As Nice As ISIS Is…

…it’s not as nice as the beach or the golf course.

The Islamic State has thrown Western heads of state off their game. Their political game, that is — not their other games. It’s August, after all, and those fun-in-the-sun games are proceeding very nicely at Martha’s Vineyard and Polzeath, thank you very much.

First it was Barack Obama, fist-bumping with his buddies on the links. Now it’s David Cameron, showing off his trim prime ministerial physique in the surf on a Cornish beach. Below is the cover from today’s Daily Mirror:

Our British correspondent JP notes:

Islamic surf’s up, however, it alludes to the Sun headline of 11 Jan 1979 when Jim Callaghan denied that there was ‘mounting chaos’ during Britain’s ‘Winter of Discontent’.

In other ISIS news, JP sends more about what the meaning of “IS” is. The twelfth item down in today’s Telegraph headlines— if made all-caps with the punctuation removed — reads:


That roster of headlines will eventually be revised, so here’s a screen cap:

The news item referred to is here. Strangely enough, it has a different title.

JP notes:

Yesterday Hagel, today Obama. The headline writers just can’t help themselves — perhaps they are doing it unconsciously on purpose?

A side note: Thirty years before he became prime minister of the UK, James Callaghan said:

Never let me hear anyone say again that a Socialist State cannot provide outlets for those with initiative. The rewards given to ability in the U.S.S.R. at all levels are far greater than those given to the employed in capitalist Britain. I have seen it and it works.

10 thoughts on “As Nice As ISIS Is…

  1. MAN! I can tell by DAVIDDDDDDD C’s facial expression that he is really worried….. about whether his wet suit makes his [masculine appurtenance] look small. Sorry to be so crude, but by golly WHAT else could he ever be concerned with? I mean really folks!

  2. Jim Callaghan may not have been our finest PM, but socialists have no monopoly on ineptitude, as Mr Cameron demonstrates.

  3. DC maybe chillaxing but all the Islamic State flatterers have the “moderate jihadist” memo – Bashar al-Assad is to take the fall.

    Surprising how all were on message so fast.

  4. Jihad John is really Abdul masjid bary small time crim rapper and all round negative consequence of immigration. The USA and UK do have leverage over him and his fellow Beatles. They could tell him to release the other hostage or his US imprisoned father might find himself in a section with the Aryan Nations or noted homosexual predators while the guards look the other way. If he releases the prisoner the prison time might get a bit easier for his dad. These Beatles have family in the UK. Winter is coming up and their families might find themselves out in the park with the gypsies. Bary’s family would hopefully lose their million pound home to some well deserving homeless indigenous. Welfare money could get lost in the system. Ultimately we throw them all out of the UK penniless. Who knows what else! I hope the intelligence services realize all this.

    • Maida Vale million pound home – imagine that this is not your average council house and good government connections would apply to secure the lease.

  5. Why allow them the wanna be Black Beatle title and the gangsta rap indestructible cockroach brag as self identification.

    Now introducing the Fab Four formerly known as the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

  6. The thing is… Assad will NOT take kindly to the US entering his air space and MAY unleash SYRIAN missles and some Ruskies planes in the path of the US AIRPLANES.

    Now this, to me , sounds like a huge uptick in the beat of the WAR DRUMS and not a mere mission creep but MISSION LEAP INTO A TROUBLED SKY!

    Hey obummer…. this idea of bombing Syria IS NOT A GOOD IDEA buddy!


    • Hey obummer…. this idea of bombing Syria IS NOT A GOOD IDEA buddy!

      But the West would be bombing ISIS and helping Assad ?

      Brain scrambling mess right now in the ME.

  7. Cameron looks like a cross between Sean Penn (American actor) and Michael Howard (UK politician). Any one else see the similarity?

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