The Final Death of Western Civilization

Last week in the Austrian daily Die Presse Michael Ley about the new anti-Semitism and the role of the Left in the Islamization of Europe. JLH, who has kindly translated the piece, includes this note:

The Muslims’ faithful reprise of Mohammed’s original temper tantrum at the Jews makes Sicilian vendettas and Appalachian feuds look like cocktail party spats. Modern leftist Jew-hatred, on the other hand, is an echo of the age-old search for a scapegoat — any scapegoat — guided by the Alinskyite technique of identify, isolate, destroy, but older than socialism and its acolytes. Just think Fiddler on the Roof.

This is a very effective picture of how and why Islam and Leftism suit each other so well, and how they are bound by anti-Semitism. The example of wheat happened to the Left after Khomeini at least offers some ironic feeling of poetic justice.

The translated article:

Who Owns the World?

Criticism of Islam is often denounced as “the new racism.” Hostility to Jews, on the other hand, is as old as Islam itself.

Taking aim at the new anti-Semitism.

by Michael Ley

Anti-Semites like to compare Jews, Zionists and Israelis to Adolf Hitler. Recently, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey certified that the Israelis are worse than Hitler. “What Israel is doing to Palestine and Gaza is beyond what Hitler did to the Jews.” In the Arab world, this equivalence has the status of legend. It was not only Yasser Arafat who made use of this smear. It is a part of Arab identity. This extreme hatred of Jews has long since spilled over into European societies and spread quickly through the Muslim parallel societies. The image of the radical rightist anti-Semite is overdue to be augmented by the Muslim Jew-hater. The French political scientist Pierre-André Taguieff determined years ago: “The originators of violence against Jews are no longer mostly from the extreme right. They are recruiting above all among young immigrants, especially from the Maghreb*.” Hatred of Jews is a part of their cultural identity.

For several years sociologists have been confirming a “new anti-Semitism” which is above all else a Muslim anti-Judaism. The contemporary violent excesses and Jew-hostile slogans of the Muslim mob are energetically supported by many from the Left and are also sympathetically received by leftist media personnel. In the leftist daily taz the editor Stefan Reinicke recently wrote: “In a free country, it must be possible to question Israel’s right to exist.” From there to questioning the right of Jews in general to exist is a shorter step.

Hostility to Jews is nothing new among Muslims or leftists — it is as old as socialism or Islam.

Islam exhibits an extreme anti-Judaism. The Koran is permeated by Jew-hostile stereotypes overlapping with those of Christians. The Jews have the hardened hearts of the uncircumcised; they have broken the bond with God and killed the prophets; they lie and have falsified God’s word; they do not honor treaties; they are usurers; they steal money; they do not believe in the afterlife. The Jews appear in the Koran as evil characters. Thus the battle cry: “Fight against them until they are humiliated and pay the tax.” (9:29) The Koran portrays Jews as not only warmongers guilty of every misdeed on earth, but also curses them as “apes and pigs” and assigns them the lowest, subhuman rank: “And you have surely known those among you who broke the Sabbath. Then we said to them: ‘Be outcast pigs and apes!’’ (Surah 2:56) Because the Jews did not recognize Allah, they were dehumanized and became as animals: “Say this: ‘Shall I teach you of those whose penalty from Allah is even worse than that? They are those who have cursed Allah and whom he has scorned and made into apes, pigs and idolaters. They are in an even worse situation and have wandered still further from the right path.’” (Surah 5:60) This motif occurs again and again.

Islam’s end-times prophecy sees the annihilation of the Jews. The pertinent Hadith says: “In the final hour, Muslims will fight against Jews. Since Jews belong to the army of Satan and Muslims are the soldiers of the Prophet Jesus, they will fight against each other, and the Muslims will be victorious until every stone and tree will say: ‘Come here, Muslim. A Jew is hiding behind me. Kill him.” But Islamic anti-Judaism is only the tip of the iceberg in the battle against the infidels.

Jihad is the highest duty in Islam and no Muslim may evade it. Martyrs of jihad go directly to paradise, while Muslims who refuse jihad are threatened with “the torments of Hell.” So long as Muslims are a minority in a non-Muslim country, there can be no offensive, militant jihad. If Muslims expand to an appropriate percentage of the population, they must arm for the forthcoming battle: “And arm yourselves against them with men and horses a much as possible, in order to menace Allah’s enemy.” (Surah 8:60) If Muslims have enough power and influence, then they must pursue jihad. Every Muslim is duty-bound to kill infidels who refuse to convert. “Kill the idolaters wherever you find them, and seize them and besiege them and lie in ambush for them in every nook and cranny.” (Surah 9:5) The only alternative to conversion is subjection as a dhimmi and payment for “protection.”

From the Islamic point of view, the world belongs to Allah. Theologically, jihad is simply re-conquest of Islamic territories. Jihad signifies permanent war against infidels and precludes any peace with them. The battle against non-Muslims may only be interrupted by a “truce” and this may not last longer than ten years. Truce based on treaties may be rescinded by Muslims at any time. The holy war knows no lasting peace. However, jihad can also be prosecuted peacefully: by conversion, propaganda and bribery.

Class war was the secular left’s jihad, through which the original, perfect world was to be restored. Many anarchists, socialists and communists saw in the Jew the spear-point of the class enemy. In his diatribe “On the Jewish Question,” Karl Marx wrote: “Let us not seek the secret of the Jew in his religion, but the secret of the religion in the real Jew. What is the worldly basis of Jewry? Practical need, self interest. What is the worldly cult of Jews? Usury. What is their worldly god? Money. The ultimate meaning of Jewish emancipation is emancipation of humanity from the Jews.” Marx is in the tradition of an older, leftist hatred of Jews. Early French socialists at the beginning of the 19th century dreamed of a worldly redemption of humanity, and proclaimed a political religion whose flip-side was anti-Semitism. They secularized, so to speak, Christian anti-Judaism to modern, political anti-Semitism.

Charles Fourier preached a utopian socialism and saw himself as the new prophet, claiming to recognize the Jews as the bane of humanity. His students, Pierre Leroux and Alphonse Toussenei, likewise saw absolute evil in the Jews. Toussenei warned of Jewish world domination. The philosopher, Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, proclaimed: “The Jew is the enemy of humanity. This race must either be sent back to Asia or annihilated.” His anti-Semitism became the model for modern Jew hatred, which the left has to this day not been able to discard.

In the postmodern era, proletarians are no longer the subject of human salvation. They have been replaced by immigrants, who are the new stylites** of the leftist utopia for an old, doomed society, still bourgeois in places. Millions of immigrants will dissolve old Europe to make way for a new culture of multiculturalism. It will be national identities making way for diversity in ethnicities, religions and identities.

Western apologists for Islam and those who represent the interests of Islamic organizations never tire of denouncing any criticism of Islam as “new racism.” The new definition of racism is: Anyone who seeks the causes of Islamic terrorism and the lack of desire to integrate on the part of many Muslims in the religion of Islam, and does not overwhelmingly hold the Crusades, colonialism, imperialism and European xenophobia responsible for it, is displaying a racist attitude toward Islam and Muslims.

Every criticism of Islam must be denounced as “racism” or “Islamophobia” and this is preparatory to eliminating all religious, cultural and social criticism of Islam. Consequently, doubt is cast on all the positive cultural and political achievements of the modern West in favor of a multi-ethnic state whose basis is relativistic values. A society that gives up its own obligatory norms and values is preparing for its own disposal. Exclusive social self-criticism and compulsive xenophilia are the expression of a serious collective neurosis and testify to an incomparable political foolishness.

The political goal of the mainstream Left — transforming society with massive immigration — will be reached in the foreseeable future. But the result will shock the most naïve of do-gooders. The goal of orthodox Islam and its organizations is the Islamization of European society, and in this context, the Left plays the role of the useful idiot who believes it has found in orthodox Islam an ally in the struggle to overcome the despised bourgeois society.

Islam’s representatives, however, are not in the least interested in the utopia of a new human being in the sense of multiculturalism or diversity. They want to overcome any life form that is not Islamic. If Islam should succeed in several decades, the leftists would be the first victims of this most dangerous political religion of the 21st century. The Left did not learn this lesson in its fight alongside Ayatollah Khomeini against the hated Shah. After the takeover, they were ruthlessly persecuted and liquidated.

The goal of orthodox Islam and the Islamists is Islamic theocracy, which has no place for decadent Western society. Therefore, all radical organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood, the Salafists, the Wahhabis, and/or groups infiltrated by them, as well as the foreign representatives of the Turkish religious authorities must be banned.

Radical imams and their mosques must have no place in an open, pluralistic society. Islam’s jihad is the greatest threat to the freedom of Europe and signifies no more nor less than a new descent into slavery, the final death of Western civilization.

*   Germans and Austrians — struggling with their Turkish residents — might disagree with this identification of “North Africa west of Egypt.” As might the Brits, whose earliest colonial retro-invaders were likely from India and Pakistan (with a significant difference between them in their relationship to their adopted country).
**   Christian ascetics who lived standing on top of columns. ( Don’t ask me. I can’t stand still for two hours.)

29 thoughts on “The Final Death of Western Civilization

  1. Like I’ve said before, racism is a crucial asset in maintaining ethnic and racial identities.

  2. If there is ANY likely resistance to this plague it would most likely be found in an alliance between fundamentalist Christians and the Nation of Israel. I can’t see any other likely partnership against this Creeping Death Nightmare. This reminds me of “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”(Both fifties and seventies versions). I keep trying to wake people up to this coming disaster and get only blank stares from most of them, except for the very few and alert who have known about this for decades. What do we have to do to wake people up?
    I knew that the Islamic jihad against the rest of the world was back when Khomeni’s “students” took over the American Embassy in 1979. I knew that 9/11 was coming twenty-two years before it finally arrived’ and when it did I experienced a prolonged euphoric joy that we were finally going to send Jihadists back to where they belonged…and then the best that happened was confusion… and even indifference.
    Will America ever wake up, or will we go the way of Europe?

    • A problem with your possible solution, Judenlieber; some- not all- Christian fundamentalists believe that the “Last Days” of mankind on Earth will be heralded by a war in the Holy Land. The sane majority, who may not believe in a deity, or if they do, don’t hold with this theory, would like to think humanity may have a future on this planet for some time to come, so choose your potential allies wisely please.

    • No, there is a third, may be the strongest, new (even if the oldest ‘religion’ in the world) force, the rock against which the Muslim imperialism will crash: it is India, with its Sanathana Dharma and rejuvenated (by this new great P.M. Mr. MODI ) Hindus!

  3. UK will be Islamic state by 2025- 2030 at the latest!


    Vladimir Putin’s speech


    On August 04, 2013, Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, addressed the Duma, (Russian Parliament), and gave a speech about the tensions with minorities in Russia:

    “In Russia, live like Russians. Any minority, from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, it should speak Russian, and should respect the Russian laws. If they prefer Sharia Law, and live the life of Muslim’s then we advise them to go to those places where that’s the state law.

    Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture. We had better learn from the suicides of America, England, Holland and France, if we are to survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those countries and they will not take over Russia. The Russian customs and traditions are not compatible with the lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and Muslims.

    When this honourable legislative body thinks of creating new laws, it should have in mind the Russian national interest first, observing that the Muslims Minorities Are Not Russians.”

    The politicians in the Duma gave Putin a five-minute standing ovation.

    • Politicians need to be realistic. It does not matter if they have a worthless piece of paper from Harvard of Oxford. If they have no commonsense, reason, scruples, conscience, morals, sincerity, sincere love for one’s nation . . . etc. You respect your own borders and you respect other nation’s borders.
      You don’t have to wage wars against other nations to prove you are clever and have values. If you can’t put a cap on the nation’s debt you have no morals and democracy then is dictatorship.
      You don’t sacrifice your nation to get elected. You sacrifice yourself (lose an election) for the sake of your country. You don’t go and lavish money on muslim organizations, build mosques visit Hamas, bow deeply to Saudi king to get elected. The west has lost, shame, morals, honor, dignity, and now the nation itself. Who is aware of that?

      Western politicians must learn from Putin. What he said is gold, and must have been said and should be said by every western politician.

      It will be said in 30 years when it is too late. Jellyfish, useless Western newspapers, sense first and do whatever their western politicians want: islamization of the west. If they don’t they calmly are fired. Who will risk that. And still politicians insist this is a democracy.

      Just imagine what will western newspapers say if a asemsible politician said some logical ideas like those of Putin.
      To heck with those LIARS who have no honor.

    • Possibly….. “We ( and others) checked the Russian archives of the speeches by President Vladimir Putin and found that he made no such address to the Russian Parliament on February (sometimes reported as August) 4, 2013.

      This eRumor appears to be a spin off from an older one that came from the Land Down Under. This one said that an Australian Government official told Muslim immigrants are not welcome if they desire to change the Australian standard of law to Sharia.

      That remark was true and made by Australian Finance Minister Peter Costello in a speech to the Sydney Institute on February 23, 2006. Since then several variations of this eRumor have sprung forth changing the person who made the remark to the elected Australian Prime Minster at the time of circulation. ”

      Is there proof Putin made such a speech?

    • Unfortunately Putin never gave that speech. Its a hoax, created
      by some geek in his mother’s basement.

      It woulda been nice if he had made the speech, we here in the
      apathetic West might have learned something.

  5. Islam has become resurgent due to the discovery of oil and the ARAMCO company’s development of the oilfields in Saudi Arabia. Without that vast infusion of money, Islam would be still stumbling about in their deserts and basically, ravaging the lesser nations, even as they do now. Countries such as Africa, which can be taken advantage of by bully Islam will fall. However, Islam has defeated brilliant civilizations such as Persia and the Byzantine empire. Sadly, western civilization has its blinders well in place and are allowing the alien culture of Islam within its borders without so much as a sigh. Will someone turn up the heat so the frog can finish cooking?

  6. >> French political scientist Pierre-André Taguieff determined years ago: “The originators of violence against Jews are no longer mostly from the extreme right. <<

    The above is yet another iteration of the fatuous idea that violence against Jews originated on the "right," perpetually undefined.

    The National Socialists were the consummate killers of Jews and if anyone can get "right wing" out of "National Socialist" my hat's off to such a gifted contortionist.

    Uncritically inserted but otherwise an excellent article.

  7. Israel is in a shooting war with Islam and its terrorist propensities, you might not like Jews or israelis, but they are not going to behead you or crucify you or cut off your limbs.

    ISIS/ISIL/IS is the most dangerous thing the world has ever come across, soon they will be able to go nuclear with aid from Khan/Pakistan/Taliban, then what happens?

    • To be honest it would be good if this would happen before overwhelming Europe with their specimens. A nuclear confrontation would mean the definitive end of their power before having the occasion to spread all around the globe.

    • It would be nice if a couple hundred Jews in the UK pointed out that Islam (really blacks n browns) threatens to demographically erase England, Scotland, Wales. Then I’d take the protestations you make seriously.

  8. The left needs a victim – or victims. When Jews were an oppressed minority the left were on their side – now Jews (Israel) stand up for themselves and are nationalistic, so the left hates them.

    • Short truth about the long run. But complicated by the fact that too many Jews suffer from Stockholm Syndrome and identify with BDS anti-Semites. Too bad their parents couldn’t have taught them an honest trade.

      • Alas, you are 100 % right. But those Jews with the Stockholm syndrome are not suffering, they really believe that by “talking the talk and walking the walk” they will be fully accepted. Betrayers of Jesus in the ancient times were not dissimilar to the Chomskys, Soroses, Alinskys of today. But I think there is an other aspect of this newest anti Jewish tsunami. I never believed the choosenness of Jews. Now I do. I feel every pogrom is a form of crucifixion. God still loves human kind, human kind did not stopped sinning, so the Father sacrifies His beloved Son (the Jewish nation) again and again.

        • That’s blasphemy if you are a Christian.

          The Cross was the theological end of blood sacrifice.

          expulsions of minorities is nothing new.

      • Jews seem to be as self detructive as Western Europeans – what is it about ‘us’ that so many of ‘us’ side with the enemy?

        • Well, speaking as a non commited militant atheist (So on islams kill these ones first I’m at number one) I see this same suicidal impulse in many of my fellow non believers (We don’t need a deity to teach us right from wrong, golden rule). It makes me ashamed that so many like me in terms of non faith, are so blinking rabid about what comes to a slip of land in the middle east.
          Now I’m not going to get into the rights and wrongs of the ME, but for fricks sake I just wish my fellow free thinkers actually thought for once!

  9. Those who fail to tell the truth… about Islam, or any other existential danger… die of the Lie.

  10. An insightful article. I agree that secularists leftists and Islam are strange ‘bedfellows’. I say all history is theological….all religion and philosophies try to reconcile God and man in some way. Islam and secularism are opposite sides of this theological problem. Islam proposes to ‘love’ God and despise humanity (it suppresses all human expression by its deity’ slaw), and secularists love human freedom which is the autonomous individual will to do whatever one constructs as a ‘good’ and so rejects God as an oppressor. Pope Benedict was right that the west needs to reclaim its Chistian foundations

  11. Name one jewish organization in Britain, France, Germany, Holland devoted to an anti-invader/anti-migrant policy.

    You will struggle to find one.

    • Any ‘Jewish’ organisation that tried would be utterly trounced in a wave of ‘justifiable’ anti-Semitism. As a minority group, there are some places you just don’t go (in public). Some of my relatives in UK are very aware of the perils and have been for many years, the public at large does not like Joos expressing their opinions, this is why GoV is such a gem!

        • Who in the UK supported those racial incitement laws?

          A couple of Skinheads in Fulham or Chelsea were never able to overthrow polite society. A few gas bag lawyers and civil rights activist on the other hand erased free speech.

  12. Want to fight it? All the Westerners need to throw huge amounts of money to the right organizations. Imagine what financing a few billion euros into the Right Sector in Ukraine will do. Nobody wants it of course, but this is just an example. Hoping for the Leftists letting things go won’t do the trick whatever smart might be the arguments. Time for talking is over. At the peak of the anti-immigration action the Westerners with enough money and with the will must finance counter-Saudis organizations, working the same way they work, with the same scale and frequency or better. There is little progress if only for waiting for the population to vote for the right leaders because those into power are doing everything they can to squeeze all other possibilities. If the Europeans will finance those parties that are really representing their interests then they will come on equal foot in the elections. If those into power will push things to the next level, trying to use force against the real representatives of the people, then the people must finance paramilitary organizations and take over by force. You have a plan. Although the Arabs have those undeserved money coming from oil exports, they can be beaten on their task. They are not organized, they fight each other, they betray each other too often and are all corrupted, so they lack the necessary skills to get things going at a superior level. This is their climax, all they can do they are already doing. Do not underestimate the capacity of the Europeans for money raising and getting things organized and working, especially if a few very rich guys decide to start this the whole movement. So the first thing to do is to give massive amounts of money to the right organizations.

    • Such money would be wasted now.

      Europeans and Americans meekly cooperate in their subjugation and cannot even bring themselves to pull the lever for salvationist parties or individuals. Effort required? As much as to go buy a decaf latte and glutin-free, transfat-free, nut-free slice of banana bread.

      Highly educated people in the U.S. still see “capitalism” as the source of our difficulties and, of course, they spit on the Constitution.

      Understanding of any real threat there is not.

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