Cleansing the Language

Autumn Fundraiser 2014, Day Six

The theme of this week’s fundraiser is “Third Rails”; that is, the things that we are not allowed to touch, for fear of social or political electrocution.

Tip jarDymphna and I have ended up with one foot permanently welded to that PC third rail. We’re continuously zapped with bright electric flashes that reveal our skeletons in silhouette. Or maybe turn us into smoldering pickaninnies, like in the old Warner Brothers cartoons (which themselves are now presumably verboten as WAYCIST).

This is why we have to pester our readers for money four times a year: you can’t make a living saying things that have been cleansed from public discourse by the carbolic of political correctness.

My post about Fort Hood from earlier tonight (well, late last night, really) touched on the same theme: the “narrative” about Major Nidal Malik Hasan has been cleansed of any reference to Islam.

Our political and military leaders are forthright about the politically correct rules they apply to such matters. In the wake of the Fort Hood massacre, General George Casey Jr., the Army chief of staff, famously said: “It would be a shame — as great a tragedy as this was — it would be a shame if our diversity became a casualty as well.”

You can’t get any clearer than that, can you? No matter how many soldiers die, as long as our “diversity” is intact, we’re A-OK.

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As most of you know, Vlad Tepes and I work together closely every day. Each evening, after the Europeans go to bed and things quiet down, Vlad and I often have lengthy, rambling text conversations on skype. He’s up in Ottawa, and I’m down here in the Virginia Outback, so this is how we stay in touch.

After I mirrored Vlad’s brief op-ed about Nidal Hasan, he and I had further discussions about the Killer Shrink of Fort Hood:

Vlad:   Re Nidal Hasan, there is one major aspect we both didn’t add, though.
Baron:   What’s that?
Vlad:   A judge has to factor motive into sentencing. Without it, there is no difference between running over a bum who drunkenly falls under your wheels when you are backing up, or your ex-wife who you ran over in your car in a fit of rage, or running over your bookie because you owe him $30K. Right?

In other words, the criticality of motive for determining the extent to which an action is criminal…

Baron:   Right.
Vlad:   For example: If he had shot Nazi infiltrators who were planning to blow the base up he would be a hero, and there would be parades to him and Islam to this day.

When they deny the motive for his actions they are in fact dismembering the basis of the judicial process in the entire Western world.

Baron:   Well, that’s how you prep for sharia.

Sharia doesn’t actually care about motive. It has no interest in the interiority of the human soul. Correct outward behavior is everything.

Islam may have been a Christian heresy, as some say. However, it abandoned Jesus’ admonition: “What goes into someone’s mouth does not defile him, but what comes out of his mouth, that is what defiles him.”*

That is, what is in your heart that motivates you, that’s the important thing.

And you are correct: that is being abandoned, clearing the way for sharia.

What matters to sharia is whether the massacre victims were kuffar, mushrikun, murtadeen, or muslimeen. That is, unbelievers, polytheists, blasphemers, or those who submit to Allah. The rest is irrelevant.

Vlad:   Right.
Baron:   Steve Coughlin taught me to think like this, to understand Islam the way it understands itself.
Vlad:   Yes. It’s a great skill, it’s just so… well, I would have to buy a pail of soap.

So Vlad feels a need for a soul-cleanser after too much of this Islam-related material.

So do I, actually.

He and I help keep each other from toppling into the pit of demonic madness that is the natural end result of looking too closely into the innards of Islamic ideology. There’s not enough Lysol in the world to clean off all those sharia stains.

That’s why I need to talk to another sane person on a daily basis — someone who has looked into this insanity as closely as I have — to keep from being overwhelmed by the horror of it all.

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Thank you all for contributing to the cleansing of our hearts and souls.

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The photo at the top of this post is from the New York City Municipal Archives.

* Matthew 15:11

2 thoughts on “Cleansing the Language

  1. Agree, and when motive is no longer recognized in the recording of a conviction, then the intent to carry out the crime can also be argued against. And I remember at one time after this jihad had been carried out that Dr. Phil suggested that PTSD could be carried over from the patient to the shrink (as in Nadal’s case he was a shrink for returned soldiers) who then could be subject to PTSD themselves????????

    21st Century political correct stupidity at its most absurd!

  2. Yes, In a world gone insane, where is the lavender oil?

    It is in the pleasant polite conversation of good friends around a table of good food, a little good wine and lucid, loving conversation…..

    Or skype if there is nothing better….

    PC/MC is a terrific strain, and Islam is just dirty, it is everything which is impure, unlovely, dishonest and of bad report, which is, unfortunately, here or wherever, flourishing and abounding. ( see Philipians 4 v 8)

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