David Wood: ISIS is Just Like Mohammed, Only With Modern Technology

Below is the full contribution by David Wood of Acts 17 Apologetics to “It’s the Real Islam”, a video project that was crafted as an analytical response by four experts on shariah to the first ISIS propaganda video.

For those who missed it, watch “It’s the Real Islam”.

If you want to watch the ISIS propaganda video — the subject of this analysis (WARNING, it’s violent, gory, and utterly horrible) — it’s here.

Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for all his hard work in putting this compilation together.

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5 thoughts on “David Wood: ISIS is Just Like Mohammed, Only With Modern Technology

  1. Finally I think I can understand Muslim gobbledygook. There are in fact two Islams. There is Islami State first, followed closely by Islami The Religion of Peace. They both live the same koran and are interchangeable. The ideal man and woman or any one or two or all of their 72 virgin irrational offspring can be passively or actively involved in either state depending. Lost again…..

    • There is no religion of peace. There is one Islam. The radicals are shooting, the moderates are reloading.

    • Your getting the idea. Muslims are peaceful while it is to their advantage to be peaceful. When circumstances change and they have the advantage it is no longer peaceful.

  2. Yeah, well, the differences are better transportation, communication, weapons, supply chain, medical care, food, water, etc., etc. But, the basics are the same.

    Allah’u fubar, Mohammed.

  3. Stolen tech will only work for these unimaginative Godless ugly twits until new tech deletes them.

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