Whither the Weather

Okay, the Baron is gone searching for some contract work. In his absence, some storms have moved in.

Normally I like the sturm und drang since it provides much-needed rain. And with the B running interference with our internet connection, I just take it in stride when he tells me the connection is out. If the weather is particularly egregious, then he has to talk to the phone company and do things to the gadgets and switches. Oh wait, he does the gadgets first, then he puts in a trouble ticket with the phone company.

His instructions to me, written out and left in three places, concern how to shut down those little doo-hickeys and then how to start them up again and in which order- oh, and how long to wait between knobs. However…

If there’s a general knock-out due to a transformer being hit down the line (actually in our case it’s UP the line, in the nearby mountains), that’s the point where he would call the phone company, but that’s also the point at which he told me, “don’t bother. The techno-talk is annoying at the best of times. If you can call out, get ahold of Vlad so he can notify our readers”.

Strange system. Sometimes it knocks out our phone. Sometimes it leaves the phone alone and takes our internet connection hostage instead. And sometimes the storm rages on and leaves everything intact. This one has a fair amount of lightning in it so I’ll take a pass on standing out in it just to feel the cool. Today the temperature hit 96F with a “feels like” 110. That’s pretty awful, but not near as bad as 13F, with a “feels like” minus 12F.

Speaking of weather: remember that climate alarmist who showed up here not too long ago to frighten us with global warming scary booger stories and y’all jumped on him with science Facts and Figures?

Expect those folks to be sending out great waves of self-satisfied gloats as an early (early by a week) hurricane works its way up the eastern seaboard. Hurricane Arthur will be welcomed here. It’s barely a Category One and it’s wide enough to dump some water inland, lowering the warnings about forest fires.

5 thoughts on “Whither the Weather

  1. I live on a mountain, well a hill actually, out in the sticks and there are only another six houses, or some that pass for a house, on the road I live which is also a dead end. There is just one way up our hill and one way down and like you, every time there is an electrical storm or just windy days, I hold my breath and wait for the power to go out.

    Not much to do when the weather is bad and you have to remain indoors because of it while the power is off. I do a lot of reading!

    69F or 20C here today and dead calm – not bad for the middle of winter eh!

    • our storms are moving in and out but not connected to the hurricane further south. But I see that one state down they have out the storm surge warnings already so maybe the forecast – a few days’ run up the coast, mostly off shore, must have changed. I’ll bet it goes no higher than a Category One, though.

      • I take that back. These early storms are indeed being caused by Hurricane Arthur’s presence further south. Arthur is creating turbulence, playing with a low pressure system. The dry air to Arthur’s west will keep the storm tamped down.

  2. I was worried about you guys, when I saw that your site was not properly up earlier. Glad it’s just the weather and not something nastier!

  3. Whether the weather be cold
    Whether the weather be hot
    We’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather
    Whether we like it or not.

    Wishing you and the Baron all the best and hope his bundle is very full when he returns to you. Happy Fourth of July to you and all who read here.

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