslims cannot escape violence because, according to the Koran and the Sharia, they are apostates.

All the gullible minds who say that the Islamic State has nothing to do with Islam are committing a serious politically correct error, whether they are Obama, Cameron, Rutte or Samsom.

We are at war. War has been declared against the free West. Our freedom, our culture, the future of our country and our children are at stake. We must strike back hard, in the Netherlands, in the rest of the West and also in Iraq and Syria. Hence, my party supports the Government’s decision to deploy Dutch F16s against the Islamic state. We say: Let us bomb them!

But we have no understanding for the fact that we are only going to bomb in Iraq and not in Syria. Is it OK for the Government that people are beheaded, women raped and genocide committed in Syria because a mandate under international law is missing? What a cowardice. The government says it understands the United States when they bomb the Islamic State in Syria, but it does not participate itself. Understanding, but no participation, What a cowardly half-heartedness.

Even more important than fighting the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria is fighting Islamic terrorism in the Netherlands. The security of the Netherlands should be priority number one. Our citizens have to be safe on the train, in the streets, when walking their children to school and shopping. That is what truly matters. In its letter to Parliament, the Government only devotes two paragraphs to national security. There is even more attention for issues of gender and the position of women in the Arab world. That is a travesty.

Madam Speaker, we must protect the Netherlands. That is why we were elected. To protect our citizens. Not only the citizens of Iraq and Syria, but also and especially our own people here in the Netherlands. Why is the army not deployed to protect our railways stations? And in their uniforms and heavily armed, of course.

And why do we try to stop jihadists when they want to leave our country? Last Sunday, the Minister of Security and Justice proudly said that the passports of 41 jihadists had been canceled so they could not leave to Syria or Iraq. What a stupid act. Now they walk around here, in our streets. People who want to wage jihad elsewhere, decapitate, commit attacks, walk our streets because of the decision of the Minister.

I have been saying it for ten years and I will repeat it once again:

Close the borders to immigrants from Islamic countries. Enough is enough. The Islamic culture of hatred does not belong in the Netherlands. 65 per cent of the Dutch agree with this.

Let jihadists leave the country, but let them never come back. Reintroduce border controls.

Evict everyone with expresses sympathy for the Islamic State, deprive them of their Dutch passports. Let everyone with a passport from an Islamic country sign an anti-Sharia declaration.

Wake up, I say to the Government. Protect not only the Iraqi people against the Islamic State, protect the Dutch against the Islamic terrorist threat in our own country. That is your job, that is your responsibility. Take that responsibility. Do your duty.

17 thoughts on “Geert Wilders to the Dutch Government: Wake Up!

  1. “Understanding, but no participation, What a cowardly half-heartedness.”

    Truer words were never spoken.

    “We say: Let us bomb them!”

    Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than that. It’s going tom take ground troops.

    The biggest blunder the U.S. made in ‘Nam was the about-face from taking territory to body-counts as a measure of success. Now here we are again.

    Not surprising considering our feckless CiC.

    • ” Take that responsibility. Do your duty. ”
      The idea of democracy sprung up from the brains of the ruled, not the rulers, to expressly force the rulers to take responsibility and do their duty. It seems once a politician is elected he becomes a different person: a DARING LIAR. Then he has no character: is sold or bought by the highest bidder. And the recent trend is enslavement to muslim.
      The academia establishment is the same: Any university in the west is bought by Saudis or Turks for a song.

  2. To “sign an anti-Sharia declaration” must surely be the same as declaring oneself an apostate. The signers would forever be at risk of death at the hands of pious Muslims who remain.

    • Has it never occurred to anyone how strange it is that Muslims have not declared a fatwa on President Obama, that no Muslim has never tried to kill him, that he is welcomed into Islamic States to meet Muslim Kings and Presidents?

      And yet President Obama is an Apostate.

      His father and also his step-father were Muslims and he was brought up as a Muslim. Later, much later, he converted to Christianity.

      Strange, isn’t it?

    • To live in the west they need to take that courageous step. But if they are still walking around in hijabs, bukhas, scraggly beards etc, such a declaration would just be taqqiya.

  3. It has been said that this will be another decades long conflict, in the 1400+ yrs. war that the Islamists have been perpetrating against all infidels and unbelievers. it’s in their .

  4. At least the Dutch still have genuine free speech and a genuine patriot in parliament. In the island state of useful idiots, political worms and cowardly, bovine voters that I come from, which is not one million miles to the west of the Netherlands, this speech would not have been possible.

    • No government or any ruler could ever grant me the right to express what i believe is right. I was born free. And i will always be free.

      The Dutch powers that be tried to take away mr Wilders free speech. They did try to revoke that “right”. And as we speak they are studying to take new steps towards revoking his right to speak. They wanna put him before a kangaroo court, again. Last time the rulling class got scared by what the public might do if they “convict” him so they ruled him”innocent”. But only “innocent” because he is a politician..or whatever that means in their book.

      If the ruling class ever convicts mr Wilders for expressing my thoughts? They will face serious consequences. Serious consequences indeed.

      I want less, less, less immigrants in my country. The powers that be can put me in jail for that wish. That exacts opinion. I still wont listen to them. All i will do is retaliate and put them in my jail, or worse.

  5. Wow. And these things can still be said… Who said the West was no longer free?

    But then couldn’t any Western politician have said the very same thing if they’d been so minded? The thing is, surely, not that Western politicians don’t speak out about the negative impact of Islamic immigration on the Western way of life, but that so few of them do.

    What’s holding them back? One of two things: They either believe in the one-world nonsense or they feign belief in the understanding that it will accrue them some sort of advantage. The former is forgiveable, the latter is treason.

    • Wow. And these things can still be said… Who said the West was no longer free?

      Mr. Wilders has given up his freedom in order to say these things. Yes they can “still be said” if

      1. you have the money to supplement with extra men the security patrols your government supplies to you;
      2. you are willing to live life on the run, moving from place to place each night so that the killers can’t find you for another day.

      Not many politicians are willing to pay that price, nor are their governments necessarily willing to protect them. I don’t blame them for keeping a low profile so they can have a normal family life. But then again politicians can’t really “do” anything and are hardly worth their keep anymore.

      A few, like Wilders, can act as powerful catalysts to move people forward. But the rest? Most are mere opportunists…

    • It was so funny. They- the 138 dhimmy’s in the Dutch parliament-as we PVV voters call them- are backed by the quaran in front of them.

      Soera 47 verse 4 is right in front of these bastards!? And they kept on insisting: islam= peace. This beheading, this mohamed kind of behaviour by ISLAMIC state has nothing to do with islam. 🙂

      Well…Chamberlain all over again.

      Can you imagine this? A copy of Mein Kampf present in the Britisch parliament right after the British declaration of war against Germany in sept.1939. 90% of the parliament members vowing: This has nothing to do with Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf! This is not the real Nazism.Not the way Mein Kampf was meant to be..But we are bombing the Nazi’s anyway!? Sureal 🙂

    • Or they are afraid of islamic violence or they are being paid off by the saudis or some other muslims.

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