8 thoughts on “The Perfect Putt

    • Oh my. It’s handy to be multi-lingual, no? But somehow that Yiddish word almost explains itself. Strange.

      I hope you are referring to Obama and not to the time the Baron spent composing that image.

      You see, once he’d thought of it and explained it to me, I urged him to make it. At first he said he was “too busy” to put it together. However with a bit of spousal persuasion (okay, so I nagged…) he did a great job.

      And now that you’ve added your wording, I’m only sorry we didn’t have it to hand. “Putzing Around” would have made a great title. I suggested “Walk Softly and Carry a Big Putter” but that one had neither brevity nor alliteration to recommend it. The only advantage was its historical allusions.

      As we swirl further down the drain, I expect to see BHO begin to live in his golfing togs, not bothering to change into anything else as it would take time away from the game. It could be worse, I suppose. Like if he took to riding about in his mom jeans.

  1. I’m an American, and I think the best thing the O ever did for my country was to go and play golf rather than actually try to govern. We’d be in bigger trouble than we are if he wasn’t such an absentee president.

  2. Brilliant image. Again, thanks for all you do. Hope Dymphna is feeling better. Vlad Tepes should be thanked too. Yeoman’s work my, our friends.

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