Everybody Must Get Stoned

The following video is a commercial for an Italian (Venetian, actually) company called Pakkiano. As far as I can determine, it sells T-shirts.

Pakkiano’s use of the iconography of Islamic stoning would get it into hot water in other European countries, but Italy seems to be different. There’s almost no information about the company in English, but a machine translation of this website may be somewhat helpful. It seems the director defended himself by stating that he used actual Muslim extras when making the commercial.

Many thanks to SimonXML for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

7 thoughts on “Everybody Must Get Stoned

  1. This commercial sells T-shirts, indeed. In addition it works against stoning and islam 🙂

    • Please, elaborate. The clip was against stoning and pro T-shirt. The stoners deserve mocking.

      • It doesn’t seem anti stoning to me. The most I could say is that if you wear a particular brand it protects you from stoning. That doesn’t mean it’s anti stoning. If you wear another brand presumably the stoning wouldn’t have been stopped.

        How other viewers interpret this is will presumably vary. Some might see it as humour (the virgin aspect and dancing Muslims); others might be offended that something so serious could be used to sell a product; then again it might work to get viewers used to this aspect of Islam. The fact it’s even considered suitable for a commercial suggests perhaps an aspect of this already.

  2. “Pacchiano” pronounced pakkiano (like the name of the fashion company) means in English: flashy, showy, vulgar, flashy – tacky – camp – kitsch – chintzy – flamboyant – garish – gaudy – kitschy – naff …

    But Pacchiano happens to rhyme with “Pachistano”…

    And the point is…?

  3. Sounds and looks like muslims from former India. The warriors of god will be on the rummage again.

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