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Journalists in Gaza are finally reporting the fact that Hamas has been deliberately putting its own citizens at risk by launching rockets from sites in the midst of densely-populated civilian areas, with a special preference for schools, hospitals, apartment buildings, and so on — places guaranteed to tug at the heartstrings of Western TV viewers when images of dead and injured children and weeping mothers appear on the nightly news.

But the video below is different. This is not about dead kids. After all, there are plenty of kids to spare. This is about (potentially) dead journalists — people whose lives are important:

Actually, to be fair, the MSM reporters who cover Gaza labor under severe constraints. It’s not always well-known to their audience, but Hamas officials often threaten them with death if they report on certain incidents or enter certain areas. If I understand it correctly, the NDTV clip shown above was not aired until the camera team had left the country and flown safely back to India.

The following report from France 24 describes a similar situation. It may even be the same launching site shown in the NDTV — the surrounding buildings look very similar — but I’m not absolutely certain. In any case, it got the attention of international journalists:

FRANCE 24 has exclusive footage of a Hamas rocket launching pad that appears to prove the militant group has been firing from areas heavily populated with civilians.

Correspondent Gallagher Fenwick says the site, in Gaza City, is some 50 metres from a hotel where the majority of international media is staying, and just 100 metres from a UN building.

“This type of setup is at the heart of the debate,” says Gallagher. “The Israeli army has repeatedly accused the Palestinian militants of shooting from within densely populated civilian areas and that is precisely the type of setup we have here.”

The launching pad is also where the FRANCE 24 team had a close call last week. During a live cross to the Paris studio, a rocket was fired overhead, forcing Gallagher and his crew to take cover.

To watch the video, open the article itself.

Hat tip: Vlad Tepes.

8 thoughts on “A Room With a View

  1. No matter how passionately and truthfully we tell the westerners about the atrocious behaviour of Gaza warlords, they don’t want to believe the truth tellers. It is not very difficult to see the obvious. But they deliberately choose not to see the truth. Is it because truth is not exciting and tantalizing? Or truth does not and cannot enter a crooked, serpentine, impure heart?
    That proverbial thing:
    A lie is halfway round the world before the truth has got its boots on
    Satan, who does not like humans, has become an ally with the west to support Gazan warlords. Humanists shed tears over muslim self-induced victims, but shed crocodile tears over Christian and Jewish victims of Islam.
    Just listen and watch the west’s zero concern about the slaughter of Christians in Mosul. Compare that to the destruction of Yugoslavia for the SAKE of muslim western brothers.
    Can we find honor and men in the west?

  2. At 3:32, I see the logo of “The Roots” restaurant appears… that would be The Roots covered here? Schools, hospitals I can understand… but why would Hamas wish to risk one of Gaza’s (and the world’s?) finest restaurants to be hit, I wonder?

    • With human life, spirituality and freedom to worship or not, so worthless to muslims parasites, why would the non muslim world even consider leaving them be uncaged.

  3. Have you noticed that in numerous reports the journalists were standing near a launching pad and appeared troubled when that pad actually launched missiles during their reporting. The French reporter changed his tune after that, but if he wasn’t shaken at that moment, the entire report would have been about how bad those Jews are. Hamas rockets would not even been mentioned and they are standing right next to them. Just how blind are these reporters?

  4. (Corrected version) It is not an inconsequential question as to why people can hold opposite views about the same events. The mention here about the personal threat to the reporters who experienced the Hamas rocket launch sheds some light on the matter. Views change when the threat becomes personal, as the brain searches for a way to save the skin. These reporters knew that Israel might very well target that launch site, so they were worried about becoming toast. Truth will occasionally emerge under such challenging conditions. No guarantees, of course.

  5. The BBC, and other western broadcasters, have likely masses of reporters down there… but somehow they never caught anything like this on camera. Strange eh?

    • They were censored and intimidated- so they should have left and said so, unless of course they already had an agenda.

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