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  1. The fear is so big. I remember a video of a woman on the metro in London, telling that the africans where not English, etc. She had her children removed from her house, an she lost her job and went to jail. She was expressing freedom of speech.

    If a black person or a muslim said the same, nothing would happen.

    No multiculturism, multiracism is another word for white genocide.
    They want to kill the white race.

    • Our elected politicians are doing that: killing the white race. What mindset.

      I just read this: Khadr trying again to sue Canada for $20M:
      How many Canadians know who is Khadr, what he has done, why he is in prison.
      How many convicted white people try to sue the kind, humanist, nice Canadian government for $20 m for committing a crime. None.
      But muslims are different because some perverted young politicians support Khadr.

  2. Here’s the anti- Common Purpose:


    Here in the US we have loads of similar orgs. You can find them in David Horowitz’ pages:


    We have so many leftist groups, from quasi governmental groups like ACORN, or the aggressive Planned Parenthood, or the Southern Poverty Law Center, or George Soros’ infamous Open Society (not sure that’s the right name) or Theresa Heinz Kerry’s Tides. And the list goes on, as you can see from that fascinating page of people and topics.

    There are groups and individuals on the Right, too, who are invested in spreading their own point of view. But the money poured into these leftist advocacy groups shows what conservatives are up against. And yet despite the billions spent to turn us, the right has shown resiliency – in fact, it’s amazing that the electorate is considered largely Center…Right. What is troubling is not that the lefties are prevailing but that the eligible voters are simply not showing up anymore. They figure the fix is in, why bother? – and that quietism is disturbing. If they continue to work at the local level, we’ll muddle through. But if they throw in all their cards, it won’t be pretty.

    Here’s an interesting list from Networks, the Leftwing Millionaire’s Club:


    It is amusing (kind of) to watch the Far Left Wing Loonies go ballistic over the infamous Koch Brothers for daring to sponsor conservative initiatives. Just shows us how well the MSM has done its job that the lefties’ money groups never come up for mention or scrutiny. Their motto seems to be, “you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, or the hand you’re hoping will someday feed you”.

    Meanwhile, many of the middle class average people who support, say, the Tea Party’s ideas re small government and lower taxes are demonized, including by the Republicans – the irony being that those folks are the only “base” the GOP has. Everyone else is busy back-pedaling against the Me Too Party. When you hear the TP is failing, remember that many have gone underground now, or changed their names. The energy is still there, though not much among the disaffected young who have been hampered from attaining full-fledged adulthood.

    To give you an idea of just a small part of Soros’ work, here’s a piece we got to see personally: in 2008, ol’ George had one of his acolytes stop his “social media” work to run against our long-term incumbent Congressional representative. This was during Obama’s first election and the fellow simply rode BHO’s coattails into office, getting rid of an icon who had served with integrity. The liberals worked thru countless campaigns every two years trying to oust Virgil Goode, to no avail. But those were some big coattails and Soros financed this new guy’s run. The latter coasted in and lasted one term. You could tell he hated working this red-neck district; even more worrisome, this Soros boy Yale lawyer thought the Constitution said our rights were government-given…I know this because I and several other asked him.

    This fellow’s name was Tom Something-or-Other and last I heard he’d returned to making up, oops, I mean creating “groups” in social media. You know, the kind that urge the well-meaning dupes to sign petitions for the environment and such. Or maybe he went to Africa for UN legal aid support groups…all paid by Soros, the man who financed his fellowship at Yale.

    …Tom only served one two-year term because by the next election people were already tired of the coattails-type’ reps so they were tossed – at least in a lot of “Leans Republican” districts in favor of party hacks drawn from state legislatures. The old dependable GOP serve-your-turn-and-you-can-move-up deal that exists in many places.

    Which is what we have now. Which is how we got a generation of loser GOP presidential candidates. Not that the opposition was much better. Al Gore? John Kerry? Until the Numinous Negro came along and changed the game. Or at least his handlers did. The question remains, though: did he change things or is he simply a one-off??

    Enjoy those “Networks” pages. They are truly a public treasure.

    (The fact that Mr. Horowitz went off the deep end and put up one page in there devoted to Diana West doesn’t detract from the invaluable work on that site. Of course, Diana West is not a leftist in the least but he was obviously desperate for a permanent Hate Diana page, and there wasn’t anyplace else to stick it. I don’t know if it’s still there – I hope someone took pity on him and talked him into taking it down – but while it was there, it clearly called out to reasonable people as a cry for help from DH. It must have saddened Diana to be the butt of such hatred, but for anyone not Diana, it was so obviously sick and obsessed that it made her look good in a convoluted way.)

    • It is going to take a paradigm shift to shove the Left back into the many cracks and crevices of civilization that spewed them forth. The whole system, ‘Common Purpose’ is so well entrenched and has such huge financial/political support that simply appreciating that fact alone tends to make one doubt such a reversal of their agenda will ever take place.

      Even back when I was a police officer I instinctively knew something was wrong with the way that things were then being done, for instance; I refused promotion on the basis that I would have to field essays that reflected those multicultural delights such as diversity and cultural sensitivity and other fantasy ideals that, as it now turns out after watching Pat Condell’s video, was solely for indoctrination purposes. So as those around me put in their essays for promotion while unintentionally prostituting themselves to the new agenda, I remained a lowly constable who was acutely aware at times that many of my peers who had been promoted looked down on me.

      Looking back at those times I can now appreciate my own instincts for not wishing to fit in with the ‘group thinking’ even though it put me at odds with some of my peers and higher authority.

      Given the chance again I would do the same!

      • Nemesis, you deserve thanks. If there were more like you, if all the Irish and Italian cops, firemen and nurses found their Moses and exited New York, Washington, Chicago and Los Angeles, the whole putrid regime would collapse. Reading up on one Obama purge in the US military after another, and the frequent news about all the “Inclusivity” initiative there — they have now found 15,500 transexuals without whom we can not possibly fight ISIS, China, NorKors and Putin — I ask myself where are the generals, even the retired generals. Nothing there but narcissistic cateerists and sycophants.

      • It takes moral maturity and genuine discernment to understand what you did. Those who wrote their essays were hopelessly indoctrinated. I escaped from a corrupt job and I know what you mean about being seen as lesser than they…when in reality you were, as you said, acting on gut instinct.

        That is genuine resilience. Fewer and fewer people have it. I read a statistic today – 36% of people who will reach the age of majority in this country were born into intact, two-parent families. How many of the others actually made it in a still-intact, undivorced family? The nuclear family, or one nestled within a larger kinship group, is becoming a rarity as we sink into a cultural ooze.

        At one point, the part-time priest who served our church was a full time county patrol officer. He had some interesting sermons. Domestic violence calls were the worst.

      • Brilliant Pat Condell, again. Many thanks; I’m pointing this in the direction of all of the people I know who are not yet beyond saving.

        I didn’t follow the liblabcon agenda during my career. I should have done if I wanted to ‘get on’, but I could never take it seriously. It seemed always to require the suspension of disbelief – and I am afraid I am of that mindset that I could never resist the temptation to take the [micturation].

        It cost me a job. And a wife, in a roundabout kind of way. Fortunately I kept my mind!

        Pat Condell is the best of all at sorting the wheat from the chaff. He puts the liberal/left on the spot. He completely undermines their position, he destroys it.

        I think the liberal/left is a spent force. They’re still in charge, but their support is evaporating. What they say makes sense only to those with a vested interest in interpreting it as sense. That is a situation running out of time.

  3. Dymphna/Nemesis, I had a similar experience to yours in my earlier working life. I had been at odds with my employers group think before, but in 1986, my local authority experienced the fallout from a “Labour Landslide,” as the class of 68 took the majority of the Council seats.

    At first it was like a game and some of the new initiatives actually made sense, such as the setting up of a Debt Counselling Unit but as for the rest……

    They declared the whole borough a “Nuclear Free Zone” which wasn’t difficult to enforce as there were no nuclear power stations in West London. They also established the inevitable “Wimminz Department” consisting of four women and five desks. I never did find out what they did. There was also an Ethnic Minorities Department. As far as I could see, they had to monitor any Committee report containing the word “Black” and comment accordingly although any comments they made were often incomprehensible. Also, the Councils Code of Conduct was relaxed for them. For example, when there is a committee meeting, the relevant officers are required to attend.

    At one meeting of the Ethnic Minorities Committee, Councillors were informed by the management of the EM Department that they had arranged to have a “business meeting” over dinner that evening in a local restaurant and would be along later. It was agreed to start the meeting at 7pm without them but at 9pm, they had still failed to put in an appearance. They finally turned up at 10pm rather the worse for drink, by which time the meeting had been adjourned and rearranged for another evening. In the normal course of events, the officers responsible would have been dismissed but no action was taken against them.

    We had to operate in this lunatic situation which was not mad easy by the fact that the Councillors expressed themselves in a mixture of Pravdaspeak and looneybabble

  4. (Continued) while we continued to use the Queen’s English.

    A few months later, the gloves came off. The entire Department was booked in for a one day seminar on “Equal Opportunities.” When I asked the moderator what was meant by “Equal Opportunities,” she stuttered and stammered before stating rather haughtily that in this day and age I ought to know. I let it go.

    She then proceeded with what could only be described as an indoctrination session into Cultural Marxism, while being careful not to mention Marx at all. We got the victim Mantra and a whole lot of words ending in “ist” ad “ism” that many of us had never heard before.

    From here on in it was down hill all the way from the red flag flying on the flagpole to the imposition of a new Marxist vocabulary.

    When the opportunity for voluntary early retirement came, I jumped at it never looked back.

  5. .
    Not just social services. I contacted the Yorkshire NSPCC back in 2005, and they said it was: ‘not their responsibility to stop under-age girls from being gang-raped’. I contacted them again and again over the years, and got the same response. They did not want to know. And one affiliated academic in Cardiff replied saying: ‘I hope you will eventually see the error of your ways’.

    If the NSPCC can refuse to help little girls being gang-raped, what hope is there for society? How can ordinary people help, if the NSPCC and police refuse to get involved? It is a recipe for the dissolution of society, if we cannot protect our children from alien, Neanderthal predators. It is like the people of a village feeding their children to hyenas and jackals, and the tribal elders agreeing that this is a good idea – it is a recipe for cultural suicide.

    And yes, they do take children away based on party affiliations. Mine were taken away from me, because I was a member of UKIP – which was apparently akin to being Charles Manson’s right-hand man. And yes, the entire council and social services operation was run by automatons, who all spouted the same inane ‘right-on’ phrases on cue. It was like entering the offices of a cult.


  6. What is the reason for this uncivilized, Neanderthal mentality within Islam??

    Well, the Koran says:

    “”Successful indeed are the believers. Who … guard their penises.
    Except before their wives or those whom their right hands possess.””
    Koran 23.1-6

    We have made lawful unto thee … those whom thy right hand
    possess of those whom Allah has given to you as spoils of war”
    Koran 33:50.

    Those that the ‘right hand possess’ are slaves and sex-slaves. Yes, Islam approves of the taking of slave prisoners and sex-slaves, and this is what is happening here – these unbeliever girls are dhimmi slaves, and so can be freely taken as sex-slaves. This is what has always happened to unbelievers in the East.

    Please remember that Islam was set up as a marauding army, just like ISIS today in Iraq. And to sustain and motivate that army, the Koran urges its followed into hatred, brutality, intimidation, torture, beheading, crucifixion, murder, dhimmi subjugation, jizya protection taxation, and the taking of prisoners as sex-slaves – just like ISIS in Iraq. This is why ISIS is so brutal, and are taking prisoner sex-slaves from the Yazidi people.

    In fact, everything that ISIS is doing today in Iraq and Syria, is taken from the Koran and from the ‘good’ example of Mo himself. Mo was a petty war-lord, whose armies terrorized and brutalized the Middle East, and who lived off the spoils of war and the jizya extortion tax levied upon unbelievers. In effect, Islam was set up as a giant protection racket, that preyed upon and lived off the other communities who ran the East – including the Christians, Jews, Sabaeans, Polytheists and Zoroastrians. This is why an entire chapter of the Koran, Sura 8 The Spoils of War, is about how to divide up the booty stolen from the defeated and subjugated non-Muslim populations of the Mid East.

    Islam was, and still is, the equivalent of the Chicago Mob. It has the same structure, rationale, economics, motivation and methodology as any protection racket. Which is why Islam was only a small controlling elite in the East, just 20% of the population, for many centuries, with the non-Muslim population being used as dhimmi slaves to do all the donkey-work. In fact, I imagine that al-Capone’s ancestors read the Koran and thought: ‘hey, that’s a good idea.’ …..


    • The desert Arabs may not have been the first people to think of attaching divine imperative to the vilest and most selfish of human impulses, but they have certainly been the most wildly successful at convincing people that evil is what the deity commands — or at least persuading people to give indulgence to profound evil because it’s wrapped in the guise of religion.

      How many have been fooled by the idea that people who insist on regimented “prayer” five times a day must deeply be spiritual and therefore good, or that the Islamic code of “modesty” for women shows that Muslims are morally superior to the “decadent” West?

      Those formal trappings of religion have even fooled people who otherwise would say that ritual piety is no substitute for real virtues.

    • >”In fact, I imagine that al-Capone’s ancestors read the Koran and thought: ‘hey, that’s a good idea.’”

      Naples was under Arab rule for some time in the Middle Ages, so you might not be so far off.

  7. Symbolic 1 400

    1 400 Years of islam
    1 400 Virgins sacrificed to islam in Rotherham

    Was that too much to ask of one town?
    How many more virgins are the people in power willing to sacrifice, for Common Purpose?

    • Rotherham: 8,000 Muslims – 1400 victims.
      Britain: 3,000,000+ Muslims – how many victims?

      • A highly pertinent question. Rotherham will prove to be small beer when Bradford, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield and London bust out.

        I predict that all over Britain hundreds of “social workers” – what a silly occupational title that is – and police are sifting through their files removing file notes and documents and otherwise doctoring the bureaucratic narrative to pre-emptively protect themselves.

        And not a single public servant will lose their job.

  8. Baron, I don’t know how to submit a hat tip, so this is not a comment but a hat tip. This is an outstanding video by Paul Weston of Liberty GB. I hope you can give this as an article. Thanks! I checked on the internet, and most unfortunately, only a couple of sites are aware of this important video.

    Where are the Politicians on Rotherham’s 1400 Child Rape Victims?

  9. The mayor of Rotherdam commented, that he “could have done more”, which, in english, means that he could have done at least something. But, you know.. I give a full pardon to the officials in the government, police and social services. Why? Well, because they were either elected, or assigned their positions by elected representatives who, in turn, were elected by British people. Who pay for the newspapers that commit the public execution of anyone criticizing “tolerance”. That is the reason the police gave.. they were afraid of “disreputing pakistani people”, ie. afraid of a career execution by the mass media.

    In both cases, the British people are responsible for creating a paedophiles’ paradise in England, both by electing “tolerant” representatives based on their level of “tolerance” (=goodness), and by publicly condemning anyone who disagrees. The result is what it is.. a product of the Goodness Of Man.

    The british people should take a good look in the mirror, but since left-green doogoodies have never been very good at that, I suspect the situation will only take less visible forms, as necessary, and continue.

  10. Many thanks to Pat for informing us about the group leading the “courses” for managers… I know from a close relative about the type of “training” to be found on such courses (although not sure it was this group leading it). And yes – I would hazard a guess that those who fund them (Soros?) do seem to have a “Common Purpose”, with none other than those funding the Muslim Brotherhood, the Indian love Jihadis and, dare I say it, Isis? A common purpose of nothing less than destroying the Western world, or at least its “conservative” aspects which help its culture to flourish and be propagated, through terror, mass immigration, grooming and suppression of opposition to Islam, by prosecuting “hate speech”.

    Is it a coincidence then, that this group was one of the key players in the Leveson Inquiry, which attempted to impose “regulation” on the British media?

    • Trouble is, the media does need regulating, to prevent it from exposing people’s private affairs when these are not of legitimate public interest. The French have gone too far, but is it really beyond the wit of man to strike the right balance?

      • How does one define what is or isn’t in the legitimate public interest?

        If there was “news” concerning what Mario Balotelli was doing with a stripper, what would that fall under?

        How about messages sent to Amanda Dowler after she died?

        Or the guy publicly accused of rape, whose name has now been splashed across the media (and hence Google) – but is then found innocent?

        Regarding the first – celebrities may hate publicity, but it’s partly why they’re famous. To some, Balotelli may be an idol – so why shouldn’t they know “details” about his private life?

        Regarding the second – if the information’s been gained illegally (ie by “hacking”), there’s laws to deal with such crimes. There’s also laws to deal with accomplices to such crimes… what would “regulation” to media bring?

        And regarding the third – this is the type of person who’s probably lost the most because of media exposure, in spite of being innocent. But I’m not sure how the proposed “regulations” would do anything to benefit them. Even though newspapers in many countries do protect such people by not writing their surname, until they’re proven guilty (eg. “Michael H. has been charged with the rape of…”)

        Yet media regulation would surely be any sleazy politician’s wet dream – and maybe also that of councils such as Rotherham? Just think about how lawyers and activists specialising in “protecting community cohesion” and “combatting hatred” may have a field day with the words “legitimate public interest”…

        • Infidel, I didn’t say it was easy, but the present arrangement insufficiently protects the innocent from media intrusion.

          • It may indeed be that there are innocent casualties of the media… but looking at the potential of what media regulation can bring, could this have an even more damaging effect? What if cases such as Rotherham were suddenly deemed by the powers-that-be as being “not in the public interest” to be reported on?

            You may recall something like this already happened – with the police leaning on a TV station (I forget which one) to stop the broadcast of a TV programme about grooming in Keighley, circa 2004 – as it “may benefit the BNP”, in upcoming elections…

            And looking at the main proponents of media regulation (chiefly, the Guardian and many of its die-hard readers), and their frustration with certain other newspapers and what they report on, could this not be exactly their agenda, with the Amanda Dowler phone hacking saga providing the perfect excuse? Never let a crisis go to waste eh?

  11. Here‘s another example of “training” for public officials. In this case, “Training against hate crimes for law enforcement” for Polish police, given by none other than the OSCE!

  12. For a bit of “balance”, here’s a Guardian article, “responding” to the Daily Mail’s accusations about Common Purpose:


    If anyone does manage to get through all the insinuations about Paul Dacre (editor of the Daily Mail) and “men in white coats”, the comments are perhaps worth a read. Especially the revelation that the chair of the Guardian Media Group is herself a Common Purpose speaker.

  13. OSCE
    “The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe is the world’s largest regional security organization”

    One of the things that they “do”
    – Gender equality

  14. No one seems to have picked up on a deliberate ploy the Yorkshire police used to divert attention from the Rotherham report, which they knew would make them look, let’s just say “bad”. Shortly before the report’s release, they raided the home of a celebrity with a famously clean reputation (Cliff Richard, just in case you didn’t know) . Despite claiming they did not tip off the BBC, the police did send an aerial photo of the home to make it easier to locate by helicopter. The investigation seems to be going nowhere. This ploy does not make them look “bad”. It makes them look hideous.

  15. I see a lot of left/right false paradigm thinking in these comments. What about Jimmy Saville’s victims? Where did Jimmy Saville vacation?

    So look I are that for some reason this problem is much more prevalent culturally in Islamic regions. And I agree that England, the west and many other nations are being subsumed by this ideology. However our problems are greater than that. We must begin to confront Evil. Not just Islamic evil but ALL evil. Take heart England and begin to take back your freedom. You must extirpate evil in all it’s forms to regain what you have lost. I will pray for your success.

  16. As an American, I want to ask one simple question, with all due respect. Have the Brits lost their minds? Not that we are far behind, electing a cretin like Obama…TWICE.
    I guess it is now racist for complaining about one’s daughter being raped. This is truly Bizarro world.

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