The Baron Will Be Back (None Too) Soon

Gentle Readers, all:

Even as I write this, the Baron is wending his way toward Schloss Bodissey. I know you will be glad to see him out of the saddle and back in charge. So will I, friends, so will I.

During his absence I’d planned to post some items I’ve had on “Hold”. Lots of plans. However, my health hasn’t allowed for the basics, much less any extras. Madre de Dios, when he sees the backed up sludge of email…hours of it since I was forced to stop even opening that page.

Besides the usual ‘meh’ I normally employ to describe my health, there are newer, more unpleasant symptoms in the last few days. Since I’m not often easy prey for wandering viruses, I’ve been at a loss to explain myself to myself. So perhaps what I’m experiencing is a version of that new plague being visited upon the U.S., for which Scott Johnson supplies an interesting explanation, given to him by a doctor: [the emphasis is mine]

This is basically the same virus commonly seen in the equatorial Americas and South America. The very odd emergence of this virus at this time – especially just prior to the new school year and now fueled by the congregation of children in schools – demands an explanation. The only plausible one is that this has been brought here from south of the – now non-existent – border.

Although there will be a good deal of epidemiological work to be done before this can be scientifically associated, there is a deafening silence on the part of public health officials and the mainstream media in even speculating about this association. This is not simply a case of being politically selective about the news, it is downright dangerous and could be just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the emergence of diseases long absent from daily life in America now suddenly popping up “inexplicably.” By the way the article from the Journal that I cited [linked above] likely represents gross underreporting which is typical in South America.

Obviously, you have to go to Powerline to pick up the links which underlie the doctor’s reasoning. It’s worth a trip because all you will get from the Public Health Departments and the MSM is puzzled head-scratching (and don’t stand near them when they do that!).

One of the sad parts of America’s decline and the subsequent invasion on our southwestern borders is the various epidemics average American families contend with now. When the future Baron was a freshman in college, he suffered terribly from a strange disease no one could identify. He was seen at Student Health, sent to the hospital Emergency Room, given ointments, creams, antibiotics and steroids – and the offer of “counseling” for his “psychosomatic” distress, evidenced by his welts and general sense of unwellness. In the end, he proved the root of the problem himself: he used sticky tape to trap some insects in his bedding. Then he took this evidence to the Entomology Department where MY suspicions were finally and irrefutably confirmed: there was a bed bug infestation in his room. Eventually we discovered their nest in a favorite pillow of his roommate. The latter had probably gotten the original infestation while staying in a motel on vacation.

The college moved the two boys out and into a hotel for a week or so while they thoroughly eradicated the problem. The architecture of his college dorm, where he lived in a kind of tower, prevented the bedbugs gaining access to other rooms.

Meanwhile, the precipitous collapse of fB’s scholastic grades for that term – due to the mystery illness and subsequent chronic sleep deprivation – followed him through the rest of his undergraduate program, seriously affecting his final grade average. Providentially for his roommate, the latter was immune to the consequences of the bugs’ bites. Instead of waking up every morning swollen with bites and suffering from lack of sleep, Roommate wasn’t at all affected by this unholy plague. His parents, though, were very kind, very apologetic. The four of us had the boys leave that tiny monastic space while the grown-ups tackled the problem, followed by the administration’s definitive eradication. For months I’d gotten nowhere with admin or the dorm management. These two parents were graduates of that college, so they got the prompt action which had eluded me.

How many mothers have experienced the eye-roll and insincere sympathy of the “professionals” when they complain something isn’t “right” with their child? In desperation I even took the fB to our family doctor, normally an excellent diagnostician, who gave me that condescending “Now, Mom, don’t worry. I’ve examined your darling and there is nothing wrong. Probably just an adjustment to college. You did homeschool him after all…” Translation: there is nothing wrong with this young man that cutting the apron strings wouldn’t solve”. I do wish I’d gotten my own sticky tape entomological sample and sent it to her…the things we think of later!

The bedbug infestation caused great suffering but was finally solved. And where was the original locus of this horror? It rode in like a plague of locusts on the backs of an earlier invasion of illegal immigrants. Even now when the Baron travels, I makes sure he doesn’t leave his suitcase open or on the bed. He brings along a non-woven bag in which to store his laundry. No use of hotel room drawers, hang up all clothing, etc. This time, I will dust the interior of his suitcase with diatomaceous earth…which, if I weren’t so ill, I’d leave y’all instructions for purchasing online. It may be easier to find in garden supply places now, but back in the fB’s college days it wasn’t so well-known.

When this new flood of immigrants began at the behest of Obama, I wondered what other diseases would accompany these “unaccompanied minors”. Now I think I know at least one of them, up close and personal.

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  1. Thanks. This is the first I have read about these strange diseases happening right now. Being in middle of the US – I have heard no one comment about this present situation. I am not a Doctor. I worked for years in the American mental health system, and yes – the present situation IS odd. Disease does not spring up without some cause. The states affected due suggest the recent population from south of the US borders. Sadly – I doubt anyone will really say anything about this. Hopefully, the situation will pass – but yes…

  2. Look at Drudge, that Cassandra the elites love to hate.

    He had a link today from CNN, a video discussing this strange virus sweeping certain parts of the country. Either he or one of his links even had maps of the most hard-hit states.

    I won’t knowingly link CNN – anymore than CNN would stoop to link us ExtremeRightWingGnats.

    My list of the FMM – Fecal Matter Media – includes the Alphas (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, NYT and much of WaPo) and the blogs they keep afloat – has grown to include some EUropean troglodytes, to wit BBC (the cave these particular troglodytes live in is Plato’s and the realities they claim to see are the shadows some of which, in a pinch, they will create with their own little hand-puppet shadows).

  3. Aside from the invasion of illegals you mention, which can potentially bring viral, bacterial, helminthic (i.e. worm-based), and maybe fungal infections that are native to other parts of the world, including many parts far from Latin America, there is a second problem involving insect-borne diseases, in particular, bedbugs.

    This other problem is that the US EPA has banned various pesticides throughout its history, pesticides which used to be used to destroy the bugs.

    This problem is unrelated to the first, except by the obvious congruence of political affinities of the various bureaucrats and political activists who compose their respective root causes.

    Nevertheless, the two together create serious negative synergies for public health on these shores.

    • ??? Did you really say there is a second problem involving insect-borne diseases, in particular, bedbugs. ??? Seriously??

      This is astounding!

      Being a commenter on other blogs myself, I know the tendency we mere mortals have – i.e., to pick up a few key phrases and from there to leave a remark based mainly on our own concerns which happen to parallel – or may have some tangential relationship to – the essayist’s experiences. But…but…sputter…here’s the thing:




      From this moving experience with you, Covadonga, I now stand here repentant. Never again will I scan someone else’s post just to garner enough information to get my turn to interrupt. I will remember my 600 words. I will remember Covadonga. I will repent.

      Karma is one heckuva pushy dude. He knows what it takes to get my attention…Someone tell him I’m all ears now.

      • I feel very bad for your son concerning the health and other problems he experienced in college. I had health and related academic problems, too, when I was in college, so I know at least in a general way how serious such a situation could be for him.

        I apologize for not being sufficiently sensitive to your context as a mother when writing my last post. I had read your post on the bedbug outbreak that affected your son, and did not mean to ignore or contradict it, but only to fill in another aspect of the situation that you might not have been aware of.

        I had a friend who has been a business consultant for many years, and worked with many different industries, including hospitality and travel. She told me about 4 or 5 years ago that there was a major ramp up then, in many American localities, of bedbug infestations in hotels, bad enough that some people were cutting back on their travel to avoid it.

        Her take on it was that the hotels were finding it increasingly difficult and expensive to mitigate this problem, and that the root cause was the Environmental Protection Agency having banned the chemicals that had previously been used to control the bugs.

        There are a number of pesticides on the market today, but different ones have different applications for controlling various arthropod species. Apparently EPA has created a gap in coverage for bedbugs and related creatures that nest in cloth and mattresses and so forth.

        I have been involved as a layman in analyzing environmental policy, off and on over the years, and this seemed to me like a very plausible explanation. But I confess to not having studied this issue at the level of detail of being able to tell you the names of specific chemicals that were effective in the past but have been taken off the market in recent years.

        The current American bedbug epidemic is a national crisis that has so far flown under the radar. It has been overshadowed by the economic crash, the Soetoro administration’s attacks on the Constitution, the administration’s many other scandals, the worldwide jihad, the overall deteriorating foreign policy situation, and the other elements of the preplanned Cloward-Piven avalanche that is currently afflicting our nation.

        In virtually every case of stealth jihad in the Western world, the enemedia reflexively respond to every related news story in one of two way: to spike it, or to take the side of the Mohammedan invaders against the civilized elements of the respective host society.

        To report repeatedly on such stories in an objective way would force both the media personnel and their audiences to rethink the issues involved. This would eventually lead Western society to reach a more realistic view of the goals and methods of Islam, thus shattering the carefully built consensus of lies that has so far been clouding the political landscape.

        In many respects, environmental issues are similar to this, with every story being spiked that can’t be printed to fit the narrative of “vicious, greedy industrial corporation vs. pristine nature and the nice humans and cuddly animals who can’t live without it”. The media paradigm for handling these issues may even be thought of as the original template for handling the Islam problem.

        The arrow of causality points from the environmental paradigm to the jihad paradigm due to timing. Environmentalism was ramping up in a big way already in the late ’60s and early ’70s, whereas the Mohammedan world did not have nearly the clout, before the Yom Kippur War of ’73, that it acquired afterwards due to the combination of enhanced oil revenue and the Eurabia accords.

        Environmentalism, of course, is Marxist in it original intellectual foundations, and specifically Soviet Communist in terms of its actual implementation in American society.

        So the 1-2 play in the Western media, from environmentalism to covering for jihad, is yet another example of Diana West’s thesis that the Soviets steamrolled the infiltration superhighway which the Mohammedans later sped down.

        So if you haven’t read in the media about bedbugs, the reason is similar to that for which you haven’t read in the media about multiple Qur’anic passages advocating beheading of infidels, either. To report either story might lead the American people to make better choices in the future regarding those who are to govern them.

        • Thank you for your reply. Back when bedbugs ruled – for almost a year – I found reams of information, news stories, etc., concerning hospitals, hotels, and especially colleges. It was amazing that so much news existed. But the media goes in cycles…and they would wait for information re the real vector – immigrant bodies – to die down before they began reporting it as a middle class problem. They’d cite some of the big NYC hotels who were infested, for instance.

          You have piqued my curiosity, though: when the college came through and treated those two rooms in “The Tower” I don’t know what they used. We went in later and spread diatomaceous earth in the cracks they hadn’t quite spackled – it was a very old, “historic” building. When our son came home for academic breaks, we used the same treatment on his belongings. And our car. In climates like ours, you can at least freeze-kill the adults during the winter.

          It may be that there are bugs of prey who would destroy the bedbugs.

          Here’s the wiki - – still gives me the shivers. The other parents, whose large house was infested by that favorite pillow, had to contract with a pest control company. They were booked solid, but insisted, showing the studies, that they had to come X number of times…I forget now how many that was.

          DE works on the younger bedbugs and you can see they have some predators: nice choice – want bedbugs or roaches?

          This is definitely an immigration-driven plague. If adequate pesticides are illegal I can picture a strong black market.

          • I seem to recall that the best killer of bed bugs is DDT – but I would be glad of the confirmation from anybody knowledgeable!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon Dymphna, nothing like a recurring nightmare to sharpen the get-a-longs.

    Your post answers a question that has been swimming around in my brain on just how long it would take the ‘bugs’ to begin to be noticed now that the Southern Border is open.

    Didn’t take long did it!

    • Ever since that first “amnesty” – was it Bush or does it go back even further? – ever since then the immigration-based communicable diseases have increased exponentially.

      MRSA, anyone?

      Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is a bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. In the community, most MRSA infections are skin infections. In medical facilities, MRSA causes life-threatening bloodstream infections, pneumonia and surgical site infections.That’s become the scourge of hospitals.

      That means if you want to stay healthy, stay out of hospitals, including the Emergency Rooms.

      I remember a healthy young man a few years ago – one of my son’s childhood friends – who had complications with a broken leg, complications due to MRSA. Many of the mentally-ill homeless have it too, along with lice, bedbugs, and resistant tuberculosis.

      Because of the collision between our overly-hygienic 1st world population and those primitive 3rd worlders, this is going to get much worse. This – – is mild in comparison to what’s coming. Given that people with leprosy are being imported into small towns by the State Department in league with major faith-based orgs, there have been reports of people with leprosy working in those hellish meat factories. Get too sick to work and fall on the floor? – the rest of the assembly line moves over you.

      To get a look at what we’re in for – but in more concentrated doses – read Ann Corcoran’s “Refugee Resettlement Watch”. It’s on our sidebar. Spend a few hours in the purgatories she describes. Bought to you via the State Department in league with churches and synagogues and their major funders.

      I wish we had some spine. Say, like Israel, whose “incoming” guests are vetted carefully.

      Notice that most people don’t want immigration. But what we want doesn’t matter and the left is getting more brazen about it, even as they have less contact with those they bring in.

      I recently bought some surgical prep iodine-based soap. I want to keep the good bacteria, but I also want to avoid the endemically dirty world the well-meaning have created over the strong protests of the more intelligent.

      We long ago instituted the habit/rule of not wearing our shoes in the house. It’s safer for everyone that way.

      We are under siege. If you’re like Zuckerman, you can buy your own house and thrown in buying the six houses around you. The rest of us, not possessing his billions, have to learn to live in a more dangerous world.

      • The other aspect of this is of course that now no country, no matter how strictly they uphold their borders against ‘the infected,’ with air travel being so fast the trip often beats the incubation period of the victim – it is only a matter of time before we are all at risk.

        • Those who can afford air travel can usually afford a higher level of health and hygiene than the desperately poor who travel the arid and quite dangerous places by foot in order to walk or swim across the border.

          That said, I’ve no doubt some air travelers may pick up a few guests on the way. But the levels of infestation in, say, Los Angeles, are a grave problem that never could have arisen that way. A few years back I corresponded with a woman who’d arrived here via an H1-B visa to do research in a STEM occupation. Even then, she was appalled by the 3rd world level of filth is some parts of Southern California and said we were going to face high levels of disease and infestation in a few years. She told me that some areas were so thoroughly trashed they were unlivable. She was eventually able to find an employer in Colorado and didn’t look back. Then she married an American – which made her problem moot.

          During the intense immigration of Ellis Island days, delousing was a usual practice.

          • You raise another issue that used to be mandatory policy in those nations that took in the ‘poor’ of the world in a controlled way meant to eliminate any deadly unseen threats. Your Ellis Island and our North Head Quarantine station were prime examples of when government could be trusted to protect the citizenry from unseen killers, that if let loose, could have devastated the indigenous population.

            My, how far we have fallen from a civilization that used to value its own wellbeing.

  5. I am praying and thinking of you. You do not need this
    Hope you are feeling somwhat better.

  6. Thank you for allowing the Baron to travel to the belly of the beast with me. I think he enjoyed the company, as did I. We got important work done.

    Now he is yours again. Thank you for your generosity.

    • Ah, it was good that you and other members of the team organized the necessary expenses for his trip. It allowed him to get out and shine up his venerable Travelin’ Shoes. And maybe the best part was not having to get on a plane for the conference.

      Also, my thanks in return for the wonderful Viennese coffee you sent home with him! Like the Baron does, coffee lights my days – especially when he wakes me up and puts the steaming cup on my side table.

      BTW, for anyone looking for a good excuse to indulge, research now demonstrates that coffee is good for you:
      Not too many gurrl versions of this song, but I found one by Brenda Lee with a fine sax:

      Every morning when the sun comes up,
      He brings me (Viennese) coffee in my favorite cup…

      • The Algerian Coffee Shop in London’s Soho has a poster on the till, with a drawing of a young woman and a caption telling us a man should be like a good cup of coffee: rich, warm and keeps you up all night.

        • There’s an old risqué saying here: “I like my coffee like I like my women — hot and black.” I got bored with that, and composed several alternates:

          Strong and bitter.
          Thick and creamy.
          Rich and sweet.

          I’m sure others are possible.

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