A Gift to the Caliph from the Austrian Alps

I posted last night about a jihad-promoting video in Arabic that was recorded in Bad Gastein, a spa town in Salzburg Province, in the Austrian Alps. A spokesman for the Austrian government pooh-poohed the idea that the video might be a threat to the country’s security, saying that it was merely a “collection of religious clichés”. A local politician from the ÖVP (Austrian People’s Party) said, “I cannot judge that until I see a proper translation.”

Well. The ÖVP seems to have been unwilling to do due diligence and expedite a translation of the Arabic in the video, so Gates of Vienna — with our much larger budget — has done it for them. Late last night I asked our Arabic translator ritamalik to take a look at the video.

First, here’s the clip once again:

And this is ritamalik’s take on it:

The intro text says:

“A gift from our institution (which apparently is named Mahsood) to the government of Islamic Caliphate: To its head the groundbreaking Caliph Al Baghdadi, The eloquent Adnani [it could also be the name of a person ‘Fasih Adnani’] and to the hero soldiers.”

In the beginning he says that this is a dedication of support from some entity called Mahsood Institution or “Moasesat Mahsood” to the Caliph Al Baghdadi from the Alp mountains in heart of Europe.

I googled the Arabic for Mahsood Institution and I came up with a twitter and Facebook account:

twitter.com/Mehsud_Media and www.facebook.com/MehsudMedia.

The side description to their twitter account says: “Mahsood Institution for the production and translation of data and releases to Arabic and vice versa.” The owner of the account is clearly a jihad sympathiser.

Now, tonight I have no time to make a word-for-word translation of all that he says. But the summarised version is that he is pledging allegiance to the Caliph, and says that this Mahsood Institution is going to heed the command of the Caliph from the heart of Europe.

Also he threatens the cross on top of the church, and says that with the Only God’s help it will see punishment. Then he recited a paraphrased, mangled version of Quran 36:81:

“His command is only when He intends a thing that He says to it, “Be,” and it is.”

I don’t know — if this guy is not a threat, then who is?!

He seems to agree with and admire all that ISIS is doing. In this whole mess with ISIS over the past months there is a silver lining: Now all those hitherto ”peaceful” Muslims are starting to show their true colours, and where their hearts really lie.

To the Austrian government: Take note!

I can’t say it in German, but maybe some of our readers can.

2 thoughts on “A Gift to the Caliph from the Austrian Alps

  1. Achtung Lebensgefahr!

    Warning – danger to life!

    “Achtung” also used as a military command: Achtung, stehenbleiben – Halt, stand still!

    Some yellow triangular warning signs might usefully be positioned outside Bad Gastein bearing text “Achtung Dschihad! Warning – Jihad!” above a headless figure icon.

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