Canadian Jihad, Abroad and at Home

In the competition to see which Western country can send the most jihad fighters to the Middle East, Finland, Britain, and Belgium have recently been mentioned as contenders for the title of “Greatest Supporter of Jihad”. However, it may come as a surprise to most readers that, on a per capita basis, Canada incubates, radicalizes and sends out more mujahideen to join not just the Syrian front but every battlefield where ISIS is fighting, or where there is an Al Qaeda franchise.

Americans may also be unaware that a lot of people in influential positions in major American Muslim Brotherhood affiliates — including Jamal Badawi, Ingrid Mattson and even Ibrahim Hooper — are Canadian nationals.

Point de Bascule has just published a report that may not sit well with the more partisan factions in Canada — that is, those who are willing to resist sharia, yet still believe that a 20th-century style democracy can handle the problem of radical Islamic infiltration. As if allowing mass Muslim immigration weren’t bad enough, the government has been at best ignorantly enabling the penetration of Canada by Islamic zealots, and at worst actively colluding with them.

According to the CBC (Canadian broadcasting Corporation) Canada actually exceeds European countries on a per capita basis. The United States just determined that in Syria alone, there are five hundred Canadian nationals that joined the combatants:

If the CBC is willing to report that there are five hundred “Canadian” mujahideen, it’s a safe bet that there are at least that many waging jihad in the path of Allah.

This is a disproportionate number compared with every other country in the West. And this radicalization is carried out by “mainstream” Islamic institutions, the Muslim Association of Canada being the main body and, according the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch‎, the only organization apart from Hamas to openly declare that they endorse and promote the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, and it’s happening even under a Conservative Government.

A country’s intelligence agencies are the only entities that have the privilege and means and access to be able to do proper due diligence before any government agency associates with or hires individuals. In the case of Canada, this is obviously not being done, which is appalling, give the quantity of information regarding Hussein Hamdani and his cohorts that is available in the public domain. Canada may be the most irresponsible country in the world in allowing (and funding) “radicalization”.

The Conservatives are the only government capable of dealing with the issue, and they are not doing so. They are fueling the problem. They are failing the Canadian people.

They are more concerned with those who return from jihad abroad than they are with radicalization at home. The security apparatus is obsessed only with violent, explosive type of terrorism. It has no interest in investigating the seeds that radicalize.

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Below are excerpts from the report by Point de Bascule:

June 8, 2012 — Muslim Brotherhood delegation led by Hussein Hamdani met with Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews / Details provided by lawyer of Hamas’s fund collector

On June 8, 2012, a delegation of Muslim activists met with Public Safety Minister Vic Toews. Later that month, Naseer Syed identified the participants and presented what was discussed at the meeting on his website In his summary, Syed mentioned that a report of the meeting was provided to him directly by the leader of the delegation, Hussein Hamdani. Since this meeting took place, Vic Toews has retired from his federal seat and was replaced as Minister of Public Safety by Steven Blainey.

Hamdani made three main points in his presentation: he tried to discourage the Minister and other Canadian security officials from using Islamic concepts in order to explain the current Islamist threat, he asked for money on behalf of so-called “moderate Muslims” on the pretense of challenging the Islamists who are radicalizing the Muslim community and he proposed to schedule more meetings in the future between the Minister and “a Muslim community working group” (i.e. assuredly another Muslim Brotherhood front group).

PART 1— Hussein Hamdani, the leader of the Muslim delegation

Hussein Hamdani was the leader of the Muslim delegation that met with Minister Toews. He is a Hamilton lawyer and a member of the Cross-Cultural Roundtable on Security (CCRS). He was appointed to the CCRS in 2005 by then Minister of Public Safety Anne McLellan. According to its mandate, the Roundtable on Security “provides advice and perspectives to the Minister of Public Safety and the Minister of Justice, concerning matters of national security.” In 2006, the Globe and Mail revealed that Hamdani’s advising role led him to accompany the Public Safety Minister and CSIS Director in a mission abroad.

A review of Hamdani’s past activities would not only reveal his prolonged association with the Muslim Brotherhood infrastructure in Canada, it would also demonstrate how deficient is the vetting process for those who are chosen to advise the Minister responsible for ensuring the security of Canadians against terrorist attacks and the Islamist threat in general.

On many occasions in the past, Hussein Hamdani showed his “moderate Muslim” credentials to Canada’s security officials while associating himself with Islamist organizations, and even terror-funding organizations, at the same time.

In 2006, after the arrest of the Toronto 18, Hussein Hamdani asked then newly appointed Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day to fund “moderate and moderating voices” within the Muslim community in order to compete with radical influences. Hamdani said: “These [moderate] voices exist, but the community doesn’t have the money to bring them forward. Petro-dollars are hard to compete with.”

Hussein Hamdani’s opposition to the petro-dollar financing of the Islamist radicalization was just a smokescreen. In 2003, Hamdani relied on the sponsorship of an organization abundantly funded by petro-dollars, the Saudi World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), to launch the Reviving the Islamic Spirit conventions. Year after year, these conventions feature promoters of armed jihad such as Siraj Wahhaj and others radical speakers. In 2012, the Canada Revenue Agency revoked WAMY-Canada’s charitable status because it had funded Al-Qaeda in the past.

In 2003, the first opening speech of all RIS conventions was given by the Saudi Grand Mufti Abdul-Aziz ibn Abdullah Aal ash-Shaikh, the main religious leader of Saudi Arabia and the personification of petro-dollar-funded Saudi Wahhabism. In 2012, CBN reported that the same Saudi Grand Mufti called for all churches to be demolished in the Arabian Peninsula. This area comprises Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, and the United Arab Emirates.

Read the rest at Point de Bascule.

17 thoughts on “Canadian Jihad, Abroad and at Home

  1. So Ibrahim Hooper is a Canadian? And I thought his nickname “Honest Ibe” was an homage to an American president who was known as the Great Emancipator, for freeing the raisin-headed whom sharia would keep in bondage. That’s kind of deceptive (although, in fairness to Ibe, he does not call himself “Honest Ibe”; that’s a sobriquet given to him by his admirers). The next time he appears on TV, let’s listen closely to see how he pronounces the syllable “out”. If he pronounces it American-style, does he get extra Jannah-points for successful taqiyya?

      • And now a French hiker and mountaineer has been beheaded with his head sawn off on national TV. And already the lefty fringe is on their anti-war wagon across the world.

      • There are huge lacunaue of darknesses in your socialist education, sir. “Raisin-headed” refers to the raisin-like prayer bump that forms on a devout Muslim’s forehead as he causes TBI – Traumatic Brain Injury, much like a boxer gets, or a battered child.

        TBI causes aggression and stupidity. And later on, maybe Parkinson’s.

        It would take a hard-headed Irishman to escape such a fate simply from having his head thumped…otoh, this particular devotional affectation goes on 5 times a day, from age 6 or so.

        So much to learn, so little time, Mr. H.

        I suggest that at the very least you sit for a while and nurse the bruises you inflicted on yourself from jumping to conclusions re Mr Spahn’s remarks. He is *never* that crude and wouldn’t leave his interlocutors to infer some rude racial epithet from his remarks.

        For your elucidation:

        For your education, a place to start on this issue:

        • I am deservedly castigated. I knew about the “bump”, but not its nickname. My apologies to Mr Spahn and yourself; I shall flagellate myself forthwith (not a pretty sight).

  2. It’s not surprising that Canada is producing a disproportionate number of jihadis, the country is often described as a ‘multicultural’ pioneer, and sometimes, even as the source of the multi-culti virus. Congratulations Canada!

    • Canada suffers from eternal niceness, proving once more that while courtesy is an advantage in some situations, you need more than that in your quiver to deal with the antithesis of nice.

      Canada has my deep sympathy.

      Years ago, Rollo May wrote a treatise that is still pertinent today:

      Power and Innocence: A Search for the Sources of Violence.*

      His examples may be dated – this is from 1972 (he died in the mid-90s), and he did not always live up to his own principles (who can do that *all* the time?) but it remains the best explanation of why innocence beyond a certain age degrades to dangerous ignorance. Never was that concept truer than today.

      Paradoxically Ignorance rules because Innocence has been betrayed before people had a real chance to experience it in their development. Witness the little tartlets dressed like street walkers because it’s cool. They experience an ersatz power until someone more powerful kills it in the bud and any chance for an authentic personal Power dies with it.

      Canada suffered from living in America’s shadow too long. Now that it has legitimately arrived on the world stage, that life as “the little brother” did not prepare Canada to assume authentic power,l i.e., control of its future. But if it can get beyond its reflexive need to be “nice” and get rid of its pernicious laws about “nice speech” Canada can flourish in its own right.

      * You can get used versions of the original for two dollars plus shipping.

      • Dymphna,

        When parliaments legislate to institutionalise ‘niceness’ and multiculturalism, Western civilisation is on the ropes.

      • Leaving your expensive car parked with the keys in may be “contributory negligence” if it gets stolen, but doesn’t excuse the thief who steals it, even if it demonstrates a naive lack of awareness.

        Same with “tartlets”, Dymphna (though I love the expression!)

  3. “Canada suffers from eternal niceness, proving once more that while courtesy is an advantage in some situations, you need more than that in your quiver to deal with the antithesis of nice.”

    The pseudonymous ex-Muslim writer of that famous tract, Mohamed Rasoel, described the Netherlands in similar terms: nice, polite, naive and honest to a fault when dealing with Mohammedan wolves in their midst. When one then adds to this pleasant mix of virtues a somewhat recent natural outgrowth of it — anti-“racism” (by “natural outgrowth” I am thinking in terms metaphorically of acne or hemorrhoids) — and when one factors in that these wolves mostly seem “ethnic” with the added panache of often having exotically non-Western customs and garb, one has the recipe for the protracted, metastasizing disaster the West continues to indulge.

  4. If you take care of young men too long and allow them to live in their mother’s basement they will feel powerless and loath themselves. To assuage this they need to become radical chic and join something that has power…so that they can still be “in”, have an identity, and get girls. It has to be a shocking chic escape. Boy Scout volunteerism will not work.

    This will happen with all men in a small percentage from every culture who do not have to struggle to eat. The only remedy is to have bastard fathers who know instinctively that their foot needs to kick the young behind.

    Thinking will not provide an answer because it is a genetic defect of the Y chromosome. All Homo sapiens cultures know this but it is kept quiet because we don’t want to believe we are animals.

  5. In Canada, you cannot (cannot!!!) mention the words “self-defence” when applying for a firearms license. Simply not allowed.

    Speaking of which, in today’s National Post, there’s an article on a “Canadian” convert to islam who has been banned from entering the US, UK and Australia, and is now being held in the Philippines for questioning.

    The last paragraph of the article states:

    “In 2012, he complained that the Canadian government had delayed renewing his passport while it questioned him about “which countries I had been banned from and why.” He later received a passport.”

    We’re SO nice…

  6. Check out how many ISIL fighters have come from Kosovo and Bosnia – those two Washington-created and supported bastions of democracy and multicultural bliss and serenity. Hundreds, including several very senior commanders. I’ll bet a Loonie that based on their populations, they will beat out the countries you list above including Canada. Everyone seems to ignore the Jihadist threat from these European countries, somehow believing the tripe that these are different Muslims unlike their Arabic brethren. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are right beside your Vienna Gates.

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