A Tale of Two Jihadis

Our British correspondent JP returns with some thoughts on Thursday’s beheading of an elderly woman in the back garden of her home in a northern suburb of London.

A tale of two jihadis
by JP

A good reason for piling up heads in pyramids as practised during France’s Reign of Terror is to prevent them rolling around and getting under people’s feet. Reports coming out of Iraq and Syria give no indication this is the preferred method; rather sticking heads on poles seems to be the fashion.

Be that as it may, beheading is trending worldwide, and when one pops up in a quiet north London suburb, it is no surprise to find that there is indeed an Islamic connection. And, indeed, no surprise to observe media divert attention away from the Islamic connection, however tenuous this might in fact be.

This morning’s breaking news on the BBC’s website informs us that a man, Nicholas Salvador, has been remanded over the London ‘beheading.’ Note the scare quotes: perhaps it wasn’t a real beheading after all, only a stabbing process that went tragically wrong somehow. And how would a recent convert to Islam, crazed on drugs, be sufficiently composed to recall Koranic instructions on striking off the heads of infidels, cats even. Implausible to say the least, and, more likely than not, a random act of senseless violence that inhabitants of the diverse metropolis take for granted as part of its quirky appeal.

Unfortunately, the victim did not have the benefit of a slick film crew to record the gruesome action, unlike the murders in Arabia, neatly posed with accompanying mock sententious commentary designed to capture everyone’s attention, including world statesmen and women ready to oblige with hair-trigger responses expressing outrage at Islamic State butchery yet curiously remote when confronted by persecution of Christians elsewhere in the Middle East. Poor Palmira Silva, on the other hand, has received scant attention from world leaders for what after all may only be another footnote in Britain’s inadequate care-in-the-community programme for dealing with mental health issues.

However, there is the troubling Islamic connection to consider — that the London beheading may be an even more effective call to Islam than the one promoted in the Middle East: that despite the rock-star glamour of Islamic State, admirably boosted by Vice News, no laggard when it comes to overturning any stone which might conceal an atrocity to satisfy the jaded palates of its quickened-by-horror readership (for example, see its story on plastic surgery for victims of Amazonian river boat propellers), the London beheading is a perfect example of Islamic terror — unpredictable, random, and one that strikes fear into the hearts of unbelievers precisely as intended by the Koran and its teachings.

Nicholas Salvador, or ‘Fat Nick’ as named by community members, is an example of what Europeans might recognise as a berserkr from Scandinavian sagas — a ferocious warrior consumed by battle lust. Normally, berserkir occur in pairs or groups of twelve — London witnessed its first berserkr outing when two Nigerian-heritage, Muslim converts beheaded Fusilier Lee Rigby last year. Now another Nigerian-heritage, Muslim convert beheads an old woman in a London garden. Either Nigerian heritage and Islam do not mix that well or there are as yet other, less-clearly defined reasons for this emerging pattern.

It is possible that recent statements by world statesmen to the effect that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ or that the ‘Islamic State speaks for no religion’ are beside the point. The national security concerns of USA/Europe/the Anglosphere with large populations of Muslim immigrants can only be addressed if jihad itself is recognised, and then appropriate steps taken to deal with a phenomenon that has clear outlines — ones that even ordinary citizens might be encouraged to recognise and act on.

Both “Jihadi John” and “Fat Nick” fall into the most important jihadist category of all, namely that of the mujahideen composed of outsiders, the marginal, the outcasts, the travellers — the ones that do the dirty work before this is sanctified/sanitised by the scholars and imams, rationalised and wrapped up into a tidy parcel to be used as the basis for diplomatic negotiations by the rulers and then backed up by regular armies in control of conquered territory. The roles are interchangeable, and it is not uncommon for a mujahid to career-progress to firebrand preacher, scholar or ruler, or even revert to a former role. There are numerous mujahideen at large in the West when they should not be — Anjem Choudary for example, but he is only one on a list that would include thousands in first-order rankings, and millions among fellow travellers and want-to-be mujahids.

A tale of two mujahids: one that deserves to be discussed, analysed, pontificated on to death as has been the case with the desert beheadings, but I doubt the ‘Beheading in the Garden’ will receive the attention it warrants either on its own merits or as part of the worldwide Islamic beheading peccadillo.

12 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Jihadis

  1. Sad, indeed

    But times are changing. Attitudes are changing. What was politically incorrect two years ago is no longer perceived as such – and media will have to follow some muslim-related concerns of european societies.

    Now we have to figure out how to defend our way of life – more and more people become aware of this. Even crap politicians speak out.

    • The mass Euro media is probably unrecoverable at this stage.

      You should have seen the pro open-borders garbage France24 was peddling last evening.

    • Yes, a glacial process of the protracted stillicide of awakening at an excruciating snail’s pace is detectable, if only by a faint trace of slug slime across the frozen concrete of our Arab Winter. The question is not whether the West will wake up; only whether it will wake up before a few million of its men, women and children are mass-murdered in several terror attacks in seemingly random places throughout the West more horrific than 911 — or after that point.

      • One barometer for answering my question may be gleaned from taking the temperature of the forefront of Western consciousness in this regard — the still small precious nucleus of Canaries-in-the-Coalmine — We few, we happy few, we band of brothers (and sisters) — otherwise known as the “Counter-Jihad”; and, alas, the readings on the thermometer show that far too many in this preciously small demographic remain infected by the PC MC virus in certain ways, curiously (yet understandably) unable to graduate along the learning curve to avow this simple yet bold formula:

        Islam is the problem, and all Muslims enable that problem

        — where “problem” of course has to be defined as a protracted deadly emergency where millions of lives are at stake, and not just some amorphous distaste for Islamic culture; and where an informed intelligence has truly assimilated what taqiyya means.

  2. Every beheading is a million more votes for UKIP. Pray Scotland votes for independence – way too many Labour seats there.

    • Yes the proportion of the Labour vote North of the Border is one of the positive side effects of a “Yes” vote there. Although one of only a few, imo… How much will the Isis Jihadis, and their ilk, be looking forward to considerably fewer English soldiers taking them on in any future conflict?

      And could this be the reason for the support given to the SNP by the likes of Osama Saeed?

      • Osama Saeed, btw, as well as being an SNP member, also campaigned for the Muslim Association of Britain, and advocated for a return of the Caliphate… now why would such a die-hard Islamist (albeit of the “smooth” variety, with connections to al-Jazeera and the US State Department) also be a committed supporter of the Scottish National Party, and Scottish Independence?

      • As an aside – here‘s a map of grooming cases to have been reported in the UK. Looks like grooming gangs don’t exist North of the border… why? Could it be because the local adherents of the Religion of Peace have a special affinity for the Scots? If so, why???

      • A permanent Conservative majority in England would be as unhealthy as a Labour/SNP one in Scotland. No party should be in power for too long.

  3. On the subject of the current in-thing among devoted followers of the Religion of Peace, beheading, below is an oft-cited article, from a specialist publication on the Middle East all the way back in 2005.


    A useful resource (and surely sourced/referenced well enough to satisfy any liberal doubters) on the long tradition of decapitation in the history of the Religion of Peace – going right back to the days of the Prophet, and the way he dealt with the Jewish tribe of Banu Qurayza – beheading the males, and taking the women and children as slaves. (sounds familiar??)

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