A Sharia Passion Play in Cologne

The following article and the accompanying video were originally posted at Politically Incorrect. Many thanks to Oz-Rita and JLH for the translation, and to Vlad Tepes for the subtitling:

Video: Wake-Up Call From the Anonymous Islamophobe

On Sunday, the peace and lazy tranquility of tourist activity in front of the Cologne Cathedral was shocked into attention by a spontaneous guerrilla-action appearance of the “Anonymous Islamophobe.” It earned applause and startled glances for its “Wake-Up Call to Islamization.” Flyers were passed out and further actions are planned to jolt a paralyzed Germany into awareness of this important subject.

Video transcript:

00:00   Islamophobes Anonymous: Keep your head –
00:04   Keep your head – activate against Islamisation!
00:08   You unbelievers, listen, you unbelievers:
00:12   In this country Sharia is spreading.
00:17   One day this will not be a plastic sword from
00:21   my children, because Sharia is advancing
00:25   right into the core of our society. One day this place
00:29   in front of our cathedral will not be for you tourists, but
00:33   it will be the place for slaughtering “non-believers” as ISIS, Boko Haram
00:37   Al-Shabaab and all those many terror militias are doing now
00:41   in the name of Allah, the so-called “merciful”.
00:45   I die because I am gay.
00:49   Allahu akhbar!
00:53   I die because I am Christian.
00:57   Allahu-blabla!
01:01   We warn you, we enlighten you about Islam.
01:06   Read the Koran, read the biography
01:10   of Mohammed (inaudible).
01:14   Islam is not just a “religion” it is a political ideology which calls for
01:18   the murder of unbelievers, Christians, gays, Jews and all who think differently.
01:22   Please inform yourselves.
01:26   Let this be a warning to you.


Islam is intrinsically a fascistic, totalitarian ideology. The actions of its founder and many of his followers are the bitter fruit of this teaching. Many of us in Europe are not willing to witness the expansion of this inhuman ideology without acting. Learn about Islam — for the sake of our children and the future of us all! We can still make a change today, but in ten years, it could already be too late.

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4 thoughts on “A Sharia Passion Play in Cologne

  1. Bravo!!! Wish that I had seen some applause from the onlookers. And glad to see he wasn’t harassed or arrested by the Polizei, although I imagine he may be violating some “hate speech” laws. But, given what the Hamas supporters and antisemites have been able to get away with on the streets of Germany (despicable!) during this past month…

    All the honor to you, “Anonymous Islamophobe”!!!! Unlike with Nietzsche’s lantern carrying ‘madman’, I pray that you are not dismissed as “Unzeitgemässe”.

  2. For years now I have been saying that Islam is not a religion, but a socio- pathology. Nobody in America is listening. Nobody anywhere cares.

  3. Inaudible phrase probably is: Dies ist keineswegs harmlos — That’s not innocent at all.

  4. Addition to the transcript:

    Where it reads “(inaudible)” he actually says “This is by no means harmless!” (“Das ist keineswegs harmlos.”)

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