Atrocities in Syria – Sister Hatune reports

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This was an editing job fraught with tough decisions. The most difficult was whether or not to leave in the section where she shows her slides and videos that I know for a fact would get this video pulled down from YouTube under its current modus operandi. I do not know exactly why beheading and mutilation videos of jihadis manage to stay up on Youtube indefinitely while videos which show that they are doing this and why get pulled often very fast but I still do not think its a conspiracy by Google so much as islamic and leftist activism flagging videos with harsh content that make Islam look bad under certain contexts.

My answer then, was to leave that section of her presentation in because frankly, her description of the photos and videos are probably nearly as effective as seeing them. My suggestion is to put on headphones or speakers and sit back and listen without watching that section of the presentation. I think you will find what the sister has to say quite moving. However I am uploading all the photos she used for her presentation and at some point probably the videos as well. So you can click through the gallery as the presentation is being made and see what the live audience is seeing. Some of these pictures are harsh though and the warning for those that have PTSD not to look is real and not for dramatic effect.

Sister Hatune’s presentation and related photos (warning: graphic!) are below the break.

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  1. There is a much larger agenda there. See this blogger about the YouTube video he posted of a band of feral Blacks attacking a white couple: YouTube is Google is Microsfot is Apple is Adobe is the whole NWO inverted and subverted reality agenda.

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