Islam Rising — In Poland?

The Islamization of Poland seems to be proceeding much faster than I ever expected — and probably to the surprise of most Poles.

Our Polish correspondent Green Infidel sends the following translated report on the latest official oppression of “Islamophobia” in Poland. He includes this introductory note:

It seems that in Poland, Western-style “hate-speech” laws are being rapidly enforced — perhaps helped by a Communist-style mentality still present in much of the police and prosecutors’ offices.

Here’s one victim — the owner of a Jihad Watch-style portal, reposting news articles about the “Islamisation of Europe”, mostly from Western media.

The police promptly took away his computer and laptop for examination, he was questioned about his “attitudes towards believers of Islam”, and even donors to his website received visits from the police!

One wonders whether the commenters, and over 150,000 Facebook users who “liked” his page will also receive visits?

The translated article:

On the 23rd of July [2014], the police carried out a search of my apartment and secured a PC, as well as my mobile phone with its SIM-card. However, this is not the first time when I’ve been the target of political correctness and pseudo-intellectual elites.

My legal problems commenced at the start of September 2013 — when I received a letter from the same prosecutors’ office, which is currently leading the investigation against me. At that time, I was accused of inciting hatred during 2012-2013, and insulting a group due to its faith. This is an charge from article 256§1 of the Polish penal code, and 257§ in relation to article 11§2 of the Polish legal code.

The prosecutors’ justification was as follows: “Damian Kowalski, inciting through the internet to hatred of the followers of Islam, requested donations to support his actions to the bank account number: …”. After a few days, I was forced to present myself at the prosecutors’ office and submit a statement in the presence of my lawyer, I was questioned about everything to do with the functioning of the website [].

A month later I received a statement that the process was being dismissed, as it transpired that nowhere did I personally insult Muslims. The person who reported the website, in the opinion of the prosecutor, “over-interpreted” the contents on the page “No to the Islamisation of Europe”. I decided at that time not to announce this case anywhere, as the case was dismissed, and I concluded that there will not be further misunderstandings — yet I was wrong. When the police searched my apartment on the 23rd of July and secured my work equipment, I understood that I cannot remain silent further, especially given that a close colleague of mine was summoned to the police station, to serve as a witness.

If the facts do not agree with the official version — then more bad for the facts — this assumption was used by the enemies of our initiative. One of them, the editor “Jas Kapela” — who works closely with the Gazeta Wyborcza newspaper [Poland’s biggest-selling, liberal Polish daily] and “Krytyka Polityczna” [a far-left group with close links to, among others, Antifa in Germany], who launched many actions in the prosecutor’s office against “No to Islamisation of Europe” — has undoubtedly also played a role in the present proceedings. Unfortunately, it’s not only him. Sadly, I must conclude that hateful comments by some readers also played a significant role in the proceedings. The editors did not manage to delete them before the functionaries of cultural Marxism (commonly known as political correctness) could get to them. In relation to this, I appeal for us all to retain civility in our comments.

However, what makes me wonder, and concerns me the most, is that the prosecutor wishes to know my “opinion about the followers of Islam”. One could get the impression that independent thought and holding one’s own opinion, which is not enforced from the outside, can be a reason to start a penal process, which is an evident absurdity and means to cause problems for independent media and movements. However, I do not intend to surrender without a fight, and I will continue my activities — to inform, along with others, about the danger carried by the experiment of multiculturalism and the process of the Islamisation of Europe. I will further remain opposed to Sharia law, which is contrary to Polish law. I will not be discouraged by any leftist with the mentality of a schoolchild, or the fact that I’m being pestered by letters from the prosecutor and visits from police officials.

There are 150,000 of us, and there’ll be even more!

— Damian Kowalski

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  1. Did the same issue, growing censorship of negative inference of anything dealing with Islam and Muhammedans play a part in the absolute silence (scrubbing from the web) from Polands ” Victoria ” projects ($50m Euro budget film, theme park, museum) based on the story of the Polish victory in the 1683 Battle of Vienna. Possible highlights were to include Hollywood cast and “Lord of the Rings” special effects crew…discussed even here sometime in in 2007-08? The original links to the project included beautiful soundtrack samples and historic details of some of the featured characters. Shame it’s no longer online.

      • Thank you for the link about that story. Round about 2011, I had heard that there were plans for a film commemorating the 325th anniversary of the Battle of Vienna (in 2008) – but they were shelved, apparently after pressure from Turkey. Although there was little material about it on the internet… FYI, a film was eventually made in 2012 about the battle, however it was generally poorly received and a low-key affair.

        From your article however, it seems the original version of the film was to be a 120 million Zloty ($40 million) blockbuster, with Mel Gibson playing the leading role. An article was also written on “Gazeta Wyborcza” about it, according to your link. So surely it’s strange, that plans of such a scale should be shelved without any further discussion?

  2. Right now over 156,000 LIKE on FACEBOOK! de police be busy checking on all of us…. ubby ubby…come and gits me Po-lease.

  3. Just amazing! It does not matter what country or race : French, Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Ossies, British, Scotish, Irish, Welsh, Dutch . . . etc. the cowardly, abject, DARING LIARS/ politicians behave in exactly the same way as if they have been given the same instructions. Do these Daring LIARS get any petromoney for their service of Muhammadans ?
    Or simply there is no honor left.

  4. Just went over there and liked the page. I just wish there was a translation feature.

  5. One must ask whether this crackdown has occurred at the behest of the Culturally marxist EU or whether someone nearer home has been threatened or paid of with petro dollars.

  6. Baron – thank you for posting this.

    Reading further about the story, it’s clear that “Jas Kapela” is the main force behind this prosecution. FYI – here he is… the graffiti behind his photo says “The Pope is a d***. Polish whore”. [sorry in advance for the non-compliant language!]

    Btw, the owner of the website linked in this comment also received a visit from the police, around the same time as the owner of “No to the Islamisation of Europe”.

  7. Another story: in a recent flight, my suitcase was broken. Well, I’m engineer and the way it was broken didn’t make sense. It was like it was completely opened using force and then they hit with some kind of blunt tool to cover it. Am I right? who knows. I could be right, I could be wrong. But it was… weird.

    I haven’t done nothing more than following some “anti-islamic” blogs, posting on internet and having some debates about Gaza-Israel in facebook. Not a violent person at all, and the only groups where I have been were charity ones. Because of that is my name in some kind of “list”? Maybe, who knows…

    Crazy world.

  8. There is something very fishy that a Catholic country like Poland would enthusiastically welcome Islam adherents to their country, unless they have forgotten their history entirely. I well remember reading that Polish forces galloped to aid Vienna in 1683 when it was attacked by the Turks, who are of course, Moslem.

    The comments previous pointing out the possiblity of petro-dollars being the driving force against yet another country forced to be silent is very troubling indeed.

    And yet, you know that the “leaders” of government in all these countries are either crazy or stupid if they don’t realize that without some kind of pushback or insistence on assimilation to the “new” country, they will be under the same kind of law that rules in most of the middle-east.

    They should have built a fence around it 50 years ago. . .

    • I am not sure that the initiator of this prosecution would agree with you that “Poland is a Catholic country”… see an earlier comment. While for the most part, your statement is correct, there is nonetheless a minority of harcore ultra-leftists who postulate the most absurd notions. Many would most likely even be happy to see a Poland controlled by Islamists. I have seen in Warsaw, next to “anti-fascist” graffiti, other graffiti in the same handwriting, over-writing graffiti saying “Stop the Islamisation of Europe”. They simply crossed out the “Stop” to write “Start”…

      They cannot wait for this to start – simply because the Islamists are against the Polish Catholics, who these near-adolescents hate more than anything else. Many are the descendants of Communist collaborators and apparatchiks. Some however, like the plaintiff in this case, are even the children of devout Catholics. In fact, Jas Kapela’s mother is herself an activist, campaigning for recognition of large (mainly Catholic) families.

    • As for “petro-dollars” being the driving force – they are certainly making an appearance in Poland… A few years ago, a serious contender to buy the Gdansk shipyard, from which hailed the Solidarity movement leading to the downfall of Communism, was the government of Qatar… More recently, the website under investigation here itself,, has an article about the local government of the City of Lublin being in talks with the United Arab Emirates to fund the building of a bus station. And walking around Warsaw, there are many very wealthy-looking shopping centers. At least one of them, Zlote Tarasy next to the Warsaw Central station, has the flag of an Arab country flying outside, perhaps suggesting Middle Eastern involvement.

  9. I hope Mr Kowalski can minimise trouble in future by moderating comments before posting, like GoV.

  10. Had good laugh don’t believe everythigng you find on the net, Islam, Muslims stand no chance back in Poland, we have got Catholic churches on almost every corner, that are full on Sundays, and if you come from the eastern part of the country (like me) if you’re seen eating meat on Friday, you will be publicly ostricized – it was a joke; the hate speech laws were designed and implemented by the current government to keep people, mainly oppositionists on a leash, and for any simple reason people can be arrested, loose their jobs and possesions because of mainly HATE towards the government, example in the article I do no know why the police did it, maybe they had to find somebody and just tick the job as done to get further funding, we obviously have our lefties, but they are not as strong, powerfull as here in the UK; don’t worry, there will be no islam in Poland, because we have got not so much generous benefits, no free housing, not anything for nothing etc

    • Sounds like another ignorant “yet”. Poland is not the only wanna be with churches on every corner. Look at those former bastions of Christianity including the United States yesterday and today. We seem to have become dumber than a rock paralyzed with our on credit stuff trying to fill the spiritual void. We can’t attract anything but more dead stuff – islamic parasites that is.

  11. Something more from the Poland I’ve come to know: one of the foremost liberal journalists, Monika Olejnik – the top interviewer for the (liberal/leftist) TVN24 news channel – makes her views known on the execution of James Foley: “Oriana Fallaci was right: A new fascism, in the clothes of Nazi-Islamism…”.

    Earlier, in 2006, Olejnik signed a letter in defence of Fallaci, when she was accused of Islamophobia. So will the likes of Jas Kapela be coming after her next?

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