Anti-Semitic Attack in Davos

Many thanks to JLH for translating this article from tachles about an incident earlier this month in Switzerland:

Attack on an Orthodox Jew

August 15, 2014

A Jewish man from Antwerp was attacked in Davos.

At 6:30 Monday evening, A. Wachsstock from Antwerp left the Migros [supermarket] in Davos, carrying a shopping bag. A sixty-year-old man sprang at him, shouting over and over “Out with the Jews!” and similar hateful tirades. He tried to beat up the 26-year-old.tourist, wounding him on the right hand. But Wachsstock was able to take refuge in his car and, despite injury and shock, drive away. His wife and four children — three boys and a girl had had to witness it all from the car. The oldest child is 6 years old and the youngest 6 months.

In a rage, the 60-year-old Swiss hammered on the car doors and windows. Nonetheless, those inside escaped. “He looked awful when he returned,” Wachsstock’s brother-in-law told tachles. “His hand was bleeding heavily. We were able to have it expertly bandaged, or we would have had to take him to the hospital.” In the synagogue, he was asked if someone had wanted to stab him, and so the rumor began that the attacker had gone after the young man with a knife, which Wachsstock denied. When the family had calmed down, Wachsstock called the police.

The family, which has been vacationing in Davos for fifteen years, was not happy with the Davos police, who need a formal complaint to become involved. To that purpose, Wachsstock intends to go to the station today: “Anyone who does something like that and shouts such things as that cannot go unpunished,” he says. He is sure he will recognize his assailant.

There’s no word on the resolution of the follow-up complaint.

5 thoughts on “Anti-Semitic Attack in Davos

  1. Police have no desire to charge a muslim. If he is charged it will be worse for the victim. If it goes to trial there will be not enough evidence of a hate crime. If there is evidence they will dare to fine him 1.5 Euros. The message given to the Jew is don’t complain we will not dare take action. The message to the muslim is go ahead we admire your action we also hate Jews. We admire your courage and religious motive. Give us oil we don’t need honor.

  2. I read that growing horror at what is happening to Jews in Europe. We have the fakestinians to blame for the re-birth of JEW HATRED.

    I believe there is a typo in this piece as nobody vacations for 15 years…

  3. There’s nothing to indicate that the perpetrator was Muslim. My own unscientific feeling is that native antisemitism is not that rare in Switzerland.

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