5 thoughts on “The Progressive Torquemada

  1. I wish I could have a good laugh at the Progressive’s expense. Unfortunately, they are currently running the West and it isn’t so funny.

    • “…it isn’t so funny.”

      You made me consider the gamut of possible responses – e.g., outrage to sorrow to anguish to “funny”… – and now I wonder if we’re not simply numbed out. Just the way Bill Warner says happened for 1400 years w/ Islam’s atrocities along those bloody borders, nowhere near us. That is to say, as long as those borders were far enough away, the safety of auto-pilot allowed us to keep functioning.

      Do you think there’s a similar shut-down now in American politics? When you look at the endless, insidious mini-and-maxi Obama scam policies which continue to blow up, do you not numb out eventually? Benghazi is one instance in which the sheer mendacity of these people is on display and we simply can’t respond anymore. In fact, the more we respond to evil, the more worn-out we become? Are they simply hoping to wear us out?

      I read about a young woman in a concentration camp whose daily routine included walking past a growing pile of frozen dead bodies “safely” stacked in the very cold weather, to be disposed of before the Spring. At first she was overcome with sorrow and anguish at the sight of these thin, skeletal remains. Eventually she got used to it until the day came when she no longer saw the pile at all, much less was she able to distinguish the remains of fellow human beings there. IOW, she had become blind to her environment in order to keep living in it. Later, a therapist explained to her the steps involved in becoming stone cold blind…and the subsequent awakening pain she had to undergo in order to be able to see and feel again.

      We’re becoming like that young woman.

  2. Babs, Just for you. What’s a definition of a racist? A man who is winning an argument with a progressive.

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