Connect With Us Muslims!

In reference to Takuan Seiyo’s recent post about “Islamophobia” in the Czech Republic, our Czech correspondent Margita sends this email exchange from last January between herself and the American embassy in Prague.

Margita first wrote the consulate in Prague:

Date: Thu, 16 Jan 2014 04:42:10 +0000

Dear Sir/Madam

Would you please explain to me the following regarding the website the development of which you supported financially?

a)   Why did you feel the need to support spreading of Islam in the Czech Republic where there are not many Muslims living there? Why did you support the project?
b)   How much did you invest in this project?
c)   Did you scrutinize its content?

The programme looks like total propaganda promoting Islam. The pictures on the web only show happy young covered up young girls with no men. It does not say that Islam is based on sharia law which discriminates against women where a woman is valued as half a man. It also does not say among many other things that a Muslim man is allowed to marry up to four women, which is polygamy and is outlawed in civilized Western countries.

Considering that the Czech Republic has experienced several totalitarian ideologies — Nazism, Communism — why do you feel justified to promote Islam there?

We have just had an explosion at the Palestinian embassy in Prague with the ambassador killed in mysterious circumstances.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

A week later, Margita received the following reply:

Subject: RE:
Date: Thu, 23 Jan 2014 09:31:00 +0000

Dear [Margita],

Thank you for your e-mails. I apologize for the delay but the emails went first to our consular section. The public affairs section is the part of the embassy that handles our grants program.

The small-grants program of the U.S. Embassy in Prague provides partial support for artistic and cultural performances and non-governmental organization (NGO) projects whose aim is to promote and deepen the understanding and appreciation of American culture and NGO practices in the Czech Republic and foster mutual cooperation.

The project Muslims through the Eyes of the Czech Students was selected for funding by the grants committee because it supports our Mission objective of promoting tolerance of minority groups within Czech society. The grant is listed under funded projects from FY2013 with this entry:


The Czech-Arab Centre for Cultural Dialogue will develop a project entitled Muslims through the Eyes of Czech Students. It includes workshops, discussions, and publication of materials on the history of Islam and current issues. The project fulfills Post’s mission to create a tolerant society.

If you would like more information on our grants program please see:


Sherry Keneson-Hall
Cultural Attaché — US Embassy in Prague
Kulturní atašé- Velvyslanectví Spojených států amerických
Tel: 420 257 022 100
Fax: 420 257 022 815


14 thoughts on “Connect With Us Muslims!

  1. I am positive that the Julian Assange disclosure of US diplomatic communications included quite a few from US Embassy in France meddling in French internal affairs on ths side of the Muslim minority there. That must be State Department policy, as is the global furthering of the GLBT agenda. And the US Navy is now “A global force for good” instead of being a US-only force for bad, for inflicting damage on aggressors againt the U.S.

    We have gone stark mad, not unlike Western Europe. This will not end well.

    • “We have gone stark mad. … This will not end well”. The train wreck from your Brussels Journals series I think and it will have to be a humdinger to see off the insanity, one only hopes the consequences it spawned go down with it. Unfortunately that means there won’t be much left but as in a Barnhardt post from a while back one hopes that as Noah and his family survived the flood of falsity there will be remnants with knowledge of what went wrong left to start afresh.

  2. Why don’t the Americans take their money – effectively borrowed from the Chinese, and floated by their fractional reserve banks – and go fund tolerance for minorities in Muslim countries?

    • Because that would not promote the aims of the Muslims working in our government to subvert the West. The MB is everywhere (in the halls of power) in Washington DC, most notably in the WH.
      Anyone paying attention knows this.
      Last century it was the Communist infiltration and influence on policies of our government; this century we get to have the Muslim influence operation.

  3. Why not reply back to the US embassy, that the website not only promotes “tolerance of minorities”, but also promotes a religion – which goes against the US policy of secularism? Would encouraging tolerance of Catholics necessarily involve praising the Catholic church?!

  4. American elites just don’t get it. Islam has been at war with us for 1400 years, with periods of peace that were brought on by their utter defeats at the hands of our Christian ancestors, or repression by their own home grown tyrants that kept them in in chains, by the way, in the name of Islam. Until an American city goes up in a radioactive cloud, in the name of Islam, they won’t get it. A lot of this is caused by Liberal white guilt, unconsciously atoning for the racial sins of their ancestors in regards to slavery and discrimination. Oddly enough it was most likely Muslim slavers/traders that sold off the Africans to be shipped to America. This slaving is still carried on today by some of best middle eastern “Allies”.

  5. A thought more or 2. Why when they come West do they absolutely demand of us, which they will give to no one else . Why do our educated elites, both political and cultural, line up and support them like lemmings, when most of what they front and love to impose on us, is a death sentence in a Muslim country ?

    • Very strange! Muslims/jihadfis are invited to invade our western countries. When they put forth their demands, western govs. listen to them and they always get more than they bargained for. Now they have discovered that western govs. are ready to surrender their own countries. That’s how secularism/ democracy work: They destroy our nation in front of our eyes by our leaders while we watch and cannot change the course.
      – Hi mommy I converted to Islam and my latest boyfriend is a muhhammad? Do you agree mom? He is so nice, clever and peaceful, and asked me to wear a hijab.
      – Great! When I was your age I also wanted to marry Ussama the Pakistani. But my bigoted, racist catholic parents prevented me. And as you see I married that jerk, your dad. You are 18 darling, and you decide for yourself. Good for you. Of course I agree. There ‘s no difference. We are tolerant, especially of those forced on us by our Daring Politicians.
      Is this all for petrodollars?
      Or is it because of servile stupidity?
      Or is it because … let me say it, drowned in sins?
      But the Sin City is thriving, so sin is not necessarily bad. And it has not been showered by fire and brimstone. And no person has turned into a column of salt.
      The planet earth has never paid so much attention and reverence and worshiping to a religion of beheaders, and pay the invaders with welfare money.

      • To complete your picture of our insanity, I have to add the symmetrical complement:

        Not only do we invite them over to our countries, but we invite ourselves to invade their countries, in the name of “democracy,” “civil rights,” whatever. And by destroying the balance of these Muslim societies, we cause mass internecine slaughter and unleash waves of millions of Muslims refugees — whom we then take in so that we too can taste of the pleasures of Taliban and ISIS, though homegrown and perhaps by different names in the future.

        I don’t think a term exists in the psychiatric lexicon to describe a madness greater than this, of the West in our age, particularly the United States, EU, UK and Scandinavia.

        • “… destroying the balance of these Muslim societies”, Takuan? No, we just took the lid off a pressure cooker which would have blown anyway.

  6. Many, many years ago I enjoyed Prague, it’s people, it’s pubs and beer. It was a Communist country then. It is so now, being a part of the EUSSR. Then, I could sleep the night through in a NonStop pub, nobody would steal my bag or my money. Nowadays, even twenty years ago that safety became a memory. Dark skinned people arrived. Just like my experience in 1960s England. Sporadic thefts became normal. Funnily enough, I predicted just that outcome and got shouted down. It’s a tough life being right, even if only once in this life.

    • Communism was not a paradise. Far from it – lots of people were persecuted, locked up, beaten up and died thanks to that oppressive system. We were part of the Soviet Union, just like now when we are part of the EU… Communism might have looked perfect to a western traveller but I can assure you it was not pleasant to live under it at all…just like nazism and islamism/islam, communism is an oppresive ideology.

  7. What I find truly worrying is the normal everyday attitude within that reply from the US Consulate that the program really is well worth the endeavour to fund. As if it is the most natural thing in the world to fund your own demise via an ideology that none within its sphere of influence seem to be wary of or even seem to give a damn about.

    That is the truly concerning part.

  8. And UKIP have started sucking up to our “guests” too. One reads about hints of this insanity in history but nothing on this scale. The Moslems control the White House but it doesn’t excuse the cretins in Europe who have committed High Treason. Their crimes amount to genocide and war against their own people.

    Think this far fetched? These people should be tried for crimes against Humanity. Fat chance though. Europe is long gone. Pointless trying to fight it now.

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