Stand With the Nazarenes

Frank Gaffney of the Center for Security Policy sent us the following email this morning:

I just left a meeting with a Senior Congressman on Capitol Hill.

The information I received from that meeting astounded me. The first thing I’ve done is sit down and write you this email … the information is that important.

The Congressman and I were speaking about matters of national security. The conversation naturally turned to the Islamic State (also referred to as ISIS or ISIL) and the threat it poses. As we were talking, I explained the tragic use of the Arabic “N” on Christian houses … and the Congressman had no idea what I was speaking about. Once I was done explaining this, he told me he was positive few Americans are aware of this as well.

Today alone, Islamic State jihadists will kill 100 or more Christians in Iraq and Syria. They are attempting to commit genocide against Christians. Now, you know me. I rarely discuss religion. But this isn’t about religion as you’ll soon read.

The Islamic State has an efficient method to their extermination practices. They send “scout” troops into villages who identify and mark Christian homes with the Arabic letter “N” — which is shorthand for “Nasrani,” or Nazarene: a Christian. The commando brigade follows shortly, and offers anyone who remains in these homes the choice of convert, submit or die. If the jihadists opt for the latter, the usual methods include crucifixion or beheading — even of children!

The symbol I’m speaking about looks like this:

When I asked the Congressman why he thought he hadn’t heard about this practice, he said something to me that was startling in its simplicity. “They’re beheading journalists. As a result no journalist will go into this area to report, for fear of meeting the same fate.” As much as I typically blame a left-leaning media for the lack of important information … I realized he was right. The Islamic State has ensured they can conduct their Christian genocide in secret.

The reason: Islamic State jihadists are headed here. They do not want Americans to know what is in store for us.

The point the Congressman left me with was this:

If the media is too scared to report on, or lacks information to inform the public about these atrocities, it’s up to CSP to get the message out. He was adamant that the organizations who care most about America must inform Americans about this horror.

He wants to work with me to make sure that this symbol becomes THE SYMBOL for fighting terrorists. I’ve been wearing a pin (see the image at right) with this symbol on it since we received them only days ago, to show solidarity with Christians and to indicate that I will not let America fall into the hands of terrorists.

I know you’re aware of the reports of Islamic State training grounds on the Mexican border. I know you’re probably aware of the reports of Islamic State sleeper cells that exist across this country. I believe these reports are credible and the threat is real and imminent. You and I are the exception. The average American doesn’t know and isn’t prepared to fight.

Please help me change that. Wear this pin with me and use it as a way to start a conversation. Give this pin to others. Help me make this symbol a household name, and ensure Americans know the enemy we fight.

This Congressman plans to wear one, and help me distribute the pin to other Members of Congress. Given my full schedule, this is no small task. But it’s essential.

For a small, tax deductible donation we will send you one or more pins. Please use this link to connect to the donation page and see the options available. It was expensive to get them made on short notice — but frankly, we just couldn’t wait. Please donate to get one for you and a handful for friends. Help us inform America of the terror that awaits if we don’t take action.

With best regards and heartfelt thanks for your love of our country and your help in securing it.

Frank Gaffney
President and CEO
Center for Security Policy

21 thoughts on “Stand With the Nazarenes

  1. Frank says:

    ‘I just left a meeting with a Senior Congressman on Capitol Hill.

    The information I received from that meeting astounded me. The first thing I’ve done is sit down and write you this email … the information is that important’.

    Your post caught my immediate attention. I was ‘Like wow’ we are finally going to hear something of such overwhelming importance I need to catch the next bus to join the army to rush to defend America. Instead it appears to be a call to purchase lapel pins.

    I’m already aware of IS identifying Christian homes similar to how the Nazis identified Jews and Jewish homes and businesses.

    Come on Frank! You think wearing these pins is going to rid America of the pro-islam thugs occupying the White House?

    Did this mysterious ‘Senior Congressman’ have ideas on this subject? Why isn’t he out there advocating for the removal of the malevolent evil represented by Obama and Holder?


  2. PS: My first reaction on seeing the pin was that if I saw someone wearing it I might think the wearer was a moslem supporting the identification of Christians for slaughter.

    • I agree. Not many people in this country (US) know Arabic. I recognize this word only because I consider myself part of the counterjihad and learn all I can about Islam to better educate others in my quest to help prevent the Islamization of America. If I wore this pin where I live, most people would not ask me what it meant, and would assume that I am in support of something Arabic or Islamic. Which to me, would be awful. So I will not buy or wear this pin.

  3. This is a repeat of Burger King’s Allah ice-cream swirl; see
    These decorative lapel and brooch buttons are just
    an attempt by mercenary ‘jew’elry makers to capitalize on
    the typography of the Quran, just to insult Allah again
    with a simplified swirl that allegedly refers to the Prophet’s
    predecessor Isa. Get ready for rioting in Rawalpindi.

  4. I bought one before thinking. I thought it would show support for Christians
    under the sword of ISIS. So, Frank, what will the proceeds of the sale of
    the pins be used for? You didn’t say. I hope not for your personal gain.

    Whatever the case, I will wear it in support of Christians in the Middle East.
    It kinda looks like a fraternity pledge pin.

  5. pretty amazing answers here .. if the jihadis painted a
    icon on the side of your house the marked you for death
    maybe you would pay attention without the [redacted] word play ..

  6. I think we must look at this from the average US ‘front room’ (there is probably a different name in US English but the room where one sits and watches the TV).

    The media has told us about the Israeli genocide of Palestinians as if it were a fact, but as the Congressman is ‘unaware’ of the reality of the genocide of Christians in Muslim lands (it is not just in the IS Caliphate, it is in Nazareth and Bethlehem and all over as well), then how can Joe average know? This is the revelation…..

    The pink ribbon campaign was very effective at raising awareness, and Mr. Gaffney has actually DONE SOMETHING, so let us support him rather than criticize him, even if it is not something we would normally do.

    People who read GoV are natural dissenters, but there is also a time to stand together and SUPPORT those CJ activists who are trying to get the message out, not question their motives.

    We too have a ‘struggle’ and everybody needs to contribute to it, if you don’t want to buy a badge (button), or write an article, or join the IDF 🙂 , then give the cash to GoV, they need it too!

  7. The Arabic “N” makes the point more effectively when the dot at the top is replaced by a tiny cross. I’ve seen it, and it conveys the message far better than the “N” as above.

  8. Astounding news my a**e. I think most of the GoV readership has been well aware of the N situation for some weeks now. I think it came from one of ESW’s posts. I,too, would like to know where the proceeds are going. Sounds like something I could wear when I return to England in a few weeks.

  9. I agree with the many commenters on this thread who appear surprised that Gaffney and his pet Congressman seem to think that this is some earth-shattering revelation. I have seen regular media reports about the marking of Christian occupied houses in Iraq with the Arabic letter ‘n’ by IS.* These reports have come from sources as diverse as Al Jazeera, Russia Today (I watch RT when I want a laugh !) and ITN (ITN is the UK based ‘Independent Television News’ which is the news service for the main independant/commercial TV channel in the UK – ITV). I cannot comment if BBC News has covered this as although I will have the odd dose of RT watching BBC News is going a step too far !

    The point I am getting too is firstly all active anti-jihadists are well aware of this so it is no revelation to us. Secondly if Gaffney (who I know very little about) thinks this is unknown to most US citizens is the US TV News services even worse than I thought they were ! We (in the UK) hear horror stories about US News coverage. Is it that bad ?

    * I suspect that Christian occupied homes in Syria in the IS controlled area are probably marked in the same way. We don’t know because there is little independant media reporting from the IS ‘Syrian Caliphate’. It is even more media hostile than Obama’s White House !!

    • For all those that don’t know Frank Gaffney, he runs the Center for Security Policy (CSP) and has been fighting this war for years. He is one of THE major counter-jihad leaders with access to US Congressmen and Senators.

      The CSP sponsors the excellent Stephen Coughlin (worked for the Pentagon analyzing the Soviet, then later, the Islamic threat doctrine – before the Muslim Brotherhood folks at the White House noticed he was alerting people to the truth, and had him kicked out of the Pentagon), Claire Lopez and many other great people.

      So, just buy the damn pin, and wear it please. You know how you would have liked to have done something to save those wearing the Yellow Star of David from the Nazis? well, this is *your* chance to do so for Christians currently experience an Islam-initiated Holocaust in the Middle East.

      All you need is a few bucks, some personal courage, and a little bit of knowledge to explain what the pin is for if someone asks (which *is* the point).

      • The US news refuses to call terrorists “Islamic” terrorists. They follow Obama’s lead. Some Arab countries have requested arms to help them fight ISIS, but this administration hasn’t sent the first bullet to help. The US news media, except for Fox, refuses to acknowledge the killing of Christians in that area. The US new refuses to discuss Christian children are being crucified, beheaded, and burned alive by ISIS. After the 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians were beheaded on a beach in Tripoli, our President went on a “golfing vacation” in California. The fact that Obama’s main advisor in the White House ( Valerie Jarrett) is Iranian is worrisome, but he also put many members of the Muslim Brotherhood in key positions throughout his administration causes even more concern.

  10. It is great to hear that some people in the West are actually doing something to save Christians of the Middle East from being slaughtered.

  11. Delighted to see the coverage of this issue on your website. As an Englishman who lived for several enjoyable years in a tolerant Arab country, I was at first delighted to find that some arabs would refer to me as a Nazarene (Nazrani), it made me feel as one with the early christians. There is a large arab population in London and quite a few Londoners who understand Arabic. I shall be proud to wear the badge and be pleased to explain, to those who ask, the sinister application of this emblem today and that for me it indicates my own solidarity with the oppressed. Whether I shall be bold enough to wear it when I next visit an arab country I have yet to decide.

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