The Burning of the Mevlana Mosque

Several weeks ago a recent addition to the Mevlana Mosque in the Kreuzberg district of Berlin was destroyed by fire. Even before the incident was judged to be arson, German politicians fell all over themselves to express their “solidarity” with victimized Muslims in the mosque’s congregation.

Today, however, the announcement of the ethnicity of the principal suspect showed that earlier assumptions had been wrong, and no “Islamophobia” was involved.

Rembrandt Clancy has translated a series of media items about the case. We’ll begin with a news report that was televised before the ruling of arson was confirmed. Many thanks to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

The translator notes that the incident bears comparison with the silence after the fire a year ago in the Lutheran church at Garson.

The following article from Der Tagsesspiegel, also translated by Rembrandt Clancy, discusses the determination by the police that the fire was set deliberately:

Fire in Mevlana Mosque was an Attack

27 August 2014

Having been long in question, now it is certain: The fire in the Mevlana Mosque in Kreuzberg was set deliberately, according to police investigations.

The fire in the Kreuzberg Mosque must be attributed to an arson attack, according to the assessment of the investigators. “We can now rule out a technical defect,” said Police President Klaus Kandt on Tuesday after he had visited the mosque together with the Minister of the Interior [for the City-State of Berlin] Frank Henkel (CDU). Also negligence is to be ruled out: “We are assuming an intentional act”.

Politicians demonstrate signs of Solidarity

The flames also deposited soot on the facade of the mosque. On Sunday evening the SPD chief [Social Democratic Party] and the Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel visited the crime scene and spoke of an “assassination attempt”. Also, Henkel wanted to demonstrate by his visit “a sign of solidarity”, as he put it. “When in Germany houses of God burn, it is not sufficient for the society simply to show sympathy”, said the Senator. “The society and the politicians must send a signal that such crimes must not be accepted”. The police will do everything in their power to solve the case. State security and fire experts are investigating the case in concert.

“For us it was clear from the first minute”

“We are happy that what has been clear to us from the beginning, is now also clear for the investigators”, said Mustafa Özdemir, who advises the Islamic Federation in political and legal matters. It is appropriate that the Interior Senator has now visited the mosque, he said. “That is how it should be, but it is nothing special.” It would have been more welcome had he come earlier, he added. Prior to the tour, Henkel and Kandt had met, to the exclusion of the press, with the representatives of the mosque and with the Islamic Federation.

Today’s news story informs us that the suspected perpetrator is Jordanian, and presumably a Muslim (also translated by Rembrandt Clancy). The translator notes: “It would appear Spiegel Online neutralise the embarrassment of a Jordanian perpetrator by deluging the reader with uninterpretable estimates of other attacks on mosques.”

Fire in a Berlin Mosque: The Public Prosecutor has a Suspect under Investigation.

Source: Spiegel Online

30 August 2014

Berlin — In the case of the suspected arson at the mosque in Berlin-Kreuzberg, the public prosecutor has initiated investigation proceedings against a suspect. According to a spokesman for the prosecution in response to inquiries from SPIEGEL ONLINE, the accused is a man from Jordan who had already attracted attention owing to other charges of arson and is presently under investigative detention. Now he is suspected of having set fire to the Berlin Mevlana Mosque on the night of 12 August.

The fire destroyed an addition to the place of worship (Gotteshaus) and damaged the facade. According to the Office of the Prosecution, investigations are ongoing against the suspect, inclusive of a possible motive. Whether there might be a political background to the case is presently not entirely clear.

According to statements of the Federal Ministry of the Interior, there have been twelve politically motivated attacks on mosques in Germany from January to August of this year alone. Based on this count, altogether more than 300 Muslim houses of worship have been attacked since 2001. The spectrum of the crimes ranged from swastika smearing to murder threats against Imams through to arson.

The last attack which the Interior Ministry cites from the statistics was on 17 August. On that occasion a mosque in Mölln, Schleswig-Holstein, was damaged.

Translator’s Note: Politically Incorrect (30 August 2014), after summarising the Spiegel Online report, also draw attention to the obsequious behaviour of certain German politicians as follows: “It seems Gabriel and Henkel were somewhat premature with their submissive statements” (cf. the Der Tagesspiegel report above).

Video transcript:

Three days after the fire at the Mevlana Mosque in Berlin-Kreuzberg, several hundred Muslims demonstrated and prayed near the scene of the fire.

They knelt on prayer rugs on the street in front of the building.

The fire broke in the period between Monday and Tuesday morning [Aug. 11/12] in an unfinished extension of the mosque.

Police forensic technicians found an inflammable liquid in the fire debris.

A spokesman emphasised that that does not automatically mean it was a deliberate attack.

Hat tip for today’s article: Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.

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  1. The surprising thing isn’t that it was a Muslim Jordanian (the majority of whom identify as Palestinians until caught at some nefarious deed then they invoke their Jordanian citizenship as their identity) who committed the arson attack upon the mosque; the surprising thing is it wasn’t the mosque’s imam or an associate of his carrying out the attack to maintain the fiction that Muslims are constantly under threat of violence from “Neo-Nazis” and “Islamophobic” extremists.

  2. We are the muslims, the pampered people of the world. All others make way for us, obey us, indulge our whims and desires. We cleansed parts of Iraq and Syria of Christians recently and no one dare utter the word “ethnic cleansing” . We ethnic cleansed Jews 70 years ago From Baghdad, Cairo, Damascus. . . .
    We ethnic cleansed Kosovo of Christians and western countries did not dare tell the truth. They interfered and destroyed Yugoslavia when Serbs were being raped and decimated. We sicced western powers against Yugoslavia and they obeyed. They had no choice. We did all this and western people don’t know the truth : they are lethargic, half asleep. We tell you you are a horse and you put the rein.

    We are horsing around in Calgary and is the man who can stop us?

    We are reckless in Minnesota and is there a man who can stand in our we.
    We hate a dozen people in the west who awaken the kuffar from their slumber. That’s how we have prevailed over kuffars over the last 1435 years. They are nice we are harsh and cruel. Then they like our cruelty. They get used to it.

    No one can imitate us in our atrocities because no one will get away with it like us. allah has privileged us with looting, raping, plundering, ransacking, terrorizing, beheading. We turn your churches into mosques you feel happier since you hate your religion so much.

    • Are you trying to be ironic? If you are a “Moslem” gloating over your “success” do not confuse our stupid Leftwing “elite” of “intelletuals” who have one braincell each. The ordinary people in the street know the truth and who to blame. The Left “elite” number a few noisy, “gobby” thousands- we the street wise number millions.

      In Northern Ireland Moslems are leaving due to members of the public acting on their own initiative, against a supine elite. They don’t like or want “Islam” in their country. Anger in the UK is at boiling point. I know this because I have “sources” being a Bishop.

      I also talk to my “flock”. Moslems are despised and this is a shame because I know many personally who are excellent fellows, just as Churchill said in his “River Wars”.

      I warned the UK Moslem “Community” years ago that their behaviour and demands would one day backfire and that to confuse our stupid and effete politicians with the Anglo Saxon populations, was a grave error.

      Now the UK “Establishment” is whipping up anti-Moslem rhetoric over the Rotherham scandal and “ISIS” in the Middle East. Even the thicks in charge have finally realised they have been not just dumb but threatened an entire civilsation with extinction- their own. I even think Ukraine maybe an attempt to plunge Europe into war, in order to make the Moslem migrants go home en masse.

      As a Churchman I cannot support violence in any form but after years of having the doubtful delights of “Islam” feted, courted amd pushed down our collective throats for years, is it any wonder that we could take no more?

      Sow the wind-reap the whirlwind- and you most assuredly will!

      • Bishop, Murad is a frequent contributor here; if you’d followed him, you’d know he’s being ironic.

    • He forgot to say : “”” we raped, violated, impregnated with our spawn thousands of your English pre teen and teen girls in towns such as Rotherham, Oxford (yes), Manchester. And we are still doing it. Islamist and immigrant : fail safe protection for the ready made criminal underclass yiu have stupidly nurtured “”” ! Thank you foolish England.

  3. Allah does not exist and as for mohammed, isn’t he the guy that runs a gay club in Kilburn?

    • I don’t know, but it is a funny thing that the Mevlana mosque is named after a homosexual poet (Mevlana = Rumi) who wrote glowing love letters to his beloved Shams and so enraged the surroundings by living with with him and loving him openly that some indignant guy from his family broke in one night and beheaded Shams.

      Poor Rumi.

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