Christine Tasin Convicted of Sacrilege Against Islam

Last year we reported on the case of Christine Tasin, a Counterjihad activist for Résistance Républicaine in France. During a confrontation with a Muslim bully on the street in Belfort, Ms. Tasin stood her ground. She acknowledged matter-of-factly that she was an Islamophobe, and told him, “L’Islam est une saloperie”, which is translated here as “Islam is crap”, and previously as “Islam is filth”.

Ms. Tasin was tried, convicted, and fined by a French court for those words. As she says in the video below, this means that a French court has applied sharia law, and has punished her for a crime not seen in France since the reign of Charles X (1824-1830).

She’s a gutsy woman, and she’s going to appeal her conviction all the way to the European Court of Human Rights, if necessary. I don’t have a link to any legal defense fund for her, but those who can read French may be able to find one at the Résistance Républicaine website.

Many thanks to Oz-Rita for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Translation of the fixed text on the screen:

Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights from 1948:

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

Video transcript:

00:00   In France there is at least one Islamic Court.
00:04   It is the Court of Belfort. The judges of Belfort
00:08   have just applied Sharia in France.
00:12   They have decided to apply Article 22 of the
00:16   Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam,
00:20   that is, Freedom of Expression is
00:24   granted within the limits of Sharia. The judges of Belfort
00:28   have just sentenced me to a fine of €3,000
00:32   (€1500 suspended) for saying that ‘Islam is
00:36   crap’. It is evident that with this
00:40   they are restoring the criminal offence of blasphemy.
00:44   Even better: they restore the crime of sacrilege,
00:48   which was used for the last time in France under the reign of
00:52   Charles X. We are in an unbelievable regression,
00:56   an unbelievable barbarism linked to Islam,
01:00   because let’s remember it is only everything
01:04   concerning Islam which has such consequences.
01:08   Everyone can say that Christianity is
01:12   crap, that Buddhism is crap; no-one
01:16   will find themselves in court. In France
01:20   one cannot say that Islam is crap. 13 years ago
01:24   Houellebecq was acquitted for saying that Islam was the
01:28   most idiotic religion. In 13 years we have regressed
01:32   to find ourselves in the era of Mohammed.
01:36   All this at the very moment where they sell Christian
01:40   girls and women in Iraq, in the name of Islam.
01:44   They sell them as slaves in the name of Islam. And they want to condemn me
01:48   because I say that Islam is crap? All this at the very moment
01:53   where the Islamists of Boko Haram kidnap
01:57   little girls, force them to ‘marry’ and make them slaves in the name of Islam.
02:01   And one wants to forbid me to say that
02:05   Islam is crap? The fact of the matter
02:09   is that Islam is indeed a gigantic pile of crap!
02:13   who could doubt it, seeing the examples I have
02:17   just cited, and God knows they are legion. In the name of Islam
02:21   they cut throats all over the world. In the name of Islam they kill.
02:25   It seems that Muslim associations,
02:29   instead of filing complaints against me, should
02:33   fight so that Islam is not all that,
02:37   and not to prevent me from expressing my concern,
02:41   the danger to me and my refusal of this barbarism.
02:45   So it is obvious that I will appeal. One cannot
02:49   accept that in FRANCE one is condemned for saying
02:53   that Islam is crap. This would mean that
02:57   this judgement would create a precedent and that freedom of
03:01   of expression would be dead for everyone from then on in this country.
03:05   Of course we count on you
03:09   friends, supporters, militants,
03:13   and friends of human rights to help us in this second battle
03:17   Please send your donations to “Resistance Republicaine”
03:21   Thank you everyone.

30 thoughts on “Christine Tasin Convicted of Sacrilege Against Islam

  1. When the equation 1 = 1 000 000?
    This one clear-eyed honorable woman is worth 1 000 000 men. Are there indigenous men in Europe or all of them are in a coma with their faces towards mecca?
    – Give me death or give me honor.
    – Oh no you need neither when you have islam.

  2. Do you know young Christian and Yazidi women are auctioned off by ISIL in town near Irbil (Erbil). Because of that, western politicians, who have great value for human rights, are afflicted with insomnia.

  3. The prosecutor actually asked for 3 months prison for Christine Tasin. And several muslim organisations asked for “dommages-intérêts” which, I think translates into “damages”. (they basically wanted money for having been “injured” – and in other cases they were actually granted such moneys by French judges).

  4. Islam is also not French.
    No, not very French at all.
    Not Western either.

  5. Is it certain she’s French? She doesn’t sound craven, nor act cowardly! And she’s not running away or surrendering. Mon Dieu, what’s going on here?

  6. Islam is not crap so what the lady said was factually incorrect. However, Islam is most certainly heresy in terms of the Christian faith and as such is blasphemy. Unfortunately, as she says, one can blaspheme the Christian faith with impunity in Europe. But one word against islam…….

    Once again I must ask this question. Have the authorities been intimidated by islamic thuggery or have they been bribed with petro dollars?

    • “Have the authorities been intimidated by islamic thuggery or have they been bribed with petro dollars?”

      Both, and then some, because the French far left socialist Government has a considerable number of pro-islamists and, of course muslims in their ranks. Plus – and that goes even for Australia now – politicians, like a dog for their bones, beg for their votes where they can get them. President Hollande “got in” on the muslim vote.

    • What do you mean Islam is not crap? At any rate, “crap” as Baron noted is a translation of the French saloperie, which can mean “beastliness, filth”. Thus “crap” is a rather euphemistic rendering. Anyone who would say that Islam is not saloperie does not belong in the anti-Islam movement (or at best should be relegated to the copy room in the rear by the rest rooms, where next to the Xerox machine in that stuffy confined space without the benefit of AC, he can do data entry for the Movement on a clunky 1980s computer, when he’s not fetching coffee for more worthwhile members).

  7. Yes. One truthful word against islam and you are dragged before the modern secular Inquisition, which the world has not seen something similar since dinosaur times. This type of Inquisition and kangaroo court, which is worse that sharia only exist in “democracies”
    In western democracies nothing is certain except: death, taxes and torture of you tell the truth about the newly arrived, west-fascinator cult.
    Should we recite the requiem for the west.
    When are we going to wake up?

  8. But still keep in mind that, even if Islam isn’t crap, you should still remove it and prevent immigration solely on the basis that they are different.

    Only this sort of rational xenophobia will stop left-wing traitors from trying to justify diversity with excuses about how they’re “not all bad”.

    • I disagree. The relocation of various groups who agree to assimilate into the larger values of the host country is a net gain for both.

      • It’s surely a matter of number. Then again, only a small number are able to assimilate whilst the majority, as one would expect, prefer to maintain their own traditions.

  9. What happens when muslims say that the kuffar are filth?
    Can French kuffar file a joint action for damages?

  10. “We should not be shy or apologetic concerning any aspect of our religion, including fighting and killing the filthy Kuffar everywhere we can find them”.
    Jihad Unspun

    That is fine, then, is it, to call the kuffar filthy? It is fine for Ayatollah Sistani to explain that kafir is “unclean” in Islam along with urine, excrement, blood, semen, pig and dog. Are those not “saloperie”?

    • Those epithets are merely Islamic Truth. Just as all the hardline hatred that feminists proclaim against men are Truthy True. Thus, when the Final Battle takes place it will be men against women. AK-47s on one side, teeth and claws on the other. Screeching on both sides.

  11. Islam IS crap. what’s the issue? it’s a savage subhuman criminal warlord death cult of oppression, murder and mayhem. and the French suck anyways. Where’s Charles Martel? need a new Battle of Tours.

  12. Just for the record, readers should know that the Quran quite specifically calls Jews and Christians filth. In one of the final Surahs revealed, the Quran says, “Believers, know that the idolaters are unclean.” (Surah 9:28) The word for “unclean” is “najisun” or filth. The word for “idolaters” is “mushrikuna” which, according to the Oxford Dictionary of Islam means “polytheists.” The word ‘”polytheists” includes Christians for their belief in the Trinity and to Jews for their belief in “divine national selection.” The scales of justice in France seem to have a double standard — allowing Muslims to call Jews and Christians filth in their sacred text but forbidding non-Muslims from condemning such crap as crap.

  13. Christine Tasin and her friends are launching an Islam-is-Crap contest. People have to make a video (5 s max.) containing the words Islam and Crap (well Islam and Saloperie in French). The rest of the setup is free. Feel free to be part of it, in any language.

    If you make such a video, you can send it to untill August 29th.

  14. One aspect is missing in all of the posts: blasphemia is not an offense according to french laws, so the court sentenced according to sharia law which is a precedent with all possible consequences.However, continental european courts judge according to written law, unlike the angl-saxon tradition of case law does.That is what Mme. Tasin states in the video. How much I regret not being rich, I would spend much to buy the best lawyers.

  15. Don’t you just love it when the truth gets in the way of a good prosecution!
    The maniacs are well and truly in charge of the asylum in France.

  16. It is impossible to commit sacrilege against a “faith” and culture that are profane.
    Islam is profane.
    There is no sacrilege.

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