7 thoughts on “Smite At Their Necks!

  1. And perhaps a wallet-sized signed and laminated death wish?

    Full disclosure: I hate this post. But before I could even make my opinion known, several people had retweeted it. So I’m stuck with my PTSD aftershocks…

  2. perfect ..need these signs almost everywhere in the UK ..
    great for t-shirts. great idea vlad .. as we all know, vlad is truly
    ‘da’ man’ ..
    also love this classy, heroic web site, gov ..

  3. Great graphic. An evocative reminder of 47:4 and 5:33 (almost didn’t notice the opposite-sides appendage severings). But what are those rectangular shapes protruding from the infidels’ torsos? They both obviously deserve what they got: the woman’s skirt is too short, and the man’s trousers are too long (see
    for the text, “Click To Enlarge”).

  4. I want to say it’s a good image. However, given the daily horror inflicted on the populations by the Jihadists we did not want to laugh or even smile. As this type of image is not used to hide the truth or to sanitize reality, I’m for.

  5. I agree this is a bad idea. This type of thinking results in a slanging match between he said/she said and results in an excavation of nastiness. We have the truth. We don’t need to poke fun, lighten up a horrific message, or start arguments. Stick to yelling the same message from every roof top: watch out – YOUR future is on the line!

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