I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

MC returns with a sardonic look at equality, harmony, and other magic ponies of the Modern Multicultural New World Order.

I’d like to teach the world to sing…
by MC

In perfect harmony. Didn’t we get that thrust down our throats?

But it does raise some questions, such as: Who is the ‘I’ there? In answer to my own question, we now have a major religion, a powerful religion, that worships the god of ‘equality’ and ‘harmony’ (but of course the believers are more equal than non-believers, and those believers are the ‘I’ because they define the harmony), but those who create disharmony are the enemy, because creating disharmony is the ultimate in crime and terrorism.

At best ‘equality’ is an assumption based on moral relativity. It means that one must shut one’s eyes to history and limit discernment to the here and the now. Yesterday Hamas fired missiles at Israeli children; today Israel killed Gazan children in retaliation. It’s simple, stupid: those Joooos create disharmony so they are in the wrong; Muslims are the long term victims of Judeo-Christian exploitation (enforced inequality); therefore we must restore equilibrium by blaming the Joooos wherever we find them etc., etc.

In the science lab in school we had old-fashioned balances in wooden cases for weighing substances and things, and using the balance was quite a skill in itself. After each addition of weights or substance, one had to wait for the swinging to subside. To get to a state of equilibrium could take hours so one learned to average out the swing to save time.

As the weights added got smaller and smaller they became harder to manipulate as well, and the tiny ones had to be manipulated with tweezers and seemed to take on a life of their own and fight back.

It took an incredible amount of work to get a balance, so we rationalized and weighed stuff to the nearest gram, which took a fraction of the time.

In Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado there is a passage that goes:

The billiard sharp whom any one catches,
    His doom’s extremely hard —
        He’s made to dwell —
        In a dungeon cell
    On a spot that’s always barred.
And there he plays extravagant matches
    In fitless finger-stalls
        On a cloth untrue,
        With a twisted cue
    And elliptical billiard balls!

        My object all sublime
        I shall achieve in time
    To let the punishment fit the crime —
            The punishment fit the, crime;
        And make each prisoner pent
        Unwillingly represent
    A source of innocent merriment!
            Of innocent merriment!

Creating equality in a society is like trying to achieve a balance where not only are the weights of variable mass, but they also get up and walk around. So one must bind and gag them, to make sure that any ‘equality’ at all can be achieved. Better still, eliminate the ones that won’t co-operate.

They shout their triumph, loud and clear, “look we have achieved a fair and equal society” when all they have actually done is to create a drone society of the lowest common denominator. Like the fate of the “billiard sharp”, outcomes become less predictable rather than more predictable.

When we start social engineering, unless we have the knowledge of a God, then there are unintended consequences, and a quick look around the world shows us what 25 years of moral relativity and worship at the altar of ‘equality’ have produced.

President Reagan had a set of values (as did Margaret Thatcher). between them they held back the tide of moral relativity for a few years, for good or ill. Subsequent incumbents at the White House and Downing Street were proponents of ‘equality’ and ‘rationality’. Saudis flew aeroplanes into the Twin Towers, so we invaded Iraq. Is this rational?

And now we have the Islamic State. Do they practice equality?

The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant culture achieved an enviable dominance for several hundred years. Instead of asking Why? (because the answer is unpalatable), moral relativists assume that it is undeserved and random, based upon geographical evolution rather than theological rationality; it cannot possibly be due to the fact that the society in question sought to straighten the cloth, untwist the cue and round the balls can it?

All we can rationally achieve is equality before the law, and equality of opportunity. One must then step back and let nature do the rest. We sink or swim based upon our own best endeavors. There are times when ‘trial and error’ is superior to scientific rationalism, especially when the ‘science’ concerned has to also conform to the dictates of the religion of equality. Trial and error implies learning from history, to try and understand what works (and by implication, what does not work) and to try and understand why. Every process has a set of rules, if we abide by the rules, the process works, if we change the rules the process crashes. An aeroplane will always fly if the wings/rotor blades are travelling through the air at an angle of attack and velocity that is enough to generate the required lift. Change the speed, the angle of attack or the weight/lift and the plane will react to the change up to the point where it ceases to fly.

A trained pilot flies the plane by making changes to the flight variables, changes that he knows will keep the aeroplane flying. Put an untrained person in the cockpit and one can only hope against hope that he changes nothing critical.

So what is harmonious about Islam? Why is it the exception?

I can only speculate that Islam, as a religion of extreme violence, it is seen as a sledgehammer, where the nut is Judeo-Christianity disharmony. The murder of Christians (and to a lesser extent Jews) is being studiously ignored, but the murder of Yazidi receives front page coverage (and military action). Whilst not minimizing in any way the dire fate of the Yazidi, where is the similar horror for the Christian victims of IS? Is it because Christians are boring, news-wise, or because they are the intended target? This latter proposition is the only theory that really fits the facts. There is a worldwide movement to disembowel the Christian faith, the prime instigators being Marxist-type organisations such as the ACLU and SPLC, using lawfare to drive all traces of Christianity out of the public space. Yet these same organisations are strangely quiet when it comes to Sunni Islam.

Islam (and its supporters) would have us believe that ‘Islamophobia’ is rampant in Western societies, but any real persecution of the Ummah is not happening in Christian societies at all. Most Christian societies are bending over backwards to extend a welcome and toleration to Islam that is totally played down. Islamists kill more Muslims than Christians ever have.

Christianity worked for Europe and the US, in a way that modern morally relative political religions — ‘poligions’ — have not been able to sustain. Theft in the form of redistribution of wealth seems to be a central requirement of ‘equality’, as does the destruction of the middle class that goes with it. It is not so much a case of robbing the rich to give to the poor as robbing disfavoured groups to the benefit of favoured groups.

It is Western society that is an aberration. Historically, societies were two-tier — the ruling class and the rest. Judeo-Christianity, along with the fear arising out of the regicide apparent in the French Revolution, eventually caused the emancipation of serfdom, and society leapt ahead to the benefit of all. However, this aberration has not lasted long. The iconoclasts of the left preferred (and still prefer) the enslavement of the masses, and were soon financing and supporting the dictators and the tyrants, and now the Islamic terrorists.

The ‘left’ not only prefers Hamas, a designated terrorist group which has a declared intention of genocide of Jews, over the legitimate State of Israel, it actively promotes virulent Islamic anti-Semitism, especially in the forms of ISIS and Hamas. So we see Jews who have nothing to do with Israel being attacked, injured and murdered whilst our leaders wring their hands and try to hide the (Islamic) identity of the perpetrators.

There are several hundred Christian children kidnapped in Nigeria. Do you remember ‘our girls’? So what happened, Michelle? Nothing, of course.

Harmony sounds nice, but it also takes away the singers’ ability to sing freely. The singers must keep the discipline or the harmony quickly becomes chaotic, so choirs have a very strict regimen and those whose voices do not fit are eliminated.

So it is with utopian regimes too, but on a much bigger scale, a scale where control (and thus the need to eliminate the unsound) becomes increasingly problematic. This creates room for the thugs to move in. Thugs like violence for its own sake. They will abide by any ideology as long as it means a satiation of sadistic impulses. Once the thugs arrive, there can be no harmony, only holocaust.

It’s the real thing…

MC lives in the southern Israeli city of Sderot. For his previous essays, see the MC Archives.

10 thoughts on “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing

  1. I think the West needs to put music to the lyrics supplied by Gen. Patton… who sang a nice little ditty about what to do with enemies of Civilization… like ISIS, Boko Haram, The Taliban, Hamas, Al Qaeda, ad nauseam:

    “We’re going to rip out their living goddamned guts
    And use them to grease the treads of our tanks!”

    A song I’m already singing.

    It may not rhyme, but it sure does harmonize.

  2. “We’re going to rip out their living goddamned guts
    And use them to grease the treads of our tanks!”

    If we don’t do it, they will do it anyway.
    If we do it, we are forced by them.
    If they do it, and are doing it unprovoked, they are obeying koran.

  3. MC , very good article. One of your best. Unfortunately nothing will change until we get rid of our ruling classes. I am already campaigning against con/lab/lib but it might not be enough. We might need a popular revolution to get change moving in the right direction.

    • Given the reported age demographics of the UK how would a senior popular revolution manifest itself, would it be a slow burn affair?

      • During the Puritan revolution in England, the average age of the Puritans was higher than the average age of the cavaliers.

        With his Puritan recruits, drawn from the ranks of yeoman farmers, craftsmen, merchants, and so forth, Oliver Cromwell was able to apply reason to the military problems of his day, and thereby to construct the New Model Army.

        It beat the Royalist cavaliers, who largely consisted of hereditary military men leading their retainers and/or soldiers of the standing army.

  4. Outstanding, MC. Sadly we’re forced to play with elliptical balls*, so have to try harder.

    *I’m exercising great restraint in eschewing the obvious puns.

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