Beheading in Oklahoma — Nothing to do With Islam

Below is a CNN report about yesterday’s beheading in Oklahoma, in which a recent convert to Islam committed an act of “workplace violence” against an unfortunate woman at his former place of employment.

The anchor talks to a consulting expert named Martin Savidge, who discusses the likelihood that Alton Alexander Nolan was a “lone wolf” and had no connection with “terror”. The funniest line in this clip is uttered by Mr. Savidge, who downplays the idea that Mr. Nolan was a “card-carrying member” of the Islamic State.

Ho! Has anyone ever seen an official ISIS membership card? Are they issued to new recruits when they get smuggled across the border from Turkey?

Do the mujahideen carry them in their wallets, flashing them every time they want to get a jihadi’s discount on hummus at the halal market?

Articles about the Oklahoma beheading:

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

10 thoughts on “Beheading in Oklahoma — Nothing to do With Islam

  1. As long as the Manipulators of Perception can isolate the Acts Inspired by the Prophet of Islam to some ‘group’, they can say it isn’t ‘Islam’.

  2. The people who keep peddling the “lone wolf” theme apparently think they’re dispelling fears of a big terror outbreak — “don’t worry, folks; he didn’t belong to a terror organization; just a disgruntled guy who happened to be Muslim.” They seem oblivious to how they are actually fortifying the realistic view that Islam itself is a problem quite apart from attachment to any “extremist” organization.

    • Quite so! According to the authorities this Muslim had no “extremist” beliefs merely “moderate” Islamic beliefs, and they were all that was necessary for him to behead an infidel.

      The victim(s) of such attacks undoubtedly experience the emotion of terror as their murderer approaches. It follows that “moderate” Islamic beliefs are “terrorist” in nature.

      According to the authorities.

  3. This is to be expected from MSM. They did that with Lee Rigby. So no surprises there.

    Every Muslim male is a potential jihadist or a supporter of them. Their identity card is the koran, their barracks is the Mosque and their generals are the Imans. The fact is any Muslim male whether it be a well paid professional like a doctor or engineer or a thug like the Tsarnev’s can become a jihadist at any time.

  4. Well it’s happened. No surprises here. The west has finally outmaneuvered itself and is all locked up in its own pc web of lies and disingenuity. It would have taken very little to prevent this demise. It’s almost unimaginable that after each “911” the gates were opened wider and the leadership and staff in high places “by order” from somewhere became extremely islamic. Saudi Wahhabi arabs are very strange bed fellows? If we are to emerge I imagine at least admit there is an emergency. Giving the muslim and the koran a jaundiced look might be a start for self preservation.

  5. Mosques have been mushrooming in the USA since 9/11 thanks to ME money. This Beheader was converted in prison – another rich recruiting ground for the Prophet.

    I’m sorry, but Islam has to go – lock, stock and barrel! No part of it should be allowed to be preached. It is antithetical to democracy and human rights, just as Communism, Nazism and dictatorship.

    Are we going to allow free speech to those who wish to destroy free speech?

    Every mosque should be closed down and the imams – unless they are willing to deny Mohammed and stop preaching – thrown into prison.

    Now we can’t go to the Mall without worrying whether we will lose our heads! Enough is enough!

  6. Workplace accident

    With all the respect for the victims and theirs.

    Why is it important to isolate this terror from islam by saying the mantra “nothing to do with islam”? This way they can keep their favorite “religion” “clean”, and go on with expansion toward the caliphate, as if nothing happened.

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