Renounce the Sharia!

Geert Wilders, the leader of the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands, has proposed that people who reside in the Netherlands but hold passports from an Islamic country be required to sign a declaration renouncing sharia.

Here’s the report from De Telegraaf. Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation:

Wilders wants to introduce an anti-Sharia Declaration

THE HAGUE – Anyone who has a passport from an Islamic country in addition to a Dutch passport must, if PVV leader Geert Wilders has any say in it, sign an anti-Sharia declaration. He will propose that on Wednesday during the general political debate, he announced on Tuesday.

According to Wilders, the declaration should state that they do not want to introduce Sharia (Islamic law) in the Netherlands, and that they repudiate all the violent passages in the Koran. “If they don’t do that then as far as I’m concerned there is no place for them in the Netherlands. Sharia is hate. We can’t have hundreds of thousands of people in the Netherlands who want to introduce the Sharia. You have to accept Dutch democracy and renounce the Sharia. I want them to come out and publicly declare that.”


Wilders referred once again to a recent survey by Motivaction, showing that 73 percent of Muslims called jihad fighters heroes. According to him this is unacceptable.


The PVV leader acknowledged that Dutch people who have converted to Islam and who do not feel the same way, would not have to sign such a declaration. “This is indeed a problem, we don’t register people by faith here.” It’s enough, he feels, for only those people who have a passport from an Islamic country and live in the Netherlands. “It isn’t perfect.”

Idiotic plan

During the Nieuwsuur current affairs TV program on Tuesday, Deputy Prime Lodewijk Asscher said that Wilders talks about Muslims in the same way hate-mongers do. “He says the same as the recruiters, that the only true Muslim is a jihadist. While we know that’s not true.” Minister Edith Schippers (Health) told TV presenter Pauw during his program that of course she wants nothing to do with Wilders’ idiotic and unrealistic plan.

Earlier in the day, PvdA chairman Hans Spekman had written on his Facebook page that it was precisely because of the comments made by Wilders that hate spreads to our streets. Spekman is “especially sick of hearing how many people are cast in a negative light every time.”

Hat tip: Andy Bostom.

22 thoughts on “Renounce the Sharia!

  1. You know, it’s one of those things. If you don’t agree with Sharia, you would say so without any requirement. I think it’s abhorrent and I say so. But I’m lucky enough to live in America.

    Geert is trying but it won’t go far because his country is already on the teetering edge of being over-run with sharia and maybe it has already happened. Most of Europe is doomed if they don’t start deporting these people back to their own pee-soaked desert lands, where they are comfortable and with like-minded savages.

    The only reason we in America are still “okay” is because it’s a big country and the number of muslims is still relatively small. At least that is how I see it and I know Dearbornistan disproves my argument.

    It brings me to despair, the world as it is.

    • Deportation is the only answer. Remember, that lying is required of Muslims if in so doing it furthers the global Caliphate.
      So one cannot accept as the true intent of any Muslim that they will renounce all desires, impulses, actions, that have their fulfillment in the imposition of Sharia.

    • “The only reason we in America are still “okay” is because it’s a big country…”

      Perhaps, but we also have an armed populace, unlike England.

      No Rotherhams here without a bloodbath.

      • Look at the number of Muslim Brotherhood in the White House. How many staffers hit the pagan worship floor matts daily. Any koran follower exclusive facilities. How many red flag the kufar compliant costumes can be seen. Any Christian or other authentic symbols removed or covered up – etc etc etc

    • Did you realize that Obama doubled the number of Muslims allowed to immigrate here?
      Someone has predicted that when the history of the Obama presidency is known, his importation of Muslims will stand out more than his healthcare changes.

  2. This is going to give the PVV opponents ammunition – but as Mariadee says have no practical impact because a muslim can lie to an infidel or kafir if its good for Sharia.

    I have a great respect for Wilders – but if he keep calm the PVV can be the biggest political party. If they do he can Change – for real – not Obama style.

    Get the message out – the numbers are staggering: 73 percent of Muslims called jihad fighters heroes. Let that sink in for a silent moment with the average tax-payer – and the votes will come in.

    As a Norwegian with a lot of unpolitical middle class friends more conserned with planning their next weekend in Barcelona, and for years worried about my country, I’m literary told to shut up when telling about the gruesome facts behind the immigration: crime, the cost, our culture dwindling in the name of multiculturalisme, etc etc. Do not spoil our moods the brainwashed tell me. Even my sister. Barcelona is waiting.

    But now – its different! IS have opened the middle class’s minds to what actually is happening – and through this door I deliver the facts and my worries. I’ve been patients, updated myself – and for now a silent awakening is happening. Something is on the move.

    I hope for the best.

    I hope for the best.

    • And it is people like you who take the time to consider what is really going on around them and who are prepared to speak out about their concerns that is aiding our fight against self-imposed ignorance and just plain cowardice.

      It may also surprise you that if given the go ahead to have Muslims in Holland sign a declaration to repudiate the Sharia, that not many will take up that challenge, because using taqiyya against the infidel to further the jihad is one thing, but signing a document that actually refutes Islamic doctrine is quiet another.

  3. You are not alone in your despair. I am right there with you and there are many, many others. Hence I have taken up the Evan Sayet campaign to ‘adopt a liberal.’ What you do is gentle convert one liberal at a time to see the light. I’m also trying to get a volunteer post with the GOP in Texas – but I cannot get them to even respond to a phone call or email. It is uphill, so today I also volunteered to work for Wendy Davis (for governor campaign), she is a real putz who has, or wants to have, blood on her hands, but I figure if I can convert one of her supporters it will be good.

  4. It’s way past bedtime for the mad muslims. The west has knowingly opened the biggest house of psycho lunatics the world has ever known into their homes, living rooms, schools and nurseries. The choices aren’t difficult anymore.

    • I live in a constant state of despair for America, Europe and all of Western civilization.
      I still cannot fathom how this all started…..

  5. Once again we see that even the comparatively mild prescriptions & proscriptions advocated by someone concerned about the problem of Islam gets branded as being tantamount to the extreme position. Thus:

    Deputy Prime Lodewijk Asscher said that Wilders talks about Muslims in the same way hate-mongers do. “He says the same as the recruiters, that the only true Muslim is a jihadist. While we know that’s not true.”

    In fact, Wilders takes pains to not paint Muslims with a total brush; and his proposal to have Muslims sign an anti-Sharia document shows he is comparatively mild, compared with those few of us who advocate total deportation. In this vein, one wonders:

    Wilders referred once again to a recent survey by Motivaction, showing that 73 percent of Muslims called jihad fighters heroes. According to him this is unacceptable.

    Does Wilders think that simply by signing a piece of anti-Sharia paper, this alarming percentage would magically decrease?

    • Hesperado, I believe the point of the exercise in Wilders thinking is that he knows there will be very few Muslims who take up the opportunity to renounce Sharia, which in effect is renouncing Islam. And that is the purpose of the exercise, because it then exposes them for what they are and for why they are there.

      • Such written attestations are the essential first step in rooting out Muslims, who in the simplest manifestation are unassimilable. Shariah is fundamentally inconsistent with, say, the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Shariah would be an automatic prohibition on the free exercise of religion. Killing Muslims who leave Islam tends to do that. Such murder, legal under shariah, would be murder under U.S. law. Subjecting those who refuse to attest rids us of Muslims on the basis of refusal to accept our laws. Those who agree to renounce shariah must be required to declare that the Koran is subordinate to our law.

        The preposterous and savage parts of Islam must be identified BY US and made unacceptable to advocate or comply with. For non-compliance there must be summary deportation, deportation, deportatuon, depirtation, and loss of citizenship.

        We can get serious about this loathsome political dagger pointed at the heart of our civilizatuon, or we can continue to pretend that we’re dealing with some kind of “faith” that the moon calf Karen Armstrong and Pres. Twinkletoes can swoon over.

  6. Let the live by their sharia law but when they try to force it on us all then they need to return to where they came from

  7. New world order crisis

    Is there any new world order mastermind somewhere behind all these crisis we are seeing everywhere?

    The My muslim faith Golfer, we know, is favorable of what he calls the new world order. Would this new world order happen to be sharia? In that case, no wonder that all economies are slowing down to “no interest rate” levels.

    • reply, I would put two opinions loosely based on what I know to you:

      1. I think the NWO people have made a huge mistake in trying to flood the West with Islam.

      2. The imposts of the NWO on the West, particularly in Europe, is causing ‘separatism’ to break out. If the Scots vote Yes in a few hours to become an independent nation, then I think a snowballing effect will occur in other parts of Europe, specifically in Spain, but then in other places that would then cause the collapse of the EU.

      But until the lapse of time, who really knows?

  8. Wilders would do much better if he would change his proposal a bit: anyone who wants to join jihad, just go ahead. (You cannot stop determined persons anyway, and those that you can: do you really want that?) However, by doing that you loose automatically your Dutch nationality – if you have two or more. And if you only hold a Dutch passport: you will automatically loose support from the Dutch government while on jihad and social benefits (in case you return alive).

  9. Here’s a better idea:

    Just deport anyone with dual Dutch / muslim country citizenship. Why give them the chance to lie to your face.? Having dual citizenship with a muslim country is proof enough of treasonous intent.

  10. I note the despair in many of these posts. For me, that set in when I read the responses of Geert’s political contemporaries. Don’t these red biggots realise what is happening? Some of them have daughters. Do their daughters have to be gang raped before these people understand what will happen to their country?

    It’s an uphill battle.

  11. Peter,

    The “elite” want the Kalifate. This is their biggest [fervent desire]. I wonder why nobody is asking why Isis is now executing Brits? Obama and the CIA control ISIS. Cameron is lukewarm to using the RAF in Syria after Parliament refused his request a year ago.

    Perhaps the beheadings will stop if Cameron agrees to send in Tornado bombers? The Belt Way thugs don’t like uncooperative allies.

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