Are British Sharia Courts Compatible With Human Rights?

Below is a video of the intervention read by Alain Wagner, representing the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)
at the OSCE Human Dimension Implementation Meeting, Session 7: “Tolerance and non-discrimination I, including equality of opportunity for women and men and the implementation of the OSCE Action Plan for the Promotion of Gender Equality”, Warsaw, September 25, 2014.

Following Mr. Wagner’s intervention, the British government’s ambassador to the OSCE gave a brief reply:

Read the prepared text for Alain Wagner’s intervention.

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13 thoughts on “Are British Sharia Courts Compatible With Human Rights?

  1. The UK rep. rudely and on purpose came late and left straight away so that no comments could be heard, that says a lot. The question is out there: How can the UK allow Sharia courts when these courts deny half of humanity their Human Rights?
    Sharia law is gender discrimination. Why is the UK government so terrified of offending Muslims. I can think of nothing that we need them for, and they do not deserve any respect.
    Muslims claim that it is a Human Right for them, not to be exposed to pork or other types of meat that are not Halal at any time and anywhere. In short that they should not be exposed to non-Islamic behaviour in any way shape or form. All they have to do is live in a Muslim country. They probably think that it is also a human right to demand that everyone else becomes a Muslim and that every country becomes an Islamic State.

    • They think it’s a divine imperative to force every country to become Islamic. They know that the language of “human rights” can gull Westerners into granting their demands bit by bit.

  2. See Khan v the UK, which found that the Islamic ‘family law’ practice of marrying 12 year old girls was ILLEGAL.

  3. I’ve forwarded the clip to my MP, Simon Hughes, asking him to query the UK delegate’s behaviour. However I’m not holding my breath…

  4. Your MP is Simon Hughes and you expect an effective response? with all due respect, considering the track record of that person, you are deluding yourself.

  5. Sharia certainly is good news for all those folk who have an unsavory compulsion or two. Muslims have been very successful in de-balling what used to be a robust democracy for everyone. We’ve been dragged down so far now that the hard won laws that protect our women and children’s rights are up for negotiation. Is there a highest bidder there in the background. Are muslims planters or immigrants.

  6. For the umpteenth time, Sharia is not a legal system on the liberal democratic Western model, ‘Sharia law’ and ‘Sharia courts’ should have no legal status whatsoever.
    Sharia is a system of social control based on the mores of a primitive, misogynistic and violent tribal culture.
    I noticed a report a few months ago that some members of the UK legal profession were promoting “sharia compliant wills”. Cynically, I’d assumed that it was just a nice little earner for lawyers and that the term was meaningless, now I’m not so sure.

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