Vlad Needs Your Help

As regular readers know, Vlad Tepes and Gates of Vienna operate as a sort of partnership. Vlad and I divvy up the duties: I’m the text and graphics man, and he’s the audio and video man. We consult with each other every day, sharing tips and information. I help him out by editing texts whenever he needs me to, and sometimes find translators for videos. He helps me by doing videos whenever I ask.

(While I was writing this, I had to break off to edit an SRT [subtitle] file, translated from the German, for Vlad’s latest production).

Like us, Vlad just barely scrapes by, and supports his Counterjihad vocation by whatever means he can. When times are tough, he fundraises, like we do. He’s rattling his tip cup right now. Please drop by and support his efforts.

Video reaches a wider audience than text, and propagates more effectively. So Vlad’s work is arguably more important than ours.

One thought on “Vlad Needs Your Help

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