9 thoughts on “Sikhs, Motorcycles, the RCMP, and Sharia in Canada

  1. I like Nick V.. however, he can never openly come right out and say that it is Islam that is problem..he dances around the subject more than a hippy at Burning Man.

  2. ” Why ISIS beheaded the U.S. journalist”

    If officials at the top don’t know why how can other Americans know. During the time this journalist and other hostages were there McCain made several trips to Syria meeting them and giving them probably money and weapons. This blind dealing with muslims ( USA calls them rebels) got him beheaded. ISIS tricks Americans by saying we are moderate and we want freedom and democracy. ISIS understand what to say to the western people to trick them. Western people are like children gullible innocent in a bad sense.
    A Canadian prominent imam is on hunger strike to protest the actions of ISIS beheading the journalist.
    This is taqqiya par excellence. Typical of people so clever that the western mind is not capable of understanding. By this gesture he is saying “You see we are just kind like you Canadians who have made yourself known in the world as compassionate caring people.” He can understand what to say and what to do to keep Canadians fast asleep and not to awaken them. Don’t worry imam they won’t wake up until it is too late. Canadians and westerners in general will believe his “sincerity” in feeling horror at this beheading, as if the last 1435 years are not enough proof. But how many westerners know that. Go to sleep.

    Can Canadians understand his tricky motive. A ten year old muslim can take 50 Canadian for a ride.

    Sleep westerns you live in luxury
    Enough you have democracy
    Sing for freedom mindlessly day and night
    Don’t see evil don’t hear evil
    Then evil will go
    Bring more muslims to prove your renowned kindness
    And give a cogent evidence that you surpassed Scandinavians in humanism
    Where muslim jihadis infringe on your rights
    Just pretend you don’t dare to see anything
    As our rulers tell us to do
    Or if you see reckless muslims interpret their behaviour in a positive way:
    They were traumatized at home. They can’t respect our policemen because they had no respect for their policemen at home.
    If you see a westerner criticizing a muslim law-breaker say:
    This is Un-American, UN-Australian, Un-British, Un-Canadian, Un-French.
    Oh westerners just be nice and naive to muslims they will respect you.

  3. Mr. Vandergragt made several good points, but he omitted THE ONE that will determine whether any Western nation will survive or perish.
    “Christian Charity” may be the high road, but it’s headed for a cliff.

    • Actually, Nick Vandergragt wasn’t saying those things. He couldn’t — not if he wanted to keep his job at CFRA. Almost everything you heard was spoken by the caller.

      • Indeed! What happened to “democracies” to take this giant step for muslims and humungous idea for humanity to let invaders

        He would have lost his job just like those under Stalin and Saddam Hussein and Hitler. Oh we are still a democracy. Just tell your brain what you see is wrong.

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