Pro-Israel Rally in Paris

Compare and contrast this event with the pro-Hamas riots from last weekend and the weekend before. There are no firebombs or overturned vehicles in this one. I didn’t notice a single rock thrown, nor any waste bins on fire.

Same city, different people…

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:


00:00   For France, for Israel, against terrorism!
00:04   All united against terrorism !
00:08   Gaza held hostage by Hamas
00:12   Down with terrorism
00:20   down with terrorism
00:28   down with terrorism
00:32   Am Israel Chai
00:36   Israel will overcome
00:40   Israel will live
00:52   I support the right of Israel to self-defence
00:56   and for Jews to live in security in France.
01:04   All united against terrorism
01:08   Singing the French national anthem
01:12   ”La Marseillaise”
01:24   We now ask you to respect
01:28   one minute of silence in memory of ALL victims of this conflict,
01:32   those of Gaza and those of Israel.
01:44   Gaza held hostage by Hamas
02:21   We protest for peace and quiet, NOT hate, violence and killing.
02:25   UN, where are your condemnations of Hamas? Also hidden under UNRWA schools??
02:29   Care about lives of Civilians? Really? Then start to show Hamas’ true face and atrocities!

3 thoughts on “Pro-Israel Rally in Paris

  1. My thought exactly, among others. The contrast could not be more dramatic.

    The Marseillaise was a notable touch — declaring that Jewish people (and other Israel-supporters) are fundamentally at home in French civilization in ways their enemies can never be, and that Israel and France have more in common than either does with Hamas and its supporters.

  2. Listen to how well the crowd observed the one minute’s silence in memory of those killed in the conflict. There is not a sound to be heard apart from a siren going off. Compare that with the howling mob of riotous maniacs last weekend who could not have kept silent for one second, let alone a whole minute.

    The media sometimes give the impression that all Europeans are raving leftists and terrorist supporters, which is very far from being the truth. The people on this rally represent the true face of Europe, not the criminal fringe who were burning cars last week.

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