Who’s Grooming Whom? And When?

The following email was sent to us today by an American reader. I was astonished that any Briton living in London could believe, given all the recent media hoopla over Rotherham, that the “grooming and pimping” scandal was a thing of the past, and not an ongoing phenomenon.

I’ll throw the topic open to our British readers, as the emailer suggested:

I had dinner last night with my young niece and nephew-in-law who were visiting from London. She’s British, he’s German.

And I was shocked to discover that BOTH of them are quite convinced that the sexual grooming and pimping gangs are a thing of the distant past (the ’60s and ’70s were mentioned), and that it is only now, years later, that the victims are coming forward (the Catholic Church scandal was mentioned in this connection).

These intelligent, well-educated young people believe that the problem (e.g. Rotherham) no longer exists in England.

I would be interested in what other British or Europeans have to say.

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  1. As a Brit I can only add that most people in Europe are in a state of complete denial when it comes to matters such as this. The MSM, the educational system, the courts, etc., all bear some of the blame, but there is more than a hint of moral cowardice involved as well. The big question now is whether the European peoples will ever take the steps necessary to secure their future and I’m afraid that the answer is probably no. That is why I am writing from Mexico.

  2. “These intelligent, well-educated young people believe that the problem (e.g. Rotherham) no longer exists in England.”

    I question the use of “well-educated”.

    Do these folks have access to the internet?

    • They have internet, I guess, but who will direct them to the right stuff? Do they have that kind of mindset to look for the right sites: e.g. vladtepes, Jihad watch, barenaked islam, gatesof vienna, . . . etc.

      After James Foley was beheaded, I chatted about it with my Norwegian friend. He immediately and enthusiastically said: Yes, I heard about it. But they say it is fake. No human can do that?
      He wishes, he believes, he hopes, it is false. His brain can’t handle such historical solid realities.
      You may imagine that blood rushed up into my face and head. I smothered my sentences and looked down to avoid saying the truth about his stupidity and ruining our long-standing friendship.

      He is not bad in his attitudes, but concerning islam he simply does not like to attach anything bad to it and its followers.

      • My won’t we (the big we all across Europe that is) be surprised when we realize those “ghettos” and “mosques” are really more “forts in Indian country” than anything else.

  3. I really don’t understand why on earth they think that ‘grooming’ is a thing of the distant past when it is happening now as we speak. Perhaps they rely entirely of the MSM to keep them informed by what is happening in the UK. I’m sure if you asked them about Steven Lawrence they would know all there is to know about his murder, witch continually made front page headlines for endless number of years and is mother was made a dame. However the rape and murder of English white girls by Muslim savages in numerous number of large towns and cities would only be found in local rugs or mentioned just once on a national level. You have to take the initiative and look at websites like this to know what in reality is going on. The Rotherham case is just one of many and it was only forced out in the open by brave anti-Islamists who were constantly persevering to expose it against all odds. Indeed they were labelled Nazis, racists, fascists etc and some charged for racist crimes which ended up in courts, were the charges were ultimately thrown out. The problem is that many of the British grew up in an environment were trust in the BBC and the MSM was natural and total, and that they are the guardians and protectors of truth. They cannot bring them selves out of this shell and realize that this is a thing of the distant past, and that the truth can only be found by doing your own fact finding and no longer relying on something that is no more. In short they are in a ‘information’ trap and refuse to question the integrity of the ‘established’ sources, because that will be too much of a shock for them.

  4. Here in Norway there are no news at all about the grooming gangs in the mainstream media – so goes for the PK scandal where people responsible where hiding the truth.

    Some alternative media – mostly on the net have been reporting extensively.

    Why the silence? The PK madness when it comes to muslims which is poisoning our politicians and media. They want to hide the truth because they feel more educated and enlightened or whatever – and feel that to brake the news will produce racism from the lesser working class people. And by all means – do not wake up the sleeping middleclass.

    So far as Norway goes – most people have not heard about it – and if they had it will not surprise me if they thought about it as a thing from the past.

    News from today about our sorry PK state: 4 cars with Norwegian IS supporters drove around Oslo with IS flags, playing loud IS music from the beheadings videos. 200 meters from where I live: an immigrant part of central Oslo where a radical group of Islamists have declared it to a Islam part of Norway. A sharia sone.

    The Chairman of our capital stated: “We will meet them with Norwegian flags” – and dialogs. Do not panic he said – this is childish pranks.

    Biggest daily newspaper: http://www.vg.no/nyheter/innenriks/terrorisme/stang-vil-moete-is-flaggerne-med-norske-flagg/a/23302226/

    One of the cars: https://www.document.no/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/is_oslol.jpg

    Extra news from the PK north: if you didn’t know Denmark have now a National plan in for: Preventive work against Jihadists (radicalisation of muslim youths.) In this preventive model Jihadists is 100% named as “Syria-volunteers.”

    The Model for preventive work has main focus on: dialog, and to work close with the Mosques.

    Norway politicians have already said: we want to adapt this model.

    Unreal and surrealistic times indeed.

    • “They want to hide the truth because they feel more educated and enlightened or whatever” —

      It seems to me that many people who want to be thought intellectually superior imagine that the way to do it is to insist that what appears obvious to ordinary people is really not true at all — because it takes a smart person to pierce through the obvious and find the real truth underneath. Thus, when ordinary people notice the obvious links between Islam and violence or Islam and brutal misogyny, the smarter-than-thou crowd says, “No, no, that’s too simplistic! You just don’t understand the real, complicated reasons for that behavior!”

    • The very fact that your MSM dare not mention the grooming outrage in Britain is testament to their fear and weakness.

  5. From my point of view, here in Austria, it seems that the more educated the people are, the more “brainwashed” they are. Rural people and working class people seem to be much more realistic and grounded than the educated ones.

      • Quite right, MC. I count myself lucky to have been brought up in (mostly) small towns and villages before moving to the decadent and corrupt metropolis; otherwise I would of course be quite incapable of discerning reality.

  6. Quote :

    ‘I had dinner last night with my young niece and nephew-in-law who were visiting from London.’

    From London is part of the answer. Yes there is grooming etc in London but most people in London are living in a world of their own totally separate from what the rest of us in the UK are living through. They have their own radio stations in London, their own newspapers (for example the ‘Evening Standard’ is a London evening paper not distributed in the rest of the UK) and they believe BBC news !! The BBC reporting in London-centric and looks down on the rest of the country particularly rural areas and the North.

    To give an idea how different London is from the rest of the country in the South of England there are only a couple of dozen Labour MPs elected all the other Labour MPs are in the West Midlands, North or Scotland & Wales. Virtually all the Labour MPs in the South are in London. Outside of London there are whole swathes of the South which are ‘Labour free’. The weird political & media situation in London is what made Boris Johnson, a Tory, getting elected as Mayor in London (twice) such a fantastic achievement.

    To give another example during the recent UKIP ‘earthquake’ in the May Euro Elections London which has a large quota of MEPs (based on population) only elected 1 UKIP MEP. The UKIP vote in London was barely in double figures while in other parts of England including many Labour supporting Regions UKIP was getting over 30% of the vote.

    I live in the North, thank God (Bradford, West Yorks). In the North no sane person would deny grooming is happening here and now. Yes some idiots on the Left would then say ‘grooming is happening here and now but for avoidance of ‘Islamophobia’, ‘community cohesion’ or some other vacuous non-excuse we shouldn’t publicise it’. Everyone in the North knows it is happening, who is doing it and the failures of the authorities to deal with it.

    • Surely Bradford is is one of the towns that has been ghettoised more than most. The way things are going you will have one of the first muslim majority (or holding the balance of power) councils.
      You are part of the islamic crescent, spreading from Preston in the west to Hull in the east. Taking in Blackburn, Colne, Nelson, Rochdale, Oldham, Bolton, Bury, Keighley, Leeds, Sheffield et al. All these towns will have muslim majorities within 20-30 years.
      It’s not looking too good is it?

  7. There’s probably a reason to this : there are two, quite separate groups of ongoing sexual scandals in the British media these days. The first is about recent occurrences of pimping of underage girls by Muslim immigrants. They happened a few years ago, and there’s nothing to suggest that they have stopped.

    The other is about sexual improprieties committed against young girls by native, British, white powerful men in the 60’s and 70’s, Jimmy Savile being the major culprit — but others have been investigated.

    Both are proof that something went very wrong in British society. The Muslim sexual racket is horrendous, but Savile’s acts (and others’), which are coming to light only now, also warrant some serious introspection.

    It’s quite arguable that the acceptance and covering up of Savile’s revolting habits in the Swinging London of the sixties actually prepared the ground for the cover-up of later Muslim activities of similar kind.

    • Saville was reported to the police several times during the course of his predations, but the police chose not to ‘listen’ and it is not by chance that he was dead by the time this all came out.

      There are several well known ‘questionable’ locations; the Isle of Wight has been locked down by its own wealthy ‘middle class mafia’ for many years now, nothing is done about it because it is a ‘small Island far from London’, and very convenient for ‘refreshing weekend breaks’.

    • Or, the Savile issue came up now after 40 years precisely to divert peoples’ attention away from the “Asian” grooming – as according to another theory I heard…

      Police putting massive resources into investigating dead people over sex crimes committed 40 years ago – strange, wouldn’t you say?

    • Pedophilic behaviour amongst the trendy left was quite the fashion in the ’60s and early ’70s and there was quite a strong attempt to “normalize” it the way homosexual behaviour has been normalized since.

      Look up the North American Man-Boy Love Association and the number of leftist celebrities that came out in support of it when it was formed in the early ’70s. Gore Vidal, that darling of the leftist (un)intelligentsia, was merely one of them.

  8. I suspect that this idea comes from the fact that only those people now over 18 are ever interviewed on the television, and yes, in their cases the grooming happened 8 to 10 years ago, the realy young girls are not allowed to appear. People ‘see’ and ‘hear’ only what they want to see and hear in respect to TV, I expect that this is because of TV advertising and the fact that we learn very quickly to filter out boring details, this same learned process is then transferred to all other media. Hence the perpetual rose tints. Now of course this is another human trait that can be manipulated by positioning the stuff that one does not want people to see or read at the subconsciously inconspicuous part of the presentation, the media usually puts the real truthful story at the parts of the article where they know they have breached most prople’s attention span…..

    • Adding another thoght to this, another human reaction is to mentally distance oneself from the need to personally do something, one can latch on to the idea that it is all in the past, which is the an emotional get-out on responsibility, especially if one actually supports PCMC as promoting community ‘peace and harmony’ as the mantra goes….

  9. “BOTH of them are quite convinced that the sexual grooming and pimping gangs are a thing of the distant past (the ’60s and ’70s were mentioned), and that it is only now, years later, that the victims are coming forward ”

    1. The earliest known recorded cases are from the Midlands in 1988 (Sikh girls being groomed).

    2. Most of those men who have been convicted since the rise of the EDL (2009 onwards) have been convicted for rapes which happened post 2004. Most of those “historical” cases are even more recent than 2004 (I can’t think of a single prosecution since 2010 which related to the 1990s, let alone the 1970s or 1960s).

    How to explain the ignorance — nay, fantasy — of these “intelligent, well-educated” young Brits? Some variant of Stockholm Syndrome. To entertain the reality of the situation is so awful, that people retreat into a fantasy with almost no relationship to reality.

    • Joe, I think you are giving the EDL more credit than they deserve for exposing this issue (See my post below).

      The BNP were campaigning in West Yorkshire in the 2005 General Election and were trying desperately to make this an election issue whilst being villified left, right and centre by every candidate, hack and commy around for their efforts.

      I have never supported the BNP and was very upset when Nick Griffin went public on the truth about islam before any politician or disciple of the MSM had the courage to do so. Of course, when people started to notice what islam was about and spoke up, they were immediately accused of being a BNP supporter, thereby curtailing any criticism of islam and smearing anyone who dared do so.

  10. A few weeks ago, I was driving on the motorway past Rotherham with a work colleague. Mostly, he is very open and willing to talk, and up-to-date on current affairs, so I thought I’d mention that lately there was a lot of news about this town. At which point, there was silence and a change of subject.

    On the other hand, a friend who’s often quite politically correct and in the past berated me for mentioning stuff that’s Islam-related recently asked me if my town in the Midlands is near Rotherham. And he bantered his British-Pakistani friend, calling him a pimp! The reply – “Jimmy Saville wasn’t Pakistani”… Perhaps that’s what we should be ready for – the Asian groomer gangs being equated with lone weirdos in showbusiness, taking advantage of teenage girls who idolise them.

    • The main problem is the feeling of helplessness on the part of the ordinary citizen, because there appears to be no means of expressing one’s real feelings about, and actually dealing with, such situations. And if by chance one does somehow manage to express one’s real feelings, and (God forbid) tries to take up the situation with “the authorities,” as apparently some of the fathers of the girls did, one can expect certain prosecution and vilification.
      Which way to turn, that is the question.

      • There appear though to be plenty of ways to express oneself about the NHS, David Cameron or other similar topics-about which one has no influence. It’s only subjects such as grooming, or Isis that are met with a wall of silence and a change of subject… I wonder why?

        On the subject of Isis, a French colleague recently even briefly discussed them, and concluded – “thankfully they’re far away”. When I raised the possibility of isis-style groups in Europe, he looked at me if I was crazy. “Never during our lifetime”. This from someone who hails from a country, where already 16% support Isis, in recent surveys…

  11. Like many in the UK, I became aware of the wholesale pimping and grooming of underage white girls by accident. Channel 4 were due to release a film called “Edge of the City” in April 2005 but the screening was delayed until after the General Election in May because the contents of the film might become an election issue.

    The film was shown a few weeks after the election and caused a sensation. It was about a social services unit in West Yorkshire when suddenly, out of left field, details started to emerge in the film of under aged girls being groomed and raped by “asian men.”

    I guess the film makers didn’t know this was going to happen but, having invested in it, they had to continue and, of course, the media wasn’t being intimidated/bribed by the islamic lobby then and still reported news, no matter what it was.

    Of course, the anti-waycist brigade tried to cover it up but it was too late, the genie was out of the bottle and the rest is history. Two issues stand out for me here.

    One alleged perpetrator being interviewed after being charged with having sex with and underage girl stated “they are only doing this because I am Pakistani.” The victim mantra being given another airing – as if no action would be taken against a white anglo saxon male.

    The second issue was the reaction of the police when being confronted with the evidence. They stated that they could only act if the girl made a formal complaint. This was pure fabrication and was NEVER the law. If a man had any form of sexual contact with a girl under the age of consent ie 16 years of age, they were committing a crime and would be subject to prosecution. There was no suggestion that a formal complaint had to be made the police were lying and continue to do so.

    In addition, the girls and their families were being threatened and intimidated by the gangs (they were muslims after all) so very few were actually coming forward so that the police continued to do what they did best – nothing.

  12. A couple of years back I told my father that this was happening across the UK, and he sneered at me and said no way as it would be all over the news, and I replied that this was part of the problem. When the first one hit the news he rang me up and apoligised, the simple fact is that its deliberately hidden and downplayed and unless you make yourself aware of it, you will be in ignorance of just how prevalent this is across Europe.

    My father is a case in point, he feels like many that he cannot do anything to change the situation so gets on and enjoys what time he has left and advises me to do the same, my experience is that a lot of people just don’t want to know because they cannot do anything about it and don’t want to get worked up about it, the problem is that if we don’t get worked up about it then nothing will be done about it…

  13. There are a lot of people like that in London sadly. I am from London and know people like that, it is a shocking state of affairs.

  14. There is a major ongoing operation – Operation Sanctuary – in the Northumbria Police Area which includes Newcastle and Sunderland. So far 118 men have been arrested and 19 charged. Some have already been sentenced. This potentially is the biggest case of grooming and sex with underage girls to date. It appears not to have been reported in the MSM although local papers have reported the few cases so far prosecuted in court. The majority of those sentenced have names which suggest muslim and pakistani but there are also a couple of indigenous names. The crimes appear to have been committed in the last few years and not the 70s and 80s.

    • Funny we don’t hear about this – but any allegation about Cliff Richard is splashed over the news, and is enough to warrant the sending of a BBC helicopter…

  15. I’m the American reader with the niece (British) and nephew-in-law (German) who live in London. I think that they know that some of these crimes may have been committed after 2000, but the main point is that they are convinced that none of criminal activity is transpiring at the current time and that the problem has been dealt with.

    They really believe this.

  16. I live near the towns/cities of Rotherham and Sheffield,I work in both and I can categorically state without reservation that the problem has got worse from 1997 when Blair altered the Primary Purpose law (Please google that legislation and ask yourself why the Tory/Lib dem coalition have not even addressed the issue,it’s insane) and got worse throughout the 2000’s,resulting in where we are now.

    This is a pivotal moment,either the people will give even more political ground to the rape gangs and the ideology from which it stems through fear or they will retake political ground through basic survival instinct.

    I have little doubt that our authorities will try and obfuscate the issue and that the result will be the former.

    Also note that even the Guardian newspaper has postulated that there are a suspected 135,000 cases of female genital mutilation in the UK,another desperately horrific result of multiculturalism in our midst with one,yes one prosecution so far.

    As far as I’m concerned,anyone that ticks the little box on an employment form for Rotherham public services (or similar) that says “I support the councils policy on multiculturalism” should have their details passed directly ti MI5.

  17. independant and Nikolaus Meyer: I confirm! A young in-law couple came to dinner and I was shocked about their ignorance and indifference regarding islam. It seemed they did not know what I was talking about.And both have a master,resp. doctorate from an elitist technical college here in Germany. Working class people are much more aware of muslims character

    • Working class people are more likely to live in the type of areas where they come across typical Muslim behaviour more often. They’re also more straightforward and to the point in what they say. Whereas for intellectuals who stick to those who are like themselves, their biggest experience of multi-kulti may involve buying a Donner Kebab from a nice friendly Turkish street-seller. Hence perhaps the difference in opinion.

  18. Why would Muslims stop doing it now? They started doing it in the 1970’s and have been doing it with apparent impunity, on an ever increasing scale, ever since.
    Those twin evils: political correctness and multiculturalism meant that the authorities refused to believe the evidence in front of their eyes, and act on it as they should have.
    Between 1997 and 2010 the Muslim population of the U.K. was 5% of the total, but Muslims made up 91% of those (very rarely) convicted of “grooming” crimes. Islamic attitudes to female kaffirs are that they are available for sex if they are outside the home. There is a strong tradition within Islam of sex slavery. However this is ignored by the authorities and the MSM, because the discrepancy between the religion and ethnicity of the perpetrators and the religion and ethnicity of the victims ( although religion is of far greater relevance than ethnicity with this type of crime) , if analysed properly; would mean the whole edifice of PC, MC and moral relativism would be subjected to a level of critical scrutiny which could cause it to come crashing down.

    I have mentioned it before, but THE definitive report to read about this horror, is ‘Easy Meat’ at http://www.lawandfreedomfoundation.org . In a fairer world this would have been the report which the media were all over, not the one into the failings at Rotherham Council and South Yorkshire Police. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

  19. One: having been to London and Leicester about 5 years ago I have no doubt there is grooming there now.

    Two; having been young, at an earlier period of my existence, I believe young folks can be naive to the point of looking dangerously stupid.

  20. I have one last comment: I find myself astonished again, for the nth time, by how (willfully?) blind and complacent–and sometimes self-righteous– the bien pensants can be.

    They are very much invested in seeing the world as it “should” be rather than how it actually is.

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