Feckless, Ineffective, and Cowardly

Ralph Peters talks to Megyn Kelly on Fox News about the response of the Obama administration to the advance of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, and in particular what seems to be the imminent downfall of the Kurdish stronghold Kobani in northern Syria:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

7 thoughts on “Feckless, Ineffective, and Cowardly

  1. I noticed Megan Kelly’s use of the deceptive expression used by Mohammedans “massacre of innocents.”

  2. Megan Kelly is a ditz at best and dangerous at worst, because a lot of good Americans think Fox is their bulwark against the lie. I can’t watch her–or Fox at all.

    Most of these blondes are Barbie place holders: pretty to look at, dumb in the brains dept., and all reciting from the same script.

  3. Below is Jack Kelly’s analysis of the present goings on in light of Bible prophecy. If the current events are an attempt by Satan who knows what Yah has declared will happen to interdict the fulfillment of the prophecy and make Yah out to be a liar, then the foreign policies of the governments that are involved will begin to make sense. Of course we all know what happened when Satan tried to prevent Jesus Christ from doing what He was sent to do. We can therefore expect the same failed attempts on Satan’s part today. Of course he would be out of character if he didn’t try to do his worst to those he hates, wouldn’t he.
    Enjoy the well-written article by Jack Kelley
    The Return Of The Medes
     Saturday, October 11th, 2014 Current Events,
    Old Testament,

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  4. The more Obama’s deadly,weak-horse incompetence is critically examined the safer we will ultimately be.

    Sane heads need to respond to The Jihad with more than pinpricks and political posturing.

    Megyn Kelly is a strong voice against this Administration’s mad idiocies.

    Kudos to her and Ralph Peters.

  5. Fox News is part owned by Saudi Wahabiz. George the Wahabiz tool was selling them major ports……such as….Long Beach. A just telling the truth script would beat Blazing Saddles at the box office.

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