Muzzled in the Rhineland

Last week we posted a translation of an “Islamophobic” essay by Frank Meyer that had originally been published at the Swiss site

A newspaper in the Rhineland called the Rheinische Post subsequently republished Mr. Meyer’s essay. Since then, however, the piece has been taken down from RP’s website.

Politically Incorrect offers some speculations about why the essay was removed. Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Rheinische Post Removes Islam-Critical Article

No doubt Mazyek* and Co. have put really heavy pressure on the editorial staff! The guest editorial by Frank A. Meyer, “Islam is a Totalitarian Religion”, which appeared originally in the Swiss illustrated newsmagazine BLICK on August 2nd and was mentioned in PI, was removed from the Post in an act of self-censorship. Meanwhile, on August 15th, the Post squeezed in, as an afterthought, a positive story on the civilizational contributions of the Muslim world (“Without the Open-Minded Islam of the Middle Ages, the Heritage of the Classical Era Would Have Disappeared”). N.B., the more obvious the contradiction between “peaceful” Islam and its totalitarian reality becomes, the more desperate are the deceptive maneuvers of the mass media.

*   Aiman A. Mazyek — German media consultant and chair of the Central Council of Muslims in Germany.

Aiman A. Mazyek (* 19. Januar 1969 in Aachen) ist ein deutscher Medienberater und Vorsitzender des Zentralrats der Muslime in Deutschland.