“We Have Come to You With Blood”

In an ISIS video released yesterday, a mujahid threatens the kuffar with fire, bloodshed, and death.

Many thanks to ritamalik for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

A note from the translator:

I translated the first speech by the guy in the beginning. After that the music starts, and the rest is a poem he recites in praise and prayer for the fighters of Fallujah. It was too hard for me to understand everything that he was saying in that poem and it was not important. It was just an “artistic touch”, so to speak, which bizarrely enough these ISIS guys seem to be so fond of!

This is as much as I could understand, because he was shouting too much and the music took over.

So yes, the ISIS guy was threatening the unbelievers and the Jews. Is it important? It is nothing new. But the more people hear what these Jihadis are up to straight from the horse’s mouth, the better. At least later when the threats come to pass they cannot claim they didn’t know!

Video transcript:

0:00   Tell the tyrants and kuffar everywhere,
0:03   and tell them what the Prophet (PBUH) told them: “We have come to you with blood,
0:09   and promise them — swear to Allah the great, that we will cleanse the “island” (reference to the Arabian Peninsula in Mohammed’s time?)
0:14   from you, oh unclean ones
0:17   — and will exile you from Jerusalem, oh Jews!
0:20   And we will exile you [unintelligible] with the permission of Allah the exalted! TAKBIT (an invitation to chant Allahu Akhbar) [unintelligible]
0:27   Get out of the believers’ land! Swear to Allah, there is nothing between us and them except the sword!
0:34   (Jihadi music)
0:41   Kill the crusaders’ army, kill commander of the forces, to hell fire
0:45   (Jihadi music and motivational Jihadi poetry)

3 thoughts on ““We Have Come to You With Blood”

  1. I have a question for British folks on here. How is Anjem Choudhary able to openly speak in support of beheading Americans from there? Why is he not being stopped.

    • Yog, They are frightened of the support that Choudhary can put on the street. They still fear a repeat of the Bradford and Oldham riots. As you know, muslims can whistle up a flash mob out of nowhere and can stage manage a riot at the drop of a hat.

      The gutless political leadership in the UK makes me sick. That is why I left.

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