Muslim Paedophile Pakistani Rapists

In his latest video editorial, Paul Weston minces no words about what happened in Rotherham — unlike the media reporters, the pundits, and all major political leaders, who are scared to death of mentioning JIM.

Caveat: Mr. Weston is impassioned about what is happening in Rotherham, and slips into some salty language as a result:

Paul Weston is a British-based writer who focuses on the damage done to Western Civilisation by the hard left’s ongoing cultural revolution, which seeks to destroy the Christian, capitalist and racial base of the West. He is the leader of Liberty GB, his website may be found here, and his political Facebook page here. For links to his previous essays, see the Paul Weston Archives.

24 thoughts on “Muslim Paedophile Pakistani Rapists

  1. Yes indeed Baron, Mr. Weston got a little wound up didn’t he! And who can blame him!

    Just one little nitpick with Mr. Weston’s oration when mentioning the beach south of Sydney, where that so called ‘riot’ occurred back in December, 2005.

    The beach is called Cronulla and unlike Mr. Weston’s pronouncement of it as Cronoola, it is pronounced Cro – null – ah.

    Just thought I’d set the record straight. (smile)

    • Nemesis,
      Yes, the Cronulla riots, although significant by Australian standards, were rather minor affairs compared to Ferguson or the recent UK disaster. Of course the official explanation is “White racism”, the unofficial explanation is that the Muslims attempted to Islamise the local beaches and were taught a lesson.
      If Mr Weston, or anyone in the UK, needs an example of the appropriate way to deal with Muslim rape gangs, he should note the sentences, given by a Sydney court, to the Skaf brothers and their accomplices in 2002. The ring leader is eligible for parole in 2035.

      • What has been largely forgotten about that ‘riot’ Old Man, is the three nights after, when the Muslims from the Lakemba Mosque terrorized Maroubra and surrounding suburbs after sunset, while police were restrained in just ‘monitoring’ the many vehicles heading out to the Eastern Suburbs full of young angry and hateful Muslim males.

        Many Australians landed in hospital simply for being out on the street where the Muslim thugs beat them up, one young Aussie male getting a knife in his back for protecting his girlfriend from the mongrels.

        Baseball bats and knuckle dusters were the rage for those three nights as the Muslims ‘avenged’ their ‘brothers’ who were targeted during the incident now known as the Cronulla Riot.

        For sheer violence and property damage to hundreds of parked motor vehicles and businesses that occurred over those three nights there is just no comparison in Australian history.

        Islam makes bad neighbors!

        • Western leaders are evil. They have deliberately colonised our nations with muslims who are commanded by the Quran to wage jihad against non-muslims – commit atrocities, barbaric mass murders; gang rape and take infidel women and children for sex-slaves.

          Western ruling elites ALLOW muslims to violently physically and sexually attack our people. They refuse to prevent future rivers of blood running in our streets.

          Prevent future mass genocides of non-muslims. Repatriate muslims.
          END the HOSTILE MUSLIM OCCUPATION of BRITAIN, EUROPE and other Western nations.

      • My hunch is that right now, Rotherham style exploitation of young teenaged girls is going on in major Australian cities, perpetrated by Sikh, sorry typo, Jewish, sorry another typo, Buddhist, sorry I can’t seem to type this correctly: Muslim men.

  2. Well said Mr. Weston. It is shocking but sadly unsurprising to those of us who have woken up.
    I cannot understand the political and police inaction on this problem. It must come from the top…and to what end? What is the motivation?
    Dangerous and disturbing this is.
    Enoch Powell hit it right on the head all those years ago.
    ‘Rivers of blood”
    Coming very soon.
    There is no co-existence with this cancer.
    If not cut out now it will have spread too far and kill the host.

  3. Where are the police? Where is the state?
    The Brits consider us “cowboys” over here because of our guns. Maybe in the end it won’t matter. But at least we have a chance! If the Brits let hundreds of young girls get RAPED because they decide that is better than being called a racist and better for “social cohesion” then so be it. Not going to happen here. Social Cohesion in Britain demands that white girls be served up on a serving tray! And for this they survived the Blitz?

    • With you tedh. Call me old fashioned, but the fathers need to avenge what happened to their daughters at the hands of the rape jihadis.

      • Unfortunately very few of the girls had fathers to habd, and those that did, their fathers appear to have been threatened or ‘fobbed off’ by the police and local authorities…..

        Gorgeous George got his well deserved comuppance, but someone will go to prison for it because the law is an ass, especially in a land ruled by donkeys.

  4. I think the readers here may underestimate what these gangs are doing. They are not simply rape gangs. As Gavin Boby points out, the things they do are not what your standard rapists do. For example, rapists do not normally nail a girl’s tongue to a table (as these gangs do sometimes). This is about pure destruction, driven by a hatred for the non-muslim. Yes, it is rape, but it is far more, because it comes from a far deeper wellspring of hatred and justification of violence upon the victim.

    You could say that this is a rape Jihad. That would be closer to the truth. Remember also that the entire community has not only sheltered, but encouraged these pakistanis to target these infidel girls as a form of Islamic conquest. This is not just rape, that is the only point I want to make. It is far more sinister, far more dangerous.

  5. Sigh…

    Yes Mr. Weston, this is an outrage and it is happening all over the world. If the UK politicians can’t get together and make heads roll, your country is lost.

    What happened to the dignity of the British citizen?

    While I understand that Mr. Weston represents a fledgling political party and, I respect him very much, UKIP is the way to go. The sooner the British people become involved with UKIP the greater the potential for them to make a difference in the direction of the party.

    I think it was the Daily Mail which had a headline “180 will be rounded up in Manchester”. That sounded good to me until I read on and learned that the 180 would be rounded up BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!! What kind of nonsense is this and the comments to the article reflected it. One commenter asked if the police were going to send out letters to the effect, “Dear Sir, we will be bringing you in on charges in November.” How absurd is this? The criminals will flee back to Pakistan. Unless the UK is willing to cancel their citizenship they will come back when the heat has died down.

    And, quite frankly, I think all the talk of stripping citizenship is just that, political, feel good talk. Let the sheeple think “We are really upset this time!” We will soon learn that all the bold talk is legally impossible, mark my words.

    Are the powers that be so inept that they would telegraph to felony criminals their intent months in advance? Or, are the political entities so entrenched in vote buying that they will do anything to suppress this scandal? I am sorry to say that I think it is the latter and that many minds are working overtime both on the political level but also the civil service level to RETAIN THEIR JOBS no matter what the malfeasance.

    Working for a western gov’t has become so lucrative as compared to the private sector that the “body” as a whole will sacrifice their own to retain their perks and status.

    That is why I say get involved in UKIP and help direct this political party. It seems to me that it is the most promising vehicle for a return to sanity in the UK.

    If any of our UK readers have another opinion, I would certainly like to hear it.

    • Your anger jumps off the page Babs, and rightly so. But what needs to be considered in all of this is the infiltration of Muslims into positions of authority and power within Britain. They now make decisions from the Crown Prosecution Service to deliberately target white Britons who publicly ‘blaspheme’ the name of Islam to causing hindering tactics within the police forces, government and its agencies, whenever Muslims are caught in the spotlight.

      In short, they are controlling the narrative.

      Their very positions within places of authority are deliberately undermining the complete British system and there appears no one on the immediate horizon who really appreciates that for the destruction those Muslims are doing to bring Britain into line with Sharia Law and the eventual demise of the Westminster system of government.

      While the arrest of those now implicated in this particular Jihad should all be rudely awaken at 3am by a number of thuggish police ready to mete out their own brand of justice before hauling them off to the police station for charging – as would have been done only 30 years ago – prosecuting those responsible is really only chipping away at the far greater problem which is the clear and present danger of the Muslim with authority who is now able to exercise that authority over those who once cherished their freedoms to the point that they went to war to fight for it.

      That is a danger that many are not appreciating.

      • “While the arrest of those now implicated in this particular Jihad should all be rudely awaken at 3am by a number of thuggish police ready to mete out their own brand of justice before hauling them off to the police station for charging – as would have been done only 30 years ago”

        And as still happens if you are a white British Christian, if you are very lucky you will not here about the search of your home until after the BBC and other press have been notified so they can be there to record the whole thing for posterity.

  6. One small thing. Nigel Farage’s silence on this issue might be a tactic. Muslims in the UK have a bloc vote and if a politician is identifed as anti islam, that would be used against him (or her), along with various forms of electoral fraud for which they are unlikely to be called to account.

    It is possible that Nigel is waiting until after the 2015 general election before moving against islam. If so, it is the sensible thing to do. Do not expect Cameron, Clogg or Millilitre to speak out against islam. I suspect they have already taken the emir’s shilling.

  7. I wonder when the little girl will be raped, that will be the rape that ignited retribution to, and repatriation of, the barbarians they allowed inside their gates? How many child rapes must occur, Brits, before you become “mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore?!”

    Ask your grandfathers what they would do if they were younger, and were seeing these muslim child rapes going on? They’ll teach you how to go about it! You’ve got the numbers now! Don’t wait until you are in the minority, because then you’ll all be the hunted.

    • yes,PH, I am a grandfather with a long ago military training and these events make me think of ,say, baseball bats or even little sweets the size of 7.62 mm or more.
      Where are the Brits I knew when I was young? In a german football stadium, 6 british military police sufficed to keep a mob of british football hooligans at bay.They walked toward them in an easy pace and you could see them run like hens.Why?

  8. 1,400 rape victims committed by Rotherham’s 8,000 Muslim population. How many rapes committed by Britain’s 3,000,000+ Muslim population?

  9. The news this morning carried an item about a 2004 report about the abuse which was going on in Rotherham. It was submitted to the Home Office, yet no action was taken in response to it, nothing.
    This is the same government department, which made it a priority to increase the proportion of its employees from ethnic minorities to 20%. It has even exceeded its own target, as there are now 38% of those employed who are from ethnic minorities.
    This is where the priorities of the Home Office lie: ensuring some insane quota of representation for immigrants and their children. Instead of preventing the nationwide sexual abuse of generations of English children. It is not a new phenomenon, and has being going on since the 1970’s, as lawandfreedomfoundation report revealed.

  10. On BBC Radio 4’s “You and Yours” ‘phone-in today, on this subject, an early contributor made the point about the problem being Muslim misogyny, and was not censored.

    This was not followed up until near the end, when a caller made the point that there is also a cultural dimension relating to Kashmiris’ attitudes in particular.

  11. ISIS savages took thousands of Yazidi and Christian women and children for sex slaves. Sex-slavery of infidels is taught in the Quran. For decades, Muslims have taken sex-slaves in Britain. Thank you so very, very much Mr. Weston for speaking for the children. Until I take my last breath on this earth I will be forever grateful to you and the English Defence League.

    UK leaders knew about the satanic crimes against children. Desperate child sex-slave victims begged the authorities for help and were ignored. Along with the dirty, demonic inhuman, violent sex-slaver muslim monsters, UK ruling elites are also monsters and barbarians.

  12. This terrible evil has been known about for decades. Every day I am grieved and angry over EVIL UK ruling elites – politicians, police, social services and the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) who ALLOWED this to happen to England’s defenseless, terrorized children. Along with the dirty, demonic inhuman, savage gang-raping, torturing, sex-slaver muslim monsters – the SPAWN OF SATAN; UK ruling elites are also barbarians and monsters.

    Desperate sex-slave child victims begged the authorities for help and were ignored. The children lived in a TERRIFYING adult world where no one would help them. NO ONE.

    Once the children have been able to escape from their dreadful sex-slavery at the hands of the SONS OF THE DEVIL, their lives have been permanently altered. The destruction is enormous and life-long. As adults, their relationships will be affected. They will make many wrong decisions because their will and choice had been taken away from them for years. They will never be healed. The pain, terror, fear and agony in their hearts will live forever.

    Within years, it’s reported that Britain and Europe will become muslim majority countries ruled by muslims. The ONLY way we can prevent massive gang rapes, massive sex-slavery, tortures, beheadings, atrocities and barbaric mass murders in Britain and Europe, like Iraq, is to repatriate all muslims back to their countries now.

    Major jihad is coming to Britain and Europe. FORM DEFENSE GROUPS.

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