“The Netherlands Has Become the Victim of Islam”

Geert Wilders gave a speech today in the Dutch Parliament about the Islamization of the Netherlands, and the need to roll back Islamic immigration. A translated transcript of his words is below.

A video of the speech (in Dutch, hat tip Steen) is available here.

Speech by Geert Wilders during parliamentary debate in the Netherlands

Madam Speaker, actually I was expecting flowers from you. I am celebrating an anniversary these days. Exactly ten years and two days ago, I left a party whose name I cannot immediately remember. During these ten years and two days, I have been much criticized. Most importantly for always saying the same thing.

My critics are right. Indeed, my message had been the same during all these years. And today, I will repeat the same message about Islam again. For the umpteenth time. As I have been doing for ten years and two days.

I have been vilified for my film Fitna. And not just vilified, but even prosecuted. Madam Speaker, while not so many years ago, everyone refused to broadcast my film Fitna, we can today watch Fitna 2, 3, 4 and 5 daily on our television screens. It is not a clash of civilizations that is going on, but a clash between barbarism and civilization.

The Netherlands has become the victim of Islam because the political elite looked away. Here, in these room, they are all present, here and also in the Cabinet, all these people who looked away. Every warning was ignored.

As a result, also in our country today, Christians are being told: “We want to murder you all”. Jews receive death threats. Swastika flags at demonstrations, stones go through windows, Molotov cocktails, Hitler salutes are being made, macabre black ISIS flags wave in the wind, we hear cries, such as “**** the Talmud”, on the central square in Amsterdam.

Indeed, Madam Speaker, this summer, Islam came to us.

In all naivety, Deputy Prime Minister Asscher states that there is an “urgent demand” from Muslims to “crack down” on this phenomenon. Last Friday, in its letter to Parliament, the Cabinet wrote that jihadists are hardly significant. They are called a “sect”, a “small” group.

This is what those who look away wish, these deniers of the painful truth for 10 years and two days, the ostrich brigade Rutte 2.

But the reality is different. According to a study, 73% of all Moroccans and Turks in the Netherlands are of the opinion that those who go to Syria to fight in the jihad are “heroes”. People whom they admire.

And this is not a new phenomenon. Thirteen years ago, 3,000 people died in the attacks of 9/11. We remember the images of burning people jumping from the twin towers. Then, also, three-quarters of the Muslims in the Netherlands condoned this atrocity. That is not a few Muslims, but hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Netherlands condoning terrorism and saying jihadists are heroes. I do not make this up. It has been investigated. It is a ticking time bomb.

Madam Speaker, is it a coincidence that for centuries Muslims were involved in all these atrocities? No, it is not a coincidence. They simply act according to their ideology. According to Islam, Allah dictated the truth to Muhammad, “the perfect man.” Hence, whoever denies the Koran, denies Allah. And Allah leaves no ambiguity about it what he wants. Here are a few quotes from the Quran:

Surah 8 verse 60: “Prepare to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah.”

Surah 47 verse 4: “Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks”. We see it every day in the news.

Another quote from Allah is Surah 4 verse 89: “So take not friends from the ranks of the unbelievers, seize them and kill them wherever ye find them.”

Madam Speaker, the Koran on the table before you, is a handbook for terrorists. Blood drips from its pages. It calls for perpetual war against non-believers. That Koran before you is the hunting permit for millions of Muslims. A license to kill. That filthy book is the Constitution of the Islamic State. What ISIS does is what Allah commands.

This bloodthirsty ideology was able to nestle in the Netherlands because our elites looked away. Neighborhoods, such as Schilderswijk, Transvaal, Crooswijk, Slotervaart, Kanaleneiland, Huizen, you name it. There, the caliphate is under construction; there, the Islamic State is in preparation.

During the past ten years and two days, the ostrich Cabinets did nothing. It has nothing to do with Islam, they lied to the people. Imagine them having to tell the truth.

But the people have noticed. Two thirds of all Dutch say that the Islamic culture does not belong in the Netherlands. Including the majority of the electorate of the Labour Party, the majority of the voters of the VVD, the majority of the voters of the CDA, and all the voters of the PVV.

The voters demand that, after ten years and two days of slumber, measures are finally taken. The voters demand that something effective happens. No semi-soft palliatives. Allow me to make a few suggestions to the away-with-us-mafia. Here are a few things which should happen starting today:

Recognize that Islam is the problem. Start the de-Islamisation of the Netherlands. Less Islam.

Close our borders to immigrants from Islamic countries. Immediately border controls. Stop this “cultural enrichment”.

Close every Salafist mosque which receives even a penny from the Gulf countries. Deprive all jihadists of their passports, even if they only have a Dutch passport. Let them take an ISIS passport.

Do not prevent jihadists from leaving our country. Let them leave, with as many friends as possible. If it helps, I am even prepared to go to Schiphol to wave them goodbye. But let them never come back. That is the condition. Good riddance.

And, as far as I am concerned, anyone who expresses support for terror as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy has to leave the country at once. If you are waving an ISIS flag you are waving an exit ticket. Leave! Get out of our country!

Madam Speaker, war has been declared against us. We have to strike back hard. Away with these people! Enough is enough!

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  1. Gert Wilders really is the “real deal” fantastic stuff! I wish to God we could get a Prime Minister who shared those views, here in the U.K.

    • I agree. Our major parties are not worth wasting breath on, let alone voting for. I am hoping that UKIP will be a good choice, but the roots of Muslim child abuse alone to deep and UKIP would have its work cut out for it.

      I fear the worst. When the police and government do nothing or, worse as is the case in the UK, actively betray their people, then people are most likely to take the law into their own hands.

      Heaven help us if they do. The Muslims will have got the fitna they wanted

    • Yes, me from holland, Geert is right!…this is going on today in out country. Mulims put in our papers “your girls will be ours” by meaning them to wok for them, loverboys. And that was 10 years ago and more and more girls are beiing the victim of them. Unfortunately Geert doesn’t call that in his speeches.
      About all the other things he is right. Turkish and Muslims slaughtering sheeps at their balcony’s for some reason. No where in The Heague is a sheep left in the childfarms, they have stolen them or slaughert them at sight. It is not only the fault of the people that doing this but also the fault of our current politics. The [intellectually challenged people] that are currently in it only care about the money. Come on in and work for us, that should be their slogun. And all the other thins like Islamic immigration is not important to them. I hope really that more that 50% of the votes are going to Geert next election.

  2. Geert Wilders has absolutly right . Kick those [copulators with ruminants] out of Holland and europe !!!! Now!!

    • Wilders doesn’t advocate kicking them out. I do. While I understand the logic of those who counsel relative baby steps (even if packaged as robustly no-nonsense counter-jihadism) in our current sociopolitical climate where PC MC is dominant and mainstream (although it’s not clear that Wilders would support total deportation even if he thought such a position was politically viable), the problem with gradualistic rhetoric is something sort of analogous to the Heisenberg Principle: The more we push a penultimate meme (heightened surveillance of visibly extremist Muslims, curtailing or even halting immigration, etc.) rather than the ultimate meme (total deportation of Muslims from the West) the more we reinforce the irrational phobia about total deportation; and, since it’s reasonable to conjecture that the West won’t be ready to implement even the penultimate measures for at least a couple of decades (to be generously underestimating the West’s retardation in this regard), the problem which the penultimate measures are supposed to be adequately able to manage will morph & metastasize in the meantime to proportions that will render such penultimate measures… Too Little Too Late.

      • Hesperado, I agree with your assessment, but would place within it a proviso which reflects on Islam itself and the message Islam sends out to its adherents within the world wide ummah.

        When the ummah spreads to countries that previously knew no Islamic influence, then where the Muslim settles is considered to have become part of Islam, and in that respect, mass deportation under existing MC/PC laws could never take place because the ummah would fight to preserve what they have lready ‘conquered’.

        While any Western country wishing to preserve its sovereignty must necessarily get rid of Islamic influence, and unless those countries wish to fall into a civil war, they must take small steps to rectify the Islamic stranglehold that we are now all familiar with.

        The first step I believe, would be a requirement for all Muslims to swear allegiance to the country and the people that have given them a better chance in life – if they refuse then their refusal is noted and their citizenship is automatically revoked.

        As Islam does not recognize individual infidel nations or countries there would not be many Muslims who would take up that option.

        And following hard on the above requirement would be to cite Islam as a non-religion which is considered to be against the national interest. That would then devalue any Islamic input that has been accepted as being of religious worth such as Mosques and Islamic schools that could then be closed down as institutes against the interest of stable government.

        In those first two steps the ummah would find itself without any recognition, legal or otherwise within the country they believe they occupy. That is not an enviable position for a Muslim to find himself in!

        And while the useless overpaid lawyers are arguing those first two steps, offer those Muslims who have no wish to remain in a land that has taken the first two steps in no longer recognizing them, a repatriation package back to the country of their birth or their parents birth.

        The third step would then be to pull the rug from under those human rights lawyers by repealing the policy of MC/PC and abolishing Human Rights commissions. The Muslim would then have no legal avenue for redress and the parasitic lawyers would find themselves out of work.

        Then I believe, the trickle of some small numbers of Muslims leaving the country that no longer recognizes them would soon turn into a flood.

        • All of which could be encompassed in legislation entitled ‘An Act for the Suppression of Pernicious and Violent Cults’. Section 1 (i) Oath of Allegiance … etc.

        • I think that ironically, your piecemeal formula is going to be more likely to ensure that Muslims predominate and foment their violence civil unrest in our societies. Your logic you use to counter my argument seems odd: Muslims are going to assume they have already conquered our lands, therefore we can’t deport them? You are eliminating from your imagination our whole civilization. The West isn’t some blank chessboard being populated by Muslims. We can kick them out now, in 10 years, in 50 years. It’s up to us — unless we keep pushing the suicidal meme that we can’t do it…

          • Hesperado wrote:

            “You are eliminating from your imagination our whole civilization. The West isn’t some blank chessboard being populated by Muslims. We can kick them out now…”

            You’re joking, right? Look in case you haven’t noticed European and American elites have embarked on a program of demographic destruction of whites and their society. Political and business elites have joined to make this happen.

            They aren’t about to expel their key demographic component of this – Muslims. They make fine foot soldiers for the likes of Cameron, Merkel, Obama, etc. They come in bully, threaten white locals who are then cowed into submission thanks to a combination of government and Muslim thuggery.

            And the governments aren’t about to stop.

            Until you can offer up a solution to this, you’re pretty much shooting blanks.

          • Hesperado, my thinking is this:

            It is precisely because Islam believes it has conquered the land the Muslims have invaded as to why peaceful deportation will never work without first removing the means, i.e. Human Rights Legislation and MC/PC policies wrapped up in Anti-Discrimination Acts, that has prevented Islam for being exposed as to what it truly represents.

            Otherwise all deportations will be fought over in Human Rights courts whose history is completely one sided for the deportee. We’d never get rid of just one, let alone the millions now occupying the West!

            In effect, what needs to be done is to completely isolate the ummah from the rest of the country through laws that prohibit the growth of and pandering to, Islam. Complete containment of the ummah must then take precedence so as to counter any retaliation and anticipated violence from the ummah against the native populations.

            I’m sure most of us are only too aware of what the Muslim can do when things don’t go his way!

            Without the UN policies that have been imposed on the West and the lack of due consultation to those such policies only ever impact on, the native populations, Islam would never have been accepted.

            Once you strip a culture of its rights within a country that has come to realize the danger that Islam is, then there is nothing that can effectively hinder their removal by deportation, or if they so choose, an early grave.

            And what I am proposing cannot be done in small steps as the deportation process would entail if UN policies are not repealed, but has to be done in rapid succession so that the ummah is taken completely by surprise and caught off guard.

        • It comes down to the very simple equation, no more islam = no more problems, and you can take my inference as to how it is going to get done. One way or another, no matter how you cut it, or slice it, or examine it to death, this ends only one way and the left and their muslim pets will ensure that it happens, what they won’t like is the results.

          • I disagree that there can be only one solution to a problem. Especially since it’s not certain at all that we’ve determined all the parts of this here particular problem. A study of history can illustrate quite well the unknown unknowns not yet encountered on the road to the future. No event “ends only one way”…surely you know that?

            History doesn’t admit of your small solutions and resolutions. Wise men say “I don’t know”…over and over.

  3. Even before 10 years, and two days I agreed with the fact that islam does not belong in Europe, in fact it should not exist at all. (Worked in the Middle East in 1979)

  4. I always liked the old Yiddish expression “Zufiel ist genugh”. It roughly translates as “Too much is ENOUGH”.
    Like Kurt’s speech on islam, it applies both over there and everywhere in the West.

  5. Erratum: we hear cries, such as “the Talmud” = we hear cries, such as “f*** the Talmud”, excusez le mot, but this is what was said.

  6. – Hear! Hear!

    Who would have thought we would see the day when words like these be spoken in the parliament. Would this be the day that the representatives finally had to turn and look into the eyes of reality?

    • Perhaps you are he.

      But from the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is taken by violence, and violent men seize it. Matthew 11:12

      • ‘Perhaps you are he.’

        The words to start a revolution. The evocative words I have been waiting for.

        I read an article by Mark recently – it might have been here. It struck a chord.

        Where Alan West postures to sell books – and I like Alan – Mark might be the right stuff – the Michael Collins of this century.

        I’ll sign up to defend what America stood for pre barry soetoro.

        And it must start in America.


  7. There are other verses in the Koran. There are Muslims who put the emphasis on those and take the verses quoted as being qualified by other verses and examples. The harsh interpretation that ISIS has arrived at is not the only one that has a following in the Islamic world, nor even the leading one, and it is not a logical necessity that follows out of the texts themselves.

    The people who take those verses for the whole of Islam and rejoice in the slaughter that interpretation licenses them to embark upon are making a moral choice between good and evil, and choosing evil.

    As we have seen with the Rev. Jim Jones and certain others, where there’s a will to evil, there’s a way to quote something as justification.

    • “The harsh interpretation that ISIS has arrived at is not the only one that has a following in the Islamic world, nor even the leading one”

      Islam was (temporarily) tamed by the defeat at Vienna in 1683, and by the subseuquent rise of imperial power by European countries. Once those European countries stopped controlling the islamic world, muslims returned to the interpretation of islam which dominated from the time of Mohammed until 1683.

      The Mahdi army in the Sudan in the late 19th century is proof that given an opportunity this “fundamentalist” jihadist interpretation would rise again.

      • “There are other verses in the Koran. There are Muslims who put the emphasis on those and take the verses quoted as being qualified by other verses and examples.”

        We’ve been through this argument before, many times. Please see Steve Couglin on the Koranic principle of abrogation–which is accepted by all mainstream Islamic jurists and by all schools of Shariah.

        The peaceful early verses of the Koran are abrogated by the later violent ones. It is the violent ones that “count.”

        Muslims sometimes quote the peaceful ones to lie to us and lull us, which they are religiously sanctioned to do under Islam.

        I appreciate your optimism but it is misplaced.

        • Precisely. The quotation of the earlier – abrogated – sura is used to deceive. It is simply “taqqiya” – deception, lying for the purpose of promoting and protecting the encroachment of Shariah and the Universal Caliphate by political and demographic jihad. Which becomes violent jihad once the number of muslims is large enough.

          Then the killing, the beheading and raping begin, just as ISIS is currently doing in Iraq and elsewhere.

          How the men – and mothers – of Rotherham in England can look at themselves in the mirror, how the local law enforcement and local government can sleep at night, knowing what they have been ignoring – or abetting – for so long, I can’t understand. Were that happening in my neck of the woods, there would be a large pile of dead Paki’s on the outskirts of town. Please understand that that statement is not braggadocio.

  8. Winston Churchill was a political outcast too.

    Yet when war came, he was the only man fit for the job.

    • A new political party will kick off sometime early 2015, called Australian Liberty Alliance. Geert Wilders will be endorsing it.

  9. My parents are part of the £10 pomes that chose Australia. I am, was, so relieved they chose a christian country. I am ashamed of the number of Islamic people here now. I agree, if they want to fight each other then they should – GO AWAY we don’t want them and their stupid ideology.

    • Having lived in Sydney/Melbourne – I developed those same concerns. Recently on work trips, have been pleasantly surprised to find that this issue is mostly limited to Syd & Mel.. There are still peaceful, safe cities around Oz where they haven’t made it to.

  10. They could not wait for the Jews to be rounded fast enough, seize their property, steal their belongings, fine the few returnees for not paying local taxes while rotting in the camps, they collaborated with the Nazis, serviced them and one morning they woke up feeling guilty-they had to change some policies, they also needed cheap labor, so they opened the doors, Jews out, Arabs in. This was a trade, now comes the bill, and it is not pretty! Last time I was in Amsterdam, 2005, I got a very creepy vibe, it is not the Amsterdam of the 70’s, it is the Twilight Zone, but they got to look in the mirror and say: We did it!

  11. Wonderful that he is still alive to speak these words of truth to the Dutch parliament. Maybe the barbarity of ISIS, grossly underreported by the MSM though it is, is slowly percolating through to the masses as representative of Islam. No wait, much of the masses worked it out years ago, it is their socio-economic betters who have yet to cease pretending Islam is a problem.

  12. Here in Britain we are a long way from any of our 650 odd MPs having the guts to say that in Parliament.

    • “Here in Britain we are a long way from any of our 650 odd MPs having the guts to say that in Parliament.”

      We in the UK are along way even from any PROSPECTIVE candidate saying those words. Any UKIP candidate who spoke like that could expect to be disciplined or kicked out of the party.

      • We should never forget that the British state BANNED Geert Wilders from entering the country, so that he would not be able to show his ten minute movie in the House of Lords.

        This was a double insult, for they cited Mill’s howling mob outside a corn dealer’s house scenario as justification for their actions – apparently they thought the elderly gentlemen and ladies of the upper class could turn violent at any moment.

        • Same policy in Australia – Wilders visa requests are routinely refused because they apparently amount to ‘hate-speech’. On the other hand – any extremist, radical Imam from abroad encouraging Aussie Muslims to wage jihad against Australian citizens and our closest allies are never even second-guessed – instant visa approval.

  13. Brilliant speech! I hope the voters of Holland wake up and vote him into power before it is too late to save your country from becoming a dhimmi of the caliphate.

  14. Only Geert Wilders would dare starkly quote the crudest insult- hurled in English by Muslims at Jews- “F*** the Talmud!” in the Dutch Parliament.

    Few politicians anywhere have his courage and honesty.

    Seeing what happened to Pim Fortuyn and Theo Van Gogh, Wilders realized that the truth was the only defense against imperialistic Islam.

    But the truth is too horrible for most in the West who prefer Candyland denial to seeing the demented dogmas which permeate the literalist’s Koran.

    (Which is the only way the Koran may be taken by ‘true believers’.)\

    Wilder’s survival instinct is awake. His fellow countryman in the “leadership” are still in self-induced comas.

    Out of terror.

    Time to wean them off their Utopian opium.

  15. A wise Hollander !this is a clash of cultures nothing to do with Jews but the entire civilised world who believe in decency and have morals

  16. Wilders is correct in everything he said. It is time the people did something about the Muslim stone age people. Get them back their mud huts, we do not want them in Europe or Britain.

  17. Well. After this speech the rest of the dimmified Dutch parliament can never say: ich habe es nicht gewusst.

  18. The 1930s of Germany are revisiting Europe, and in some locations such visits are appearing in Canada and in the United States. The shouts of “Jews Out” are once again echoing off of buildings in downtown locations. Earlier the shouters were named Hans, Fritz, Dieter, Wolfgang. This time they have names like Asli, Melih, Ahmed, Fatima, Mohammed, Abdul. Regardless of name, the same murderous intent underlies the shouting.

    For 1400 years Islam has conducted its war against anything/everything non-Islamic. The mind of the Muslims runs pretty simply. The House of Islam or the House of War. The Dar al-Islam or the Dar al-harb. Despite the best efforts of the MSM in trying to sugar-coat Islam, make excuses for it and its practices, the truth about Islam is seeping out. Not fast enough for an unaware world, but it is emerging. Pictures from the Mid-East and this new Islamic State, if seen, quickly shatter the nonsense Muslim apologists spread about Islam. George Bush did no one any good in sputtering his “Islam is a religion of peace” nonsense in the days following 911.

    The Shariah is ugly, brutal and murderous. And they intend to impose it worldwide. That is the purpose of jihad. And all they’re doing is following Mohammad’s book (Quran). This warfare and hatred against the non-Muslim, especially the Jew, are baked into the Quran. And not in just a few isolated passages. The hatred is riddled throughout.

    The Christian is in the gun sights as well. “First we’re coming for the Saturday people, then the Sunday people.” But those of the Judeo-Christian ethic have other enemies doing the Devil’s work. The work of the deviant Sexual Revolution continues, most particularly that of strident homosexuals. And they’re gunning for the Christian.

    This article and comments too are good. Obama and the elites, here and in Europe, have done/are doing great damage in ushering in the Coming Days. I fear worse are in store.


  19. It’s hard to believe that about two years ago the Labour / Green govt. in Australia stopped Geert from visiting the country by restricting his Visa, yet let the radical Imans in to preach Jihad. In the time the Labour / Greens were in power millions of Muslim refugees were allowed into Australia because the govt. lost control of the borders and encouraged boats to arrive illegally. Often these arrivals were treated better than the citizens, given free accommodation, health and recreational activities, even cigarettes were free. In that short time Australia has changed, there are suburbs now where it is totally Islamic. Assisted by our national broadcaster and some left wing newspapers the culture of Australia is heading towards that of Eurarabia. Our politicians have betrayed us. Thank you Geert, history will remember you favourably, for being brave and standing up to be counted. For speaking the truth!

  20. He wasn’t exactly preaching to tbe cboir tbere was he..hence no standing ovation, which he fully deserved and merited and had coming to him. Fat chance.
    If he were Prime Minister ten years ago the Dutch and Europe would have been far better off and in a much better position to continue its return to a FREE Netherlands. An almost muslim free Netherlands..Back to .05 percent. That’s reasonable. Especially so on a global scale..
    Thank you Geert Wilders! Keep on cbooglin’ brave one..
    P.S. Where on God’s Earth is little queen Beatrice¿?

    • Cboir choir…Although there is a St. Siboire in Quebec..in the vernacular, not a town.
      Thanks Bar and Dymphna
      I keep buying lottery tickets. One fine day eh?..All the best guys..

  21. Geert Wilder’s has never preached to a choir, he is his own man telling the truth, each truthful utterence from his mouth could cost him his life. He knows it, having lived under police protection for more than ten years. I have nothing but disgust for the political creeps in the Dutch government, are they blind? Do they not see what is happening to once proud Holland under their own lying eyes? Need I remind them their grandparents were starving to death and eating tulip bulb when the Canadians, Brits and Americans saved them in WW2? Why their arrogance now toward a true citizen fighting for their own FREEDOM? For all the politicians who can’t bear to hear Geert Wilder’s words of truth, as a Canadian, why don’t YOU lead me through the cemeteries of the thousands and thousands of Canadian dead? We have been told that Holland reveres the graves of our dead. Really? Never piss off the good hearted Canadians, cause when they turn on you…..This Dutch Government must protect Geert Wilder’s at all costs,, probably EU.. My ancesters did not die in the filthy mud and gas, you did not destroy my grandmother’s entire graduating class so that you, WHO, some minor bureaucrat in the EU, said it was worth nothing. Canada , Australia, NZ fought for you nasty Euros in 2 world wars, lost our best idealists, so that your disgusting Europe could persecute Geert Fillers for telling the truth, for fighting for what they died for. Holland in my opinion is a very stupid country, more interested in marijuana than Freedom, as are most EU countries. I can’t believe they have forgotten their past. Europe, you pathetic bunch of leftover grievances, LEAVE GEERT WILDERS ALONE. YOU do know when you have the Canadians, Aussies, Kiwis, Yanks and all FREE PEOPLES against you, whatever little judge trying his mini powers, against a leader who speaks truth.

    • It’s not just the Dutch. EVERY western country is groveling, bowing, scraping covertly and overtly to accommodate an obviously (?) not accommodating
      mentally unstable gang of muslims. Canada unfortunately is near the top of the “Effendi” list. Holland’s Geert Wilders walks the walk, talks the talk and
      puts his life on the line not just the Dutch people. Holland is being heard. Who speaks for the UK or the USA? Cameron and Obama Inc.?

      • Where is the Canadian freedom of speech Justicia 2012 rages on about Holland not having? GW is an elected member of the Dutch parliament. He represents a huge section of Dutch public opinion. I would not call that dhimmi behavior by the Dutch people. On the other hand it seems Canada hasn’t even begun to do any heavy lifting. I couldn’t find anything but extremely nice politicians when I searched for a Canadian Wilders type. J2012 maybe be your rant would be better directed towards the motherland?

        • And none of our politicians in America are willing to go up against our Great Pretender, who describes the muslim call to prayer as the most beautiful sound he has ever heard.

          None of our elected representatives are willing to stand up in Congress and speak the truth as Geert Wilders does.

  22. I’m glad you have accepted me. A little background. I am a Viet Nam vet. I was an ordnance man If it went boom then i stepped in and did what i was suppose to do. I spent 4 years in the Navy. I flew Recon. bombing missions and many other types of mission. T earned my wing’s while in the navy. I spent 12 years in the Army national Guards. i was in the field artillery.I know i’m not a spring chicken anymore but maybe i can help where ever I’m needed. Thank You

  23. I have read Geert Wilders book, “Marked for Death.” It is a book for all who love freedom to read.

    As for Mr. Wilders? The world needs more like him to simply tell the truth.

  24. We had a sort like guy once in Holland called “Pim Fortijn”. That guy had the same ideas as Geert only he was way more subtle in his words. Unfortunately he was killed a few months before the election took place. That guy did became president here in holland for sure.

  25. I would like to say if Mr. Geert and the people who support him kick all the muslims out soo what is the difference between them and ISIS.on the other hand most of the morokish people who live in the Netherland has been born there with a parents from moroco the same Mr.wilders who born here but his parents from Indonesia. #stop discrimination

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