The President’s Real ISIS Strategy

Below is a guest-essay by Dave Petteys about President Obama’s recent reluctant decision to take action against the Islamic State, and what it means in the larger picture.

The President’s Real ISIS Strategy

by Dave Petteys
ACT! for America 5280 Coalition

The President and his Muslim Brotherhood advisors[1] are apparently in sympathy with ISIS’ goals of imposing the Shari’a and building the Caliphate. Thus, their conundrum is how to make the President appear to be “doing something”, yet actually doing nothing to harm ISIS. Becoming bogged down in fruitless negotiations in “building a coalition” fits their purpose to a tee.

One by one our “allies” are declining to participate[2], especially the Islamic ones. It’s easy to understand: why would any Islamic country join the “kafir” United States and fight their co-religionists who are waging qur’anically sanctioned Jihad against the unbelievers? Oh, but our government doesn’t “do the God thing” and has to ignore the elephant in the room called Islam. Americans are completely locked in to the Kennedy School of Government nation-state paradigm. The notion of “religious war” is unacceptable! Religious wars went out of style 500 years ago — right?

Hopefully, once football season gets underway, the public eye will be avert from ISIS, and it can resume building the Caliphate unobstructed. (If only they’d refrain from these embarrassing beheadings!)

So what are we to do?

If we bomb unilaterally, the White House will throw the media switch and suddenly the only thing our bombs will hit are innocent women, children and weddings! (After all, don’t all brides in Iraq have beards, armored vests and AK 47s?) The National Lawyers Guild will prowl the battlefield taking affidavits from “innocent” ISIS fighters attesting to American war crimes. The military JAG will spend all its time prosecuting airmen for running the ordered airstrikes. (No good deed goes unpunished in our politically correct administration.)

A better answer is this: lay aside the Politically Correct straight jacket and call the enemy by its proper name: ISLAMIC JIHAD! Then, let us follow our own doctrine as delineated in FM 34-130, “Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield”, and do what it says. Start with the facts on the ground: who’s doing what and why? What is the worst case scenario, and what do we need to do to stop it?

Then, we’d have to face the fact it is MUSLIMS who waging Jihad against us to impose the Shari’a Law, and to build a world-wide Caliphate. This would take away our system of government, our liberty and our prosperity, to say nothing of our very lives[3]. If we don’t want this to happen, we need to fight every individual and organization that wages Islamic Jihad. This includes the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States, and all its front organizations[4]. This also includes the mosques in the West that preach “death to the West and death to the Jews” from their pulpits and send their young men abroad to participate in Jihad[5].

It is necessary but not sufficient to engage ISIS in Iraq. We need to shut down their financial support and their supply of fighters from abroad, even if the apologists howl “we’re interfering with Islamic religious practices!” After all, the Qur’an mandates “war against the non-believers…” and to “strike terror in their hearts”[6]. It’s hard for the Western mind to understand that in Islam, there is no separation between church and state. The Muslims do not deserve a free pass owing to our traditions of religious tolerance and liberty.


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5 thoughts on “The President’s Real ISIS Strategy

  1. Democracy is so superior that “democratic” countries should go to war in order to spread it.

    That’s the message that western countries want to blind their citizens with into mass distraction.

    But a system is the product of the its ruling elite: How they think, if they have values, or no values at all, hedonists, or belief in afterlife, do they have something called conscience or any scruples….
    There are countries in the west called democracies but the real rulers are muslims and islam. These countries are worse that Saddam and Bashar. They did not sell their countries. Western countries are surrendering their countries.

    Why don’t they let Assad take care of terrorists once and for all. We should give him weapons just enough to decimate his internal enemies, and not listen to Saudi Arabia, who wants all Shiite dead.

    But alas, western thinking is congenitally twisted to the point harm boomerangs. In this case graduating from a prestigious uni means nothing.

  2. It’s not easy to unravel your thinking. Geopolitical considerations would argue against strengthening Assad, who is a proxy for Iran and both backed by Russia.

    Obama’s campaign, even if successful (which we know it won’t be) will create another vacuum into which Iran will move as the Iraq government is so weak. Obama is not interested in re-arranging the map of the Middle East, but he knows that if the USA is attacked by ISIS-inspired terrorists, he will be blamed. That is all he cares about – his legacy.

    Western civilization is unraveling as Islamic terrorism is increasing, as you point out. Both are the product of intellectual infantilism. Both have created intellectual retardation because both are based on personal irresponsibility.

    In the West now, the State will look after you from cradle to grave so you remain an infant.

    Under Islam you are in fear and must obey or you will be killed, so you have the power of an infant.

    Over-indulgence and tyranny have come full circle!

  3. this is truly frustrating. we are talking to ourselves and the world, our world, our house, our family and they are either distracted, bored, and educated in PC that they do not want to hear me….I rant, I raise my voice, I swear. We are lost in the night. We fear to communicate honestly and fully with our neighbors. Death may be our reward. We will not face this until we know we must act and even then the action may be suicide. God help us. A dimmi nation. DAMN!

  4. David, You poignantly stated so much, we need to deliver your letter to the Republican US defense & security committees found at and http://www.senate .gov or click on Congress. I say that since the Communist Party USA stated in 2008, “With the electon of Obama, we know we control the Democrat Party.”
    Apparently, if this year would work as last year when the Republican refused to fund a few of the Democrat programs, Harry Reid refused to attend any meetings to rework the budget & the press blamed the Repubicans for shutting down the government so this year the Dems attached the $1/2 billion gift & aid of the F16s to the “good Sunni jihadists” to the C.R. funding the government for 2 more months, coincidentally O grew up as a Sunni just helping his buddies. Therefore, Republicans didn’t want to get blamed for shutting down the government right at the mid term elections so, O got the aide for his Sunnis, though the CIA funded, armed & trained ISIS, because isn’t it only “FAIR” they are equally aided by the US taxpayer, like the gizia, similarly the leader of National Alliance in Libya was trained for 20 years, 5 miles away from Langley per Dr. Dennis Cutty.
    Thanks so much Dave…& invite any others to give their comments & letters to Beauprez, Gardner and Coffman tomorrow Noon at the open invitation to all at 5950 S Willow Dr, 80111, #305, SE corner bank building 1 block east of I-25 & Orchard. These men are miles better than the Dem alternatives & gives us control of the committees. Hear the video at enter “Obama’s Fake War….” we learn that the take out now of Assad, defender of the Jews, Christians & minorities in Syria, that the Sunni Muslim Barry Soetoro wants GONE for the ISIL takeover also deflects from the Russian takeover of Ukraine with the aide of Merkel who has been connected to the comminsts since her youth, gives new meaning to his statement, “Vladimir, tell Putin, I will have more flexibity after the election.” Trevor shows, who holds Ukraine holds while we focus on the jihadis we ignore Russia’s takeover of Ukraine whom Clinton agreed to defend, so they need not develop their own nuclear defense; now the US does nothing to stop the takeover. We need to require our represenatives see this, so join us to call, email +. One short handwritten letter stands for 10,000 phone calls since statisitically they get so few.
    How soon would it have been good to impeach Hitler? So what are we waiting for? That would have been a better tac than let him go unchecked.
    Search for I.Q. Al Rasooli who grew up in Iraq, says if we expose the fraud of Islam: 1. Mohammed had not ONE witness of anything he wrote but the Muslim world is asked to take the word of a man who had 700 Jews beheaded in one day alone in Medina, 2. that the Gospel was revealed to Jesus (did not happen proving Mohammed’s god is not omnicient). Disproving the claims in the Koran on radio, social media, etc for just one year will destroy the hold it has since Islam will be unveiled for its lies for being a false religion. It takes no bombs to do that. I am cutting and pasting Dave’s letter to my network , especially my “head in the sand” family & friends. As Gen. Boykin quoted Jer 29: 7+8: TAKE ACTION ON BEHALF OF YOUR NATION’S WELFARE FOR ITS WELFARE IS YOUR WELFARE . All it takes for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing. Please share the Ukraine info. Europe must not be controlled by Russia. Mary

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