Love and Death in Ontario

This excerpt from Brian Lilley’s program on SUN TV discusses an honor violence case, and also the death of a young “Canadian” mujahid fighting for ISIS in Syria.

The latter story presents the first known Mohammed Coefficient of 300%: the Somali man killed in Syria was named Mohamud Mohamed Mohamud. That’s one for the Guinness Book of World Jihad Records.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for uploading this video:

4 thoughts on “Love and Death in Ontario

  1. Every mosque everywhere is preaching hatred of the West and its values. This is an Information War and the mosques are white ant nests and their imams are the white ants.

    The only solution is pesticide!

  2. How about deporting the convicts on the basis that their visas or whatever sham was used for entry was…a sham. Not speak the language? Why are there in Canada in the first place? They have been determined to have antithetical values and the chance they will integrate culturally approaches zero. The crimes for which they have been convicted should make them deportable on the basis that they are not adhering to Canadian laws and therefore are undesirables.

    I am writing as a US citizen, and have the exact same sense of infuriated outrage that here we also tolerate criminal acts without implementing the self-evidently appropriate remedy of removal. This failure to protect ourselves from entitled, misogynistic, too-frequently violent visitors from Islamic cultures is suicidal on our part, and will eventually have to be met with blood in the gutters when we do begin self-defense. Either that or a rapid slide into shariah-domination with all that that brings with it. I fear curses from our children as they discover what we allowed to happen to our Western nations.

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