“The Koran is a License to Kill”

Last Thursday we posted the text of Geert Wilders’ speech in front of the Dutch Parliament during the debate on jihad. Below is the video of the speech, subtitled in English.

Many thanks to SimonXML for timing and editing the text, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:04   Madam Speaker, actually I was expecting flowers from you.
00:08   I am celebrating an anniversary at the moment.
00:12   Exactly ten years and two days ago, I left a party
00:16   whose name I cannot immediately remember.
00:20   During these ten years and two days,
00:24   I have been much criticized.
00:28   Most importantly for always saying the same thing.
00:36   Today I must admit that my critics are right.
00:40   Indeed, my message had been the same during all these years.
00:44   And today, I will repeat the same message
00:48   about Islam again
00:52   for the umpteenth time. As I have been doing for ten years and two days.
00:56   I have been
01:00   vilified for my film Fitna.
01:04   And not just vilified, but even prosecuted.
01:08   Madam Speaker,
01:12   while not so many years ago,
01:16   everyone refused to broadcast my film Fitna,
01:21   we can today watch Fitna 2, 3, 4
01:25   5 and 6 daily on the television news.
01:29   It is not a clash
01:33   of civilizations that is going on,
01:37   but a clash between barbarism and civilization.
01:41   The Netherlands has become
01:45   the victim of Islam
01:49   because the political elite looked away. Here, in these room, they are all present,
01:53   here and also in the Cabinet, all these people who looked away.
01:57   Every warning was ignored.
02:01   Ignored for ten years and two days.
02:05   As a result, also in our country today,
02:09   Christians are being told: “We want to murder you all.”
02:13   Jews receive death threats.
02:17   Swastika flags at demonstrations,
02:21   stones go through windows, Molotov cocktails,
02:25   Hitler salutes are being made, macabre black ISIS flags
02:29   wave in the wind, we hear cries,
02:33   such as “**** the Talmud”, on the central square in Amsterdam.
02:37   Indeed, Madam Speaker,
02:41   this summer, Islam came to us.
02:45   In all naivety, Deputy Prime Minister Asscher
02:49   states that there is an “urgent demand”
02:53   from Muslims to “crack down” on this
02:57   Last Friday, in its letter to Parliament,
03:01   the Cabinet wrote that jihadists are hardly significant.
03:05   They are called a “sect”, a “small” group.
03:13   This is what those who look away wish,
03:18   these deniers of the painful truth
03:22   for 10 years and two days,
03:26   the ostrich brigade,
03:30   Rutte 2.
03:34   But the reality is different.
03:38   According to a study,
03:42   73% of all Moroccans and Turks in
03:46   the Netherlands are of the opinion
03:50   that those who go to Syria to fight in the jihad
03:54   are “heroes”. People to be admired.
03:58   And this is not a new phenomenon.
04:02   Thirteen years ago, 3,000 people died in the attacks of 9/11.
04:06   We all remember the images of burning people
04:10   jumping from the Twin Towers. Then, too,
04:14   three-quarters of the Muslims in the Netherlands condoned this atrocity.
04:18   That is not a few Muslims,
04:22   but hundreds of thousands of Muslims
04:26   in the Netherlands condoning terrorism
04:30   and saying jihadists are heroes.
04:35   I am not making this up. It has been investigated.
04:39   It is a ticking time bomb.
04:43   Madam Speaker, is it a coincidence that for centuries Muslims were involved in all these atrocities?
04:47   No, it is not a coincidence.
04:51   They simply act according to their ideology.
04:55   According to Islam, Allah dictated the truth to Muhammad,
04:59   “the perfect man.”
05:03   Hence, whoever denies the Koran, denies Allah.
05:07   And Allah leaves no ambiguity about what he wants.
05:11   Here are a few quotes from the Quran:
05:15   Surah 8 verse 60: “Prepare to strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah.”
05:23   Surah 47 verse 4: “Therefore, when ye meet the unbelievers, smite at their necks”.
05:27   We see it every day in the news.
05:31   Another quote from Allah
05:35   Surah 4 verse 89: “So take not friends from the ranks of the unbelievers,
05:39   seize them and kill them wherever ye find them.”
05:43   Madam Speaker,
05:47   the Koran on the table before you
05:51   is a handbook for terrorists.
05:55   Blood drips from its pages.
05:59   It calls for perpetual war against non-believers.
06:04   That Koran before you
06:08   is the hunting permit for millions of Muslims.
06:12   A license to kill.
06:16   That filthy book is the Constitution of the Islamic State.
06:20   What ISIS does is what Allah commands.
06:24   This bloodthirsty ideology was able to nestle
06:28   in the Netherlands because our elites looked away.
06:36   Neighborhoods such as Schilderswijk, Transvaal, Crooswijk, Slotervaart,
06:40   Kanaleneiland, Huizen, you name it.
06:44   There, the caliphate is under construction;
06:48   there, the Islamic State is being built.
06:52   During the past ten years and two days,
06:56   the ostrich Cabinets did nothing.
07:00   They are still doing too little, too late.
07:04   “It has nothing to do with Islam,”
07:08   they lied to the people, apart from the PVV.
07:12   Imagine them having to tell the truth.
07:16   But the people have noticed.
07:20   Two thirds of all Dutch say that the Islamic culture does not belong in the Netherlands.
07:25   Including the majority of the electorate of the Labour Party, the majority of the voters of the VVD,
07:29   the majority of the voters of the CDA, and all the voters of the PVV.
07:33   The voters now demand that
07:37   after ten years and two days of slumber,
07:41   measures are finally taken.
07:45   The voters demand that something effective happen. No half-baked palliatives.
07:49   Allow me to make a few suggestions to the away-with-us-mafia. Here are a few things which should happen starting today: Acknowledge that Islam is the problem.
07:53   Start the de-Islamisation of the Netherlands.
07:57   Less Islam, that’s what we need.
08:01   Close our borders to immigrants from Islamic countries.
08:05   Introduce border controls. Stop this “cultural enrichment”.
08:09   Close every Salafist mosque which receives even a penny from the Gulf countries.
08:13   Deprive all jihadists of their passports, even if they only have a Dutch passport.
08:17   Even if they only have a Dutch passport. Let them take an ISIS passport.
08:21   But, Madam Speaker,
08:25   Do not prevent jihadists from leaving our country.
08:29   Let them leave, with as many friends as possible.
08:37   If it helps, I am even prepared to go to Schiphol to wave them goodbye.
08:41   But let them never come back.
08:45   That is the condition. Good riddance.
08:49   And, as far as I am concerned, anyone who expresses support for terror
08:53   as a means to overthrow our constitutional democracy
08:57   can, as far as I am concerned, leave the country at once.
09:02   If you are waving an ISIS flag you are waving an exit ticket.
09:06   Madam Speaker, war has been declared against us.
09:10   We have to strike back hard.
09:14   Away with these people! Enough is enough!
09:18   Thank you.

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  1. Off Topic.

    My American girl friend from Michigan visited me on Vancouver Island over the Labour-Day weekend. We specialize in visiting remote beaches where I exercise my culinary talents to her demand, on a BBQ. She is an amazing lady as are all ladies – Dell employee #144 and also of long Microsoft provenance.

    This lad can cook. I performed magic on the portable grill to deliver Veal Marsala from scratch, accompanied by Caesar Salad, also from scratch. I didn’t make the Italian vintage, but it was good all the same.

    The west coast beaches on the Island have some interesting names. In sequence we have discovered French Beach and then China Beach and I optimistically insist on heading north towards Alaska in search of Irish Beach – I’m still young.

    Anyway, on Tuesday as I was putting finishing touches a large bus arrived; my initial reaction was that it might be some of those lovelies wot came over the border in Texas looking for a place to land – the bus signage indicating point of origin as Red Deer, Alberta. Being a little miffed at the unexpected intrusion on our little bit of Paradise for a day I was prepared to be offended. The bus doors sprang open to disgorge a motley crew. They spread out quickly with point-to-shoots in every hand. They swarmed our area and even my even Irish disposition was put to the test. Evil Albertans I muttered to Miss Michigan. Max, she said; behave yourself.

    Well, being Irish, I oft can’t help myself. We Irish can’t stop ourselves talking to anybody we encounter.

    A portly lad with grey hair zipped in my direction, Canon in hand heading for the rocky mount above me looking out over the straights of Juan De Fuca – walking through the smoke from the barby. I nodded and asked how was the trip from Red Deer – a distance of at least a thousand miles – slyly thinking this would irritate him. He stopped and over his shoulder said ‘Hiya mate’ with the thickest Kiwi accent I’ve heard in a moon-spot.

    It was a crew from New Zealand and Australia, about 50 in number, doing quick stops along the Pacific Rim prior to doing a ship-cruise to Alaska. My staid day was instantly transformed to a day of magic! I have the softest of spots for them Transacs! The lad was of Irish descent – county Meath – where I did college! I told him the Gaelic pronunciation and meaning. He called the crew over – they only had 10 minutes. Did I say magic? We exchanged business cards and then they were gone. Magic! Max.

    Remember 9/11.

  2. One more thing: every crime committed by these Islamists in Europe and elsewhere is a crime committed by these politicians who feed them. The Western politicians have blood on their hands. They should be trialed for treason not writing letters to them. Because the Western politicians don’t care. They have hordes of bodyguards, they live inside their houses in luxury interacting with regular people quite rare. They only care for their finances and their businesses. They consider the population at a different, lower level. Socially the Western politicians live in a parallel world.

    • The EU is busy doing everything possible short of a preemptive strike to start a war with Russia. Low bottom propaganda and leveraging their useful idiot Ukraine Fascists is the current insanity.

  3. EU is itching to start a war Russia to distract westerners from waking up and seeing the looming lethal danger of islam and the inaction of the cowardly Western politicians.
    What is hard is why is Geert Wilders alone in this obvious struggle.
    In the past people hated kings because they would claim divine will. Islamists/muslims rule claiminng allah/divine will or shariah.
    All the statements Herr Geert Wilders makes are obvious and axioms. He goes to great lengths to instill these clear facts into the western politicians’ fossilized brains, if they any.
    Who made western mind so ready to adopt and repeat as facts what Gazans, muslims, say.

    Who made the western mind so closed to what decent westerners, like Herr Wilders or Christians say.
    Why western politicians are so inimical to their own voters but abjectly and slavishly friendly with muslims.

    Why the media, which is supposed to tell the truth about islam or any politician, and not be punished, is so dishonorable and colludes with the ruling elite, as if these ruling elites are kings of the past ruling by divine will ?
    Why islam has so much influence over the western media and lobby over every single western government?

    Why not 70% 0r 90 % of the Dutch and western people not agree with Herr Wilders, and he is struggling alone to tell the truth. Why evil has so many supporters but good honorable people have so few, almost none. Is this a proof that we are born good and we needn’t Christian Faith.

  4. What a superb speech by Geert Wilders! At this point in history in the Netherlands it is hard for me to imagine a better speech. This looks like one for the history books– as long as they aren’t written by the other side after this struggle.

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