2 thoughts on ““Foley Was Just The Beginning”

  1. I am having very little sympathy for the western captives of Mohammedans. They put themselves in harms way knowingly and probably naively. I am also perplexed by the silence of all of those whose lives have been redeemed through payments of large ransoms. I find it disgusting that they have regained their freedom, at great expense to their own countries in the form of money and lives risked attempting to rescue them, and now sit on their contented [posterior anatomical features] and do nothing to warn others about going to countries where hostage taking is a real danger. Where are these former hostages? What are they doing about the situation now? They have an obligation because their lives have been preserved by payments of millions in ransom money.

  2. I just hope that Obama actually is a plant to satisfy all the West hating majorities blessed by the civilised minority that they’ve now had their majority president and once he’s out of the way,we can start repatriating religious fundamentalists and live in peace in our minority occupied democracies without further third world interferance and the internal violence in our lands that they cause.

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