5 thoughts on “Coming Soon: 9/11/14

  1. Any further muslim immigration, asylum or presence in any non-muslim country is a threat to everyone. Why would the West even hesitate to get this cult chained and caged as a matter if life and death. Millions of Jehad John’s roam free to scope out accross the Euro killing fields.

    • They already run the place or have infiltrated with Obama’s blessing. It will be somewhere else is my guess. Houston?

  2. Isn’t this the same guy who claimed the missing Malaysian airliner was hijacked and sent to Pakistan? I’m surprised that Fox news still employs him.

  3. Does anyone doubt that ISIS is not aware of the massive card it has on its hands with 2000-5000 Euro-Jihadis who are in their ranks? These folks can travel the world without suspicion, planting all manner of violence. Does anyone think ISIS is so stupid it does not know how to use such cards to major advantage?

    4 Muslim boys from Thane, India had left for Syria a couple of months back to join ISIS. Today news has come that one of them died in the fighting. I hope all 4 die. Because if anyone comes back, they will not stop there. They will (a) recruit among the local muslim population (of which India has 13.4%, and growing much faster than the Hindu population) and (b) start terror plots for India. This is a problem many countries are going to face in the days to come–ISIS trained Jihadis returning home.

    Islamic terror groups have doubled in the past year or so I hear. Can one imagine how much proliferation will happen when the “ISIS boys” head home?

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