Server Issues

We’ve been having problems with our server today. As you may have noticed, everything slowed down here for a while. Then it quit entirely.

We are (mostly) back up and running now. But server issues have consumed a lot of my time since early afternoon, so posting has been light, and will continue to be for a while longer.

6 thoughts on “Server Issues

  1. Relieved that’s all it is. (The car was obviously weighed down by having twice the usual number of licence plates!)

  2. BNI said that since the Foley beheading they’ve had about 200,000 more visits per day than normal. I wonder if this is affecting you guys as well?

    I consider this site (Gates of Vienna) one of the top sites along with Bare Naked Islam, The Religion of Peace, and Jihad Watch.

  3. I can’t get to your daily news feed. My screen says “you are being redirected” and then just gets stuck in limbo. I use ubuntu and firefox. Are they censoring you?

    • No, we’ve added new functionality on our server that we hope will help solve some of the problems we’ve been having. GoV had IP address issues earlier today, but they should all have been fixed. The problem you described was happening last night and to some extent this morning. However the news feed (and all other posts) should be accessible for everyone now, as far as I know.

  4. Besides the sites mentioned by Porkistan above the other top sites are Atlas Shrugs,
    Tundra Tabloids and Vlad Tepes. So please spread the news.

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