Under the Weather

Dymphna is not feeling well. She’s been under the weather for the past few days, which is why you haven’t heard much from her. I took her to the doctor this afternoon, and she’s still resting up from that.

Due to her indisposition, she’s been unable to answer a lot of her email, and asked me to apologize on her behalf. I’m not sure when she’ll be able to catch up, but she’s feeling better than she did this time last night.

When she’s not well, the last two activities to go are commenting at Gates of Vienna and cooking meals for the two of us. So far she is still doing both of those things, at least sporadically. So you may hear a few words from her in these comments, sooner or later.

And I occasionally get to eat some tasty food, too…

9 thoughts on “Under the Weather

  1. Dymphna : We wish you well and a speedy recovery. God bless you for the great enlightening work you have shouldered so well. Ya’or has retired. I don’t visit her site any more. Good luck. An Our Father in heaven hallowed be thy name …. for you.

    The sweetest words conveyed to us through the “Word”.

    Oh humanity, especially Europe, needs prayers and direction.

  2. Dymphna, I hope you feel better soon. My sister has the same affliction. It is not pleasant and at times extremely painful.

  3. Look after yourself, Dymphna, you are important to so many people who will never have the pleasure of meeting you in person, but who value the meeting of minds more than you can know.

    • You are right ,,, the meetings of minds, as often I refer back to see who has written an article or comment, particularly when it succinctly and strongly articulates and provokes my thoughts.

      Often one can say less is more, however for Dympha, it is so she can recharge her physical body, take care, and continue with her writings, cutting things to the quick.

      With you and Baron leading the way, inspiring in us all, to take a stand, to cut through the goo and soft soap of this world.
      So we also must lift the flags for freedoms. Mistakes may be made, but learnt from, and like Churchill, who kept that lone candle of principles going, inspiring the US, Europe, and the world.

      With grateful thanks,

  4. Being sick that that is the pits you would rather be out having fun or surfing the net instead of being stuck in bed tell her to get well soon

  5. Gates of Vienna is a fine art, a balancing act between the baron and dymphna. We know. How you wonderful people keep it up is beyond me. How you do it beyond me. You show the world what is happening. So an ABC Peron wants yo know and asks you to lead him therej. Much as iIz loatheMSM,gotta do it..

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