Vancouver: Rotherham West

The following report from CTV News describes a successful prosecution for “grooming and pimping” — in reality, sex slavery — in Vancouver.

Needless to say, the TV reporters fastidiously avoid any mention of JIM. However, the man convicted of the offense has a Persian name, so there’s little doubt of the culturally-enriched nature of the case.

Notice that the pimp’s modus operandi is all but identical with those used by the gangs in Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford, and all the other “grooming” cases in England. Yet he is halfway around the world from those places. Also, he is of Iranian background, and not Pakistani. What’s more, he is likely a Shiite, rather than a Sunni Muslim.

So why are his methods so similar to those of the “British” pimps? What could they possibly have in common?

I’m scratching my head in perplexity…

Another aspect of this case touches on a second forbidden topic: race. Vancouver has a huge Chinese population, so the chances are that at least some of the enslaved girls were of Chinese ethnicity.

Below are excerpts from an article on the same topic in The Vancouver Sun:

Reza Moazami was found guilty Monday on 30 of 36 charges, including one of human trafficking and multiple counts of living off the avails of prostitution with coercion, sexual assault and sexual exploitation.

VANCOUVER — A man convicted of luring girls as young as 14 into a life of prostitution has become the first person ever convicted of human trafficking in British Columbia.

“It is apparent … that Mr. Moazami created an atmosphere of fear among the girls who worked for him as prostitutes,” Justice Catherine Bruce wrote in her 188-page decision.

“Once (the victim) was a part of his prostitution business, he maintained strict control over her movements and her behaviour. He isolated her from her friends outside of the prostitution business. He made her fear the police.”

His trial heard that between February 2009 and his arrest on Oct. 7, 2011, Moazami lured, coerced and threatened 11 victims aged 14 to 19 into selling their bodies for his profit. Nine of the victims were under the age of 18 at the time.

He targeted vulnerable girls. At least one was a runaway from the foster-care system, others lived in dysfunctional families, the judge noted in her decision.

His repertoire of coercion included free drugs and even a puppy. Once they were working for him, the court heard Moazami used threats and violence to keep them under his control.

He threatened harm to the puppy, he physically and sexually assaulted them, and in one case he used bear spray on a victim who left the hotel without his permission.

The 30-year-old had the teens and young women work out of hotels in Vancouver, Richmond and North Vancouver. He also took some of the victims to Victoria, Nanaimo, Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal to work.

During six months of testimony, Moazami testified in his own defence, saying he didn’t know the teens were underage. He also denied living off the money they earned while having sex with a dozen men a day on average.

The judge found his accounts self-serving.

“I concluded that Mr. Moazami was not a credible witness and … I do not believe his evidence and it does not raise a reasonable doubt,” Bruce said in court.

Moazami, dressed in a blue golf shirt, calmly flipped though the printed court decision as the judge spoke.

Three of the convictions have five-year minimum sentences and Crown counsel Kristin Bryson said she will ask the court for a significant prison sentence. Moazami will return to court Dec. 9 for sentencing.

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Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

15 thoughts on “Vancouver: Rotherham West

  1. Why did those girls put themselves under the wing of that monster in the first place.

    Thanks to Feminism.
    They “struggled” to earn one point and lost 1000 important ones. That’s the result of feminism. Parents and govs. can’t discipline their kids because they live in a “free society”
    Moazami ( which means the great one), knows how democracy works: He knows full well that in the west Muslims are the chosen species to be pampered.
    Moazami : stay in prison for one week and you will be out. They are afraid to imprison you. And then they will say : He is out because of excellent behaviour.

    That’s how democracy works. You pamper and cosset the muslims.

    • Murad, feminists may have much to answer for, especially with reference to their ignorance (?) or dismissal of the appalling treatment of women and girls in Muslim countries and communities (and elsewhere, eg much of non-Muslim Africa and Asia).

      However… Speaking as a 66-year-old Brit, and recalling the behaviour towards women decades ago, of my contemporaries and sometimes even myself, the feminist movement was an entirely understandable and even justifiable reaction. Trouble is, like many on the Left, they didn’t know when to stop.

      • “Trouble is, like many on the Left, they didn’t know when to stop. ”

        I Like that last sentence.

  2. Moazami just grab your passport and go to the Middle East and from there choose: Austria, Australia, Britain, Scotland, Ireland,

    I know Moazami, your name rhymes with Khatimi, and Rafsinjani. You are the father of the fatherless kids in the west.

    In your country you are/ were not free to do this. Not only your gov. would have punished you but the fathers and brothers of those girls would have sent you to hell.

    But in the west all kids are orphans: they have no father or brothers. Streets are their shelter. And you are well …. Their husband. Here in this free country you are awarded with 11 teenage wives. Your country which lack freedom gives you only four. Wouldn’t you rather lived in a free perfect democratic country?

    You should have come here and enriched our defect civilization 200 years ago.

    • In my view, religion has little to do with this. For one thing, the perps are not claiming religious persecution as a defense, but have claimed racism instead. In fact, one of them told the young girl he was routinely raping in Rotherham that if caught by police he would “play the race card.”

      These vile beasts are acting in the same way as non-Islamic pimps act toward these girls. And yes, I know about the verses in the Koran, “What your right hand owns…” and that is no excuse nor have I heard if any of them claiming as an excuse. These are sons o’ the desert racially selecting primarily white girls for their own sexual gratification and profit. The term used by Paul Weston I believe was accurate, it is sexual slavery.

      • 1. The fact that they are playing the race card as a defense does absolutely nothing to refute the religious factor. Muslims are constantly crying “racism” as a way of cowing the kuffar into indulging their demands and letting seditious behavior proceed unhindered.

        2. They are not acting the same way as non-Islamic pimps. They regard those infidel girls as inferior beings, with less value than the average prostitute; and they feel religiously justified in abasing and humiliating them.

        I think you underestimate the effects of the deeply ingrained Islamic teachings that infidels are dirt, women are possessions, and infidel women in particular are gifts from the deity to be exploited at will.

        • Interesting. Then following that justification, the use of pornography, liquor, cocaine, and heroin must also be based on their religious beliefs. Not only do they ply the girls with alcohol and drugs but use them themselves. They live a party lifestyle that seems anything but devout. We can agree to disagree but to suggest these are devoted Muslims practising their religion is more than a stretch. I believe they are common pedophiles and perverts with the added twist of being able to indulge their base desires on the same type of girls they see in the pornography they regularly consume.

  3. My daughter is stationed in South Korea. She was being followed by a Pakistani, who was trying to flirt with her. Because she is a small, fair skinned redhead, she attracts attention immediately. She’s not allowed to be in uniform off base, and she was certain that the man was a trafficker.
    She managed to flag a security guard and warn him as to what the man was up to. She learned later from her CO that sex trafficking is very big in Korea. Now she is not allowed to be without a ‘Battle Buddy’.

    • Having travelled throughout Asia, Northern Africa, and the Middle East, I can tell you first-hand that white females are typically seen as sexual objects by the indigenous men, whether Muslim or non-Muslim. A cursory observation of the facts readily reveal the dangers of any such female travelling in those areas. South Africa, being the rape capitol of the world, has little to do with religion. Likewise with the high percentage of internet pornography consumption by Pakistanis.

  4. Sex slaves is nothing new to the moh inner struggle ideology

    “The women of Khaybar were distributed among the Muslims.”
    Numerous are old paintings of muslim slave markets

    “Muslims branded white slaves with hot irons – then as well as now”

    “From 620 AD onwards reaching all the way into 1920 AD there was not a single year of peace from Muslim aggression.”

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