Jihad Comes to Schilderswijk

Last weekend a peaceful march against ISIS in the Schilderswijk district in The Hague turned violent when Muslim counter-demonstrators went on the rampage, with the tacit connivance of the police.

Three videos of recent events in Schilderswijk (in Dutch): Video 1, Video 2, Video 3.

Our Dutch correspondent H. Numan sent the following report:

Trouble is brewing in The Hague. IS is taking over or has taken over the Schilderswijk (Painter’s Quarter, a notorious very poor area). Last week a peaceful demonstration against ISIS was stopped by Muslims, with passive assistance of the police.

The mayor Jozias van Aartsen is under fire for:

a)   not doing anything,
b)   remaining on holiday while this was going on,
c)   conveniently looking the other way while it happened, and
d)   lying to the media about it.

Don’t worry about him, though; he can do a lot worse and get away with it — just look at mayor Alied Wolfsen of Utrecht.

Wilders said some words about it, and things are really heating up there.

Arnoud van Doorn, the turncoat who left the PVV and is now paid by Saudi Arabia (how else can he afford to drive around in a new Jaguar?) announced he will set up a militia to protect mosques against attacks from the extreme right.

Below are excerpts from a report about Geert Wilders’ reaction to recent events in Schilderswijk:

Wilders calls for anti-Islam march in The Hague

Geert Wilders is calling on ‘everyone’ to take part in an anti-Islam demonstration in The Hague Schilderswijk district on September 20.

The anti-Islam PVV party leader made the call on Wednesday morning following reports in the Telegraaf about continuing unrest in the district.

Last weekend, a riot broke out in the district when around 150 Muslim youngsters began an illegal protest, blocking the route of a legal march against Muslim radicals and the IS (Islamic State) terror group.

It was the latest in a string of problems in the Schilderswijk which includes the harassment of psychiatric patients, fans of ISIS who dream of a caliphate in the area and anti-semitism.


On Tuesday, justice minister Ivo Opstelten said the weekend riot was ‘unacceptable’ and called on the city council to take action.

The council is now set to meet on Wednesday evening to discuss the situation and mayor Jozias van Aartsen will finally return from holiday to attend the meeting.

Van Aartsen has been criticised for his absence and for his lack of action on previous occasions.

Second march

Wilders made his call to join the demonstration on September 20 after the organisers of the weekend march applied to the city council for permission to hold a second march.

‘I think lots of people, hopefully thousands, should join the march to show that this is about Dutch territory and we will not accept a sharia district,’ he told Dutch media.

Read the rest in Dutch News.

Hat tip for the videos: Vlad Tepes.

9 thoughts on “Jihad Comes to Schilderswijk

  1. Look at all those “moderate” Muslims supporting the establishment of the new Caliphate, beheadings, ritual stonings, death, murder and mayhem – they’re everywhere!

  2. Quote ‘ problems in the Schilderswijk which includes the harassment of psychiatric patients, fans of ISIS who dream of a caliphate in the area ‘

    The grammar of the original article (presumably in Dutch) has got mangled in translation leading to this unintentional but utterly brilliant statement. Reading it literally ‘fans of ISIS who dream of a caliphate in the area’ are ALL harassed ‘psychiatric patients’. That’s an incredibly accurate description of anyone who is a fan of ISIS !!

  3. War is coming. Everyone is seeing that except gov. decision makers, we call them our dishonorable leaders. Wilders sees that, and he is considered eccentric and unsavory.

    How could Europe and every western country become so enslaved to islam?
    Very easy to stop the coming war. Easy things are very difficult, as Kafka says.
    Just stop importing muslim invaders. But that’s impossible to do. If the ruling party decides to do that the opposition will hinder the bill. If the Opposition comes to power and enacts a bill to stop invaders, the Opposition will prevent that. And they pitifully call this the best system in the world. Once a vice starts in a “democracy” it will mushroom into destruction and no one can halt it.

    The problem is not invaders: the problem is the system that has no values and no morals. It is the people who make the system. The system is the reflection of the moral/ immoral attitudes of the people running it.
    The problem is with the people who go and vote mindlessly, and forget in one month after election what was promised.

    In the west today real refugees and their oppressors are here oppressing their victims as in the original place. Here the oppressors are more aggressive because of welfare money, and slack governments.

    Governments in the west are lax only when it comes to muslims: they are let to go free. When it comes to the indigenous people : Christians, Jews . . . they are the most harsh govs. in the world. Dare we say that?

    • I believe even the decision makers can see serious problems on the (near) horizon. They just have no idea what to do without making the matter worse. The situation requires drastic measures but the PTB (powers that be :0)) have neither the will nor the courage to do what needs to be done. So they rearrange the deck chairs…

  4. Diversity is conflict, never forget. I may not look like you, but I support the nationalist struggle worldwide. Smash tolerance, crush the left, and end race replacement.

  5. Murad, the war is here but only one side is fighting. The Yellow Dutch politicians have breached their duty to protect those that elected them and should be removed.

    Every Dutch man and woman should join Geert Wilders’ march.

  6. Peter, We’ve got to many simple minded [priapic appendages] in my country. If they can have a tax deduction from the next guy? They vote for that guy! The “thinking” in the Netherlands doesn’t go any deeper.

    They always got the American to liberate them, dont they? 😉

  7. Yesterday the The Hague city council had a meeting about what happened in the Schilderswijk. The only thing the mayor, Van Aartsen, did, is not allowing new anti-ISIS demonstrations in that area. So the ISIS-supporters has won and the Schilderswijk defenitely has become a part of the worldwide Caliphate. Shame on the mayor, shame on the Dutch government, shame on everyone who made this possible !!

    70 years after the last fascist occupation of The Netherlands, they are back now.
    The only difference is that it where Germans then and muslims and Arabs now.
    Not suprising that the nazi’s and the islam-leaders in WWII could get along together very well. The same ideology, the same violence and the same way of terrorising people.

    Now that the muslims could take over power in The Schilderswijk in The Hague só easily, they won’t stop and try to take more power in more area’s. And the government again won’t do anything against it, affraid to be called racists or to face violence.
    More and more parts of Europe will become islamic enclaves where the government won’t have power anymore. And as usual with muslims and Arabs, they won’t rest before there area’s has grown bigger then the remaining parts of the original countries.

    And all that muslims that belong, as pro-multiculturals always say, to the “moderate islam” ? I don’t hear any protest from them against what is happening.
    Not against ISIS and not against what happened in The Schilderswijk or other islamic area’s in Europa. I think these muslims are less moderate than all the islam-friends in Europa want us to believe…..

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