Derailed Again

As most readers already know, Gates of Vienna has been experiencing server issues for the past few days. The crisis came to a head yesterday (Sunday), when we were completely derailed and thrown temporarily offline. The hard-working techies have been at it since then.

Naturally, the site went live after I gave up waiting and went to do the shopping — is it ever any other way? But now normal operations can resume.

I’ll combine material from yesterday’s news feed with today’s, and post a single large news feed tonight.

4 thoughts on “Derailed Again

  1. Whether it is helpful or not, I kept getting a blank page with a caption at the top left hand corner telling me your site was being upgraded? I knew you were experiencing ‘difficulties’ but wondered all the same why that caption would appear.

    Enjoy the shopping?

    • Yes, that was deliberate. During the outage, an out-of-date cached version of GoV was being displayed. I asked the hosting service if anything could be done about that until our problems were fixed, so the tech support guy put up that message for me.

  2. Update:
    We found the root cause of the problem. It has now been resolved in principle, but will take a little while (like a day, perhaps two) to come into effect worldwide.

    After that, GoV should be a lot more stable than it’s been over the summer.

    And we can relax a bit – or more likely, busy ourselves with other interesting stuff!

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