A Card-Carrying Member of ISIS

In my post last night about the Oklahoma beheading, I ridiculed a CNN expert named Martin Savidge for referring to the possibility (or lack of it) that Alton Alexander Nolan was a “card-carrying member” of the Islamic State.

Well, it turns out that my scorn was premature. I was wrong. I apologize to Martin Savidge and everyone else at CNN.

Late last night, while cleaning up the blood and broken glass after a bar fight at the Palmetto Lounge in Sarasota, Florida, the bartender discovered an identification card* that had been dropped by one of the pugilists who took part in the brawl:

The person who lost the card may drop by the Sarasota Police Department at any time to reclaim it. Unfortunately, while Mr. Mahmoud is there he will also be arraigned on charges of assault, battery, mayhem, pandemonium, mopery, public intoxication, and indecent exposure in the presence of underage livestock.

* Yes, this is a joke. The card is actually a digital composite that was assembled this morning in the subterranean laboratories of Schloss Bodissey.

4 thoughts on “A Card-Carrying Member of ISIS

  1. I thought being a card-carrying member of the IS was like being a card-carrying member of the ACLU: pay your $25 and print it off the Internet.

  2. Mopery is one you don’t hear every day. One suspects that the Mope Anti-defamation League will be protesting the innate unfairness and bigotry of this any day now.

  3. I’ve wondered for years if cultures which write to right to left (like the Arabs as well as the Jews) instead of the more prevalent and natural left to right have more problems (in every sense) .

    To start from the outside and draw inward (introversion) as one writes and reads, for a right handed person, instead of the opposite and more bio-mechanically “natural” inward to outward (extroverted) gesture, may have (and may signify from such an ur-choice) a unique mindset, linguistic-emotional structure and psychology

    • Yes Profitsbeard, but this wouldn’t account for the huge disparity in worthwhile accomplishment between Jews and Arabs. In the individual who is naturally left-handed or ambidextrous, in a society which denies such things, something wonderful may happen; Lewis Carroll, whose internal organs were transposed, could “mirror write” as easily as the opposite, and gave us “Through the Looking Glass”.

      Many geniuses have struggled with physical and psychological hurdles; we should be grateful a) for their legacy, but b) that we didn’t have to live with them.

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